Convention Center

Of all destinations in Mexico, Mazatlan beach is the only one where visitors can also enjoy a stroll by the narrow alleys and winding streets, where you can admire the majestic buildings that testify and show the greatness and the original splendor of those years. By having a diverse population, thus in Mazatlan they lived and worked, French, English, Spanish, Chinese and Americans; had a strong European influence and that explains the Neo classical architecture, eclectic and Baroque. Historical centre is the bridge that connects and unites the glorious past with the promising new Mazatlan that brings with it a new world full of opportunities, especially when we are talking about the new concept of luxury in Mazatlan real estate in the new Marina, which opened its doors with new and better options for those seeking a true added value. A leading source for info: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. In this area are being built: hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, the Convention Center, schools; that shows a project and infrastructure well-planned. That means that the complexes of condominiums and residences have an incredible added value. The perfect time to invest, is when a place begins to develop, so that offers the best promotions and in some cases, preconstruction prices. Marina Costa Bonita is the latest project of the beautiful Costa group, and is a real gem, carefully designed with the architecture of the historic center, surrounded by the most beautiful gardens, excellent facilities and luxurious condominiums.

It is the only condos in Marina, which is just opposite the beach. It is a very solid company, and why is that they can offer to the community only the best. Old Mazatlan and the new Mazatlan, the best of 2 worlds; This magical combination is what makes a unique place of Mazatlan.