Since I am dedicated to the sector of jewelry (life) I’ve seen as lack of professionalism has been the general trend in this sector. It was for many start a business and earn money. For these pseudoempresarios did not exist long term (medium or short-term) plans, their happiness was based on view as customers entered and left the money. He gave equal if you deceived them or not. Usually these jewelers, who usually came from other sectors, had not the slightest idea of what was gold, diamonds or any other precious stones. Additional information is available at Edward Minskoff.

They were limited to purchase and put a price three times higher than that cost them. They didn’t know what it was liking for jewelry. Talk about designs was like offend them, because that required time, esfuero and taste. Details can be found by clicking Richard Parsons or emailing the administrator. They preferred therefore purchase what was already made by others and had a massive sale. Difficult to see them these intruders by their own businesses, and much less when came the time to charge them what they owed to its suppliers. They had their Mercedes, his chalet and luxuries above their means and they paid them with money that they continue to pay to those who served them the jewels.

Now the world is changing, and they are realizing because now nobody gives them credit. When come the lean only is given credit in this business who has fulfilled in good times. It would that be in times of crisis the manufacturers if they should give credit to those who did not pay at the good moments?. Jewelry must be loving her, must be querela. Today having a business is not synonymous with wealth, it is necessary to learn every day, know that you have between your hands. It is important to love what what you live. That is the correct way to keep you in business. Know serve a customer, give you exactly what you asked. It is necessary to understand until what they would like to see embodied in a jewel is finished to your satisfaction. But clear, that is to work, and many are not interested, why today happens to them what happens to them. In my business cuz the realization of rings of ordered. It is the first jewel that many women have. In this jewel is included one of the greatest gifts that a man does to a woman, love. How to not put all the knowledge, dedication and passion for a special occasion. Times are tough for everyone, but this comes out of all the other crises that we have experienced. My recommendation is to be tenacious, not idle and put all the effort (and more) in what we do. Sure that time will reward us and the bad times will be only the past.