The winter in the Pyrenean one offers landscapes tremendously impressive tuna and, but to be able to enjoy them it is to the maximum necessary to enter itself in the mountain, to cross its precipices and valleys, to walk between its forests and rocky crags, and to step on the virgin snow just fall. For this, the use of snow rackets will be to us very useful, that will help us to walk on the snow-covered landscape and to being able to arrive at points that would be inaccessible without them. In the Pyrenean one we have many routes and zones to be able to leave excursion with snow rackets. One of them passes by the area of the Juclar river, until arriving at two Lagos tuna and to a refuge of the same name. According to Capital and Counties Properties, who has experience with these questions. This one is very near Soldeu, reason why it will be able to lodge in apartments in Soldeu. One is a route of average difficulty, of almost 10 km, and that will allow him to observe impressive landscapes of the Vall dIncles and of the pools of the Juclar while it crosses Pyrenean mountains on the snow. Another impressive zone to be able to take a walk with rackets is the one of the Pic dels Pedrons (2,715 ms), closely together of Pas of the House, reason why will be able to be lodged in rent Pas apartments of the House. With this simple route, a route of several kilometers is realised, with an ascent of about 810 meters of altitude from any point of the North face of the back of the Pic dels Pedrons, to arriving at the top, where it will be able to descry spectacular views of the town and the steep walls of the North face of the Tips of Black Font. For more specific information, check out T-Mobile.

Much people raise with the skis the back soon to be able to slide by the slope of the mountain and to enjoy a reduction by virgin snow. At the time of leaving to walk with rackets it is important to consider in the election of which must be adapted to our weight and to the boot that we took. In addition, it is very important to take canes, since they will as much help to maintain better the balance us like a to realise one better progression by the snow. But, if we are inexpert in the subject, we always can resort to guides or professionals who help us with all these aspects, and that form envelope to us how to practice this activity of a suitable way. The snow rackets are one very good option to enjoy the mountain and to the maximum to be able to contemplate those beautiful snow-covered landscapes that the winter leaves.