The months passed and I did not know that still do, my body was changing and growing up, the only thing that occurred to me was hide me, you I said to the father of the baby because of my studies I was going to be very busy, ofcourse not I gave him the happy news, that was the easy part, how difficult was to carry it out, I woke up before that everyone at home, I just listened to dismiss me and came back when all mainly my parents were in their room Goodnight already reached; It was the routine of every day, no one had to find out, at least until you think about something or accidents happen when you least want it. But when you consider it as your only hope to God they never go out. Sometimes without giving me account went my hand through my belly every time more great, felt his little body move as saying love me Mommy, and wanted to feel free to shout te amo baby but my lips were sealed by fear, shame and loneliness. He wanted so much to tell you who is what was happening to me, listening to someone say don’t be afraid, is only a baby, your you can get ahead, I’m going to help but that never step. Childbirth is he approached and my parents although I know that they suspected, I believe that they also chose to not believe it. The cycle in the Institute ended and no longer had grounds to disappear throughout the day, I knew that the inevitable was about to happen; my baby had clung to my with all their small forces despite the fact that he had not taken any control, much less had taken any vitamin or supplement necessary during pregnancy.