House Property

Many choose to buy a property abroad. Many choose to buy a property to finally to fulfill a long-cherished wish, like many others before them also abroad! The day has come when entering his own home. But some are quickly caught up by reality and brought back on the ground. Hear from experts in the field like Edward Minskoff for a more varied view. It begins with the removal of garbage and stops when you need only a light bulb. How do I get one and where can I get another? That is other countries, other customs and quickly passed the first anticipation of the new homeowner in the distance. At this moment, you think about it whether the decision to purchase a home in a foreign country was the right thing.

And the big question is who helps me with everything? What happens with the new property when I’m leaving again? Who watch my property and takes care of everything, if I’m not there, etc.? Often everything is talked up to the end of the contract by the seller beautiful and often it means that when a question is no problem, you get about worry, that we can sort out later! “And if you now again address the seller on these things, often get the answer Yes, we worry about that”, but nothing happens, and it is the day of return to their homeland. Or no problem is we a have signed because a company that controls everything in their absence and it quickly, where you are very grateful to them for the short-term help. The gratitude turns but quickly into an annoyance after you have received the first settlement in the House! Always inquire about everything. Don’t decide for something because the euphoria is still very so great right now because the seller shows only the goodies. On this topic and more you can go on our page where you might find what you already longer sought, but never found! Information under: