Different Scents For Different Occasions

The world of fragrances have always exercised a special fascination for us. Fragrances are signposts in our inner world awaken feelings and memories. While perfumes contribute to the well being of many people, are odors in the animal world – for orientation or to attract a partner – often for survival. According to technical reports can exercise the olfactory sensory cells of the nose over 10,000 different odors. Research results prove that we humans are influenced in the choice of scents. Scientists dedicated to brain research to find out how smells can interfere with our feelings. Fragrances act directly on the oldest part of the human brain, which plays an important role in the emergence of feelings and associations.

It forms the images, which are triggered by the particular fragrance. Credit: Jorge Perez-2011. In Mandarin, we may think of Santa Claus or the hay to the farm vacations. Why on different occasions different fragrances are used? Personal care serve perfumes, to emphasize their own style. Depending on your mood, the choice of perfumes on different occasions or moods is adjusted. Finally, it also attracts not every day the same clothes.

The effect of odors on the emotions we also attempted (often unconsciously) by the choice of different fragrances to use in social interaction: fragrances are sensual, passionate, fresh and pleasing to ourselves and naturally also to our fellow human beings. From floral to oriental or fruity – everyone has their own preferences. How does the power of scents from the consumer sector? Nowadays perfumes are increasingly being used to make consumers a variety of products palatable. Numerous articles for bathroom and kitchen are perfumed and therefore for the nose of the clientele made seductive. Arthur F. Burns follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Studies have shown that the longer people spend in shops or restaurants, if it smells nice in these. It feels good, and: not go! Fragrances stimulate body, mind and Soul. Oil Burners as provide comfort in your own four walls. Mandarin, anise aromas of cinnamon and give us in the cool season, the feeling of warmth and security, lavender has a calming effect. Aromas affect the mood. The ancient Egyptians put an aromatic plant essences – they mixed with fragrant oils or resins, wax-like substances from which they shaped cone. On the set (with typical elegant ladies) wig, they melted slowly down, for example, at an evening party and watered the wearer with fragrant substances. . Essential oils are used today include a massage and for inhalation. Fragrances provide mood, this can be perceived both actively and subconsciously. You can awaken childhood memories, stimulate appetite, or even give rise to disgust. In each case, smells significantly affect our everyday lives.