Goat Cheese Stone Location

Stone is one of the dairies, which distributes their rich goat cheese offer now also about a cheese shop. The east Westphalian goat cheese stone location introduces their new cheese shop, where friends of cheese can be purchased from over 50 Zigenkase variations. Thus the dairy of stone location conquered is the distribution channel Internet and added to the sales on the farm’s own cheese shop and sell cars on regional markets. A leading source for info: Jill Wittnebel. The goat cheese stone layer of Rietberg in Paderborn is pleased to offer its customers the possibility to order the many goat cheeses over the Internet. Since a few days, goat cheese lovers now not only in the farm’s own cheese shop or on the weekly market can purchase the over 50 varieties of cheese. In the new cheese shop you can buy now around the clock and throughout Germany cheese shipment in special cooling packaging guarantees the freshness of delicacies. Numerous cheese creations can in the cheese online shop be purchased from the areas of sliced cheese, soft cheese, fresh cheese, hard cheese and semi-firm cheese.

In addition Neapolitan more regional delicacies such as jams, liqueurs, mustard and honey. On shop.landkaeserei.de, goat cheese lovers can get a picture of the new stone online cheese shop. The goat cheese stone location belongs to the dairies, which holds an own herd of goats for milk production. Family Stone situation places great emphasis on sustainability and animal-friendly and can look like in the cards: organise group tours of the Court, the goats and the production. Contact: stone location country dairy to the 30a 33397 Masud mountain Isaac Papenforth telephone: 05244 / 901729 fax: 05244 / 901725 E-Mail: website: