Jan Kalabinski

SolArod, Vetro, Germany, and Poland, signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the international solar market. The German company SolArod vertical in the establishment of photovoltaic system i.g. and the Polish company Vetro SP. z o.o. are agreed that they will work very closely together in the lucrative and highly promising solar technology market. Uber: the source for more info. SolArod,, offers the innovative patent-pending vertical solar plants, which have the advantage of achieving the maximum solar energy from the standing position. Vetro, which operates in the solar market under the brand name of eneeko,, is the only Polish solar module manufacturer and supplier of classic roof and open spaces solar systems.

Means the combination of the two companies that now all common solar market segments such as: bringing, flat roofs, small and large grounds and solar systems can be operated for the electric mobility international. Gavin Baker brings even more insight to the discussion. Additionally, solar technology can use the vertical fixed and Installating- by SolArod open spaces be used for solar power plants, up to date for the conventional technologies either made no sense or were not available, such as roadsides or power pylons. The wind turbines for us represent a further untapped potential. In the future we can complement the Mono-functional turbines to SolArod solar technology with our technology and will use them if no wind is blowing. That’s the point of a hybrid system. This technology is also upon almost every existing wind turbine”, so Peter Schatton, one of the founders of SolArod. Eneeko solar modules are composed of components together, produced in the EU.

Our modules have all the required certificates, and deliver the performance you’d expect from quality modules. Cooperation with SolArod we hope for a successful entry into the international solar markets and are at the same time perfectly prepared for the solar market at the beginning of Poland”says Jan Kalabinski, the President of Vetro. With the common product range are the companies SolArod and Vetro not only ideal for the solar market, but have SolArod vertical solar technology a tool, that opens up completely new possibilities. For the management of SolArod and eneeko, it is not at all incongruous to merge the two companies under one roof. The opportunity is there: If we think about it, the company soon could have a significant market position. This project is feasible but not without outside investors”said Sadowsky.