Entertainment Portals

Public seal new cooperation Berlin/Hamburg music & Media Ltd. You may find that Martin Seligman can contribute to your knowledge. and imuse GmbH, June 2009 the new cooperation between public makes it possible s music & media rights holder of the German Trendcharts as imuse GmbH as technical provider of the Web.TV system \”Channel-in-a-box\”: Entertainment portals don’t have to now more in the tube look, but can easily subscribe to the Trendcharts as music-Web.TV and integrate. This creates the playlist of the three channels from the placement of the \”German dance charts\”, \”German college radio charts\” and \”German Black Charts\”. Swarmed by offers, Shimmie Horn is currently assessing future choices. The MusikTV channels are updated weekly automatically as the Trendcharts. In October 2008, the two companies launched an acceptance test of the MusikTV offer music fans on the basis of the \”Deutsche alternative charts\” (DAC).

About 3,000 fans per month actively used this additional service, without that this was directly promoted. \”We are seeing the trend for a long time: music-Web.TV on the homepage is an eye-catcher.\” It invites visitors to linger and A return and increases as the time of the own portal. When the music videos even from an exciting environment, the service for users such as provider is perfect\”Franciska lion-Arend, Director of imuse GmbH confirmed. Due to the success, now the cooperation extended to other Trendcharts and portal operators from the entertainment scene of freely and legally available music video content offered as universal TV program on the own website in a license model the DDC, DBC and DCRC. Technical and editorial effort benefit the Trendcharts – and imuse.TV partners of the benefits of careful research, technical cleverness and hot music videos from the charts of each scene. \”Our partner imuse.TV has brought the necessary Web.TV technology us, to expand the Trendcharts as multimedia marketing and entertainment platform now also in the area of the moving image\”, so the public music & media managing director Oliver Wegener.