Grand Luxe, Chic, Grand Grand Seiko

2010, the luxury watch series Grand Seiko celebrates its 50th anniversary. Willich, July 30, 2010. Seiko took the 50th anniversary of Grand Seiko watch line as an opportunity to announce the long-awaited Europe-wide introduction of Grand Seiko. In Germany, the precious timepieces adorn the storefront by jeweler Lorenz in Berlin-Friedenau. In December 1960, Seiko started a project with the specification, to make the best and most accurate mechanical watches in the world. Mechanical caliber designed under the direction of Tsuneya Nakamura in subsequent years, not only met the requirements of the strict Swiss chronometer testing, but surpassed.

Designed for the most discerning buyers and watch lovers, Grand Seiko became the epitome for Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking. Top rankings in international Chronometry contests at the end of the sixties underlined the excellent quality of mechanical timepieces from the House of Seiko. Than at the beginning of the seventies the accuracy and reliability of the quartz watches the demand for mechanical timepieces wane left, was of Grand Seiko reduced the production volume and production stopped completely in 1975. In the 1990s the interest revived in mechanical watches and so the manufacture of mechanical Grand Seiko Seiko re-recorded watches. In 1998 the first mechanical caliber of the second Grand Seiko, Seiko introduced generation. Based on a wealth of experience in the construction of first-class mechanical watches and with the same high quality, Grand Seiko could reach quickly to the achievements of the first generation. The high precision of CAE / CAD / CAM machines manufactured components, as well as the exceptional skills of the watchmakers in Seikos watch ateliers are today the most important prerequisites for the production of high-quality Grand Seiko models. The Grand Seiko line includes extremely precise mechanical caliber and since 2006 of the exclusively designed and developed by Seiko spring drive caliber. All mechanical Grand Seiko watches meet a high quality standard.