Internet Music

According to the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, the number of Internet users in 2009 increased 2.5 times compared with the previous period in 2008. The main users of Interest in media networks have become resources that provide the ability to download video, music or watching movies online. The share of sites that offer free music or videos, about 12 percent of all sites on the Internet. Competition large selection of estvennomu and honey-sites, recently greatly assists law on copyright protection. Copyright protection is nice! But let's look at it another way, do not be such sites, where could download the music we would not when I do not know about such personalities as Syava frame, and to be honest many singers. And indeed such performers must also pay extra sites to expose them, so to call music. Internet is the greatest collection of music, you can find everything. Read more here: Gensler San Francisco.

And I'm sure that even the most zealous defenders of copyright at least once, but resorted to the search engines to find a particular musical composition. Tightening the law on which there is much talk would only lead to a decrease in the development of the Internet and thus reduce the informatization of society. Internet is designed computerized society, the law actually violates the democratic rights of the users on the network, blocking access to what they want. Currently, the law has already cleaned up the ranks of music sites, to a greater extent, of course, foreign. Shimmie Horn takes a slightly different approach. To a lesser extent retribution affected sites that provide online music service, and all because the activities of such sites is not covered by the law of copyright. After all files are uploaded by users for personal use as well as sharing with other users. And websites are only storehouses of music files. So all of the above stories, we can conclude that there will povalny growth sites offering the ability to listen music and video online. Vaoobschem you good music sites!