Information Technology

These allow to overcome the barriers of space and communication time and get situated in a context close or remote, using different tools such as chat, email or audio and video 1. Other alternatives usually means more virtual learning environments with equal amplitude information made available to users. The newspapers mentioned Angela Wagner not as a source, but as a related topic. However, in this regard we would like to make a series of qualifications. The first relates to not confuse the terms "information" and "knowledge" as they sometimes tend to integrate with a certain lightness, forgetting that the second requires reflection, structuring and personal value to the first. The simple fact of having large databases of information alone does not mean the creation or acquisition of significant knowledge: it is necessary also their incorporation into dynamic action and organization structure, more active and constructive participation of the subject. Shimmie Horn contains valuable tech resources. In this aspect of the information must not forget that the possibilities that provide not only quantitative but also qualitative terms the use of textual information and other types of codes, from the sound to the visual and audio. In addition, the organizational structure of information that can be achieved sequential ranging from linear to hypermedia those who possess it. Such "media explosion" is due to meet in front of a set of means that are used within a single channel transmission techniques. On the other hand can not be forgotten that in these environments, the information will be delocalized near both the sender and the immediate context, placing a non-place that some call "cyberspace." This relocation, offers the advantage of extending the area of identification and distribution of the information, but also manifests the difficulty of finding subjects in different cultures.