Cristina Frers

Each time you notice the absence definite need for good environmental policies have created serious problems in the environment for many countries, where Venezuela has not escaped it. Little is known about the interest that previous governments was given to environmental policy, especially environmental protection, who has left significant traces in the country, not only in the deterioration of the climate, environment, health but in Venezuela itself, where many people suffer from the consequences of environmental pollution, especially in the states of Falcon, Merida, Maracaibo, Carabobo, to name a few. Very little seriousness has been given which is the responsibility of environmental pollution, although there is an environmental law and its regulations, however, little is true that your articles contain, and it shows as people continue to pollute the environment, cities, where no doubt notice the absence of an environmental culture and authority of government to do everything to respect the law holds in relation to environmental pollution.

There’s definitely a lack of clearly defined environmental policy, with its system of control that guarantees that the Venezuelan productive sector and other institutions, and the same people identify with what is relevant is to preserve the environment. It is very interesting and valid exposing Cristina Frers, now the awareness that the environment in which we live is not an inexhaustible resource and invulnerable is being installed in the culture of modern societies and the public agenda of states. However, the management of environmental policies is still in its infancy compared to the pressing challenges of the next decades in which it is safe to assume that we will see a profound environmental restructuring and policy development..