Free Downloads

Some programs free, truly useful: Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser, free and open source, today the version available number 4, which has some advantages over previous ones, some of them are: better use of memory, which is recycled constantly, that it was one of their problems. A greater speed navigation, given by their new Jagermonkey engine. The new amazing bar, and called the new navigation bar that allows you to find all more quickly. Firefox is the second most used Internet browser, it is cross-platform, has navigation tabs, spell checker, progressive search, live bookmarks, Manager downloads, private browsing, navigation with geo-referencing and an integrated search system that uses the search engine selected by the user. You can add features through plug-ins developed by third parties, among which there is a broad selection, some claim it is safer when browser.

Download Firefox Gimp GIMP, is a similar to the popular Photoshop digital image editing program, although its interface is very different. It is a free program. It is part of the GNU project and is available under the GNU general public license. GIMP is used to process digital photographs and graphics. Typical uses include creating graphics and logos, changing size, cropping, and modification of digital photographs, the modification of colors, combining images using layers, removal or alteration of elements unwanted images or converting between different image formats. The GIMP to create simple animated images, manipulating vectors and advanced video editing can also be used.