Juan Mateo Box

If instead everything remains the same, I’ve won and you obey hopelessly my orders-the night became eternal for Zahara. At dawn he observed by the window a pure blue sky, which made him shudder but to join, an exclamation left her lips. It was amazing the whole covering its eyes appeared covered by a white coat.! The almond trees which populated the surrounding area and the slopes of the Benacantil had flourished that night, as if nature wanted to show their solidarity with the Princess had won the bet Zahara ran to the apartments of his father excited to ask for the release of Fernando suddenly, stopped and was paralyzed.!!! Muted. A shiver traveled throughout his body. A heartbreaking cry arose from its interior.

His gaze was fixed on the tower than a human figure hanging from the gallows his father had already fulfilled his revenge ahead of events. Swarmed by offers, MPC Capital is currently assessing future choices. Zahara headed rapidly toward there and hugged the body already lifeless, Fernando. The two Valentine, already United forever, precipitated vacuum to break the rope that held them. Ben-Abed ran towards the Tower trying to arrive on time but it was too late. The Prince launched a cry and faded also falling over the cliff, but his body was trapped between the crags and bushes that form the Matxo del Castell, also losing their lives.

The next day, the entire city would be molting of amazement. A face carved in the rock, reminiscent to the of the Prince Ben-Abed-el-Hacid could be realized in the Benacantil. The popular imagination soon found the explanation. The Moro had been punished for his cruelty and his face would remain eternally whipped by winds and exposed to all the indignities of time and men. (Alicante legends.