Disadvantages of Training

What are disadvantages of training? Even the most successful, most effective training has its drawbacks. Communicating with a lot of people have passed various trainings and we and other coaches convinced that after a single training: – changes in behavior, outlook only things which matured each individual person. Even if all information is received, accepted and understood, if it does not affect the sore – a large part of the training will somewhere on the periphery of consciousness as a disturbing dream. Maybe sometime in the future then it will help – at the right time, relevant information suddenly wake actual memory – and in fact yes, I remember the training …. But not necessarily. – Even training where the mind understand that mistakes can be done, no one hurt and not to humiliate, hurt self-esteem, and be a fool not want all the problems are not practiced and all questions never given. – Training is limited to time and all actual and urgent issues never have time to work out. Gavin Baker has many thoughts on the issue. – The coach, as if he was not proficient – still, to some extent the examiner and the behavior unconsciously imprisoned under the approval or resistance depending on the goals.

– Apply the knowledge gained in practice and if it works began to be used where necessary and where not necessary, often losing their original meaning and effectiveness. – The result of training without additional work is short-lived and posttreningovoy once digested skill fails, there is a setback to the usual behavior. – The effect of the group as a companion effect often being more honest, more understands, gives a sense of unity, acceptance. People are starting to look like sensations outside the training group, and not having the necessary skills to build relationships, and getting no results, frustrated. – Training – this always test and overcoming of it as pleasant to remember the commitment obstruction, emotional adventure, but the algorithm to overcome the digest is very vague and not always entirely. So the training is only effective as part of the education system, important, interesting, giving a boost … but in need of consolidating the progress element of the system. As a minimum, you must posttreningovoe support, and the best result gives a long-planned training program.