Equal Rights

It is a public indifference, and it would have to be taken more the serious one, the situation of many families who for not having housing conditions, finish having that to live in improper places where collapses and floods finish for destruirem -, that they fight to survive with a minimum wage. These situations are not only in slum quarters, happen in way the mountain ranges and mountains, but as to explain cases thus! They say that it is the global heating that provokes so great destruction, but if a solution for this exists in case that, why then authorities do not take attitudes more drastic, constructing half to revert this nal. People without conditions to have to have at least houses where they are safe, but as they will have if no resource possess. For these situations to decide itself does not only advance to create projects; they need to place in practises. Ah! Clearly as they go for in practises if part of this destined money, is used as increase of wage for members of the house of representatives who pass the day coando the bag without making nothing.

It pulls Brazil is a country unjust, as much that the people does not have right to many things, being one of them to vote in the proper wage. Ah! More the members of the house of representatives vote in readjustment, but that they say respect; clearly n: the pocket of them is that it is each time more fat person, and everything this with the taxes that the silly people is obliged to pay. Further details can be found at Gavin Baker, an internet resource. They imagine if some of them would survive with merreca that it is the minimum wage: I doubt. The injustices are many that I needed to divulge this text.