Individual Solutions

The correct waste disposal competent and individual solutions for waste disposal is a problem for many at first glance. What substances are together in what container? What is picked up by waste disposal, the disposal of which substances I must take care of myself? It is now over, because waste disposal runs smoothly with appropriate waste containers for each substance. For waste disposal directly at the Office desk, there are chic models made of stainless steel with lid or practical waste buckets made of plastic. Special attachment rings prevent slipping into the rubbish in the bins. Combinations of trash and umbrella stand is suited for waste disposal in the entrance area. With separation containers in which accommodate two or three bags of waste, the waste directly in the workplace can be separated environmentally friendly. For the smoking area, there are practical combinations of bins and ashtrays. Security paper basket with flames Erase head are a more competent Solution: If there is fire, the rising combustion gases are pushed back by the erase head and accumulate at the opening.

This means that the oxygen supply is stopped and smothered the fire automatically. In addition you have the choice between waste containers with pedal and swing lids, each made of metal or plastic. Exceeds the amount of waste a normal hopper capacity help you value fabric collector and trash cans in the waste disposal. Value fabric collectors are free standing in various shapes and sizes, or the attach to walls. Refuse containers there are from a capacity of 20 litres up to 1100 litres, as garbage cans, plastic, sheet metal, or metal or as large bins on four wheels. All these waste receptacles are weather resistant and sturdy. Also for waste disposal at the door, there is a large selection: hot-dip galvanized baskets made from wire mesh, plastic or steel bins, optional for mounting on the wall or the post.