Homestaging Marbellla/Dusseldorf

Successfully sell villas, houses and apartments! Buyers see their future real estate with other eyes than yourself. An internationally active home stylist is hired specifically for real estate, Dusseldorf/Marbella, from the real estate office Dr Rotermund. She advises the seller, how they can use the House or the apartment ideal for sale in scene.In a minimal period of sale, the seller achieved the maximum sale price for its object. If you are not convinced, visit Jorge Perez. The success proves the concept right: up to 15% of sales price increases and a twice as fast Verkaufsind track record. Target home staging: to present a real estate buyer-friendly. The purchaser enters the location, best perceive the characteristics of the property, and to find not only with its needs in the real estate, but also it also new desires can be woken up. This is achieved through some simple measures, smaller renovations or even refactor in accordance with timeless design taking into account existing light, color, furniture arrangement and accessories.