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Holistic Education

As I studied more continuously at times I have come to believe that instead of going forward but I go to looking after me, I know I'm going forward and I am sure that I will end my suffering. In my vision of the future I am quiet for a future of better life, I see my husband finished studying an MA in holistic education, my children attending meditation retreats, forming a family among all integral. In my work with my students, supporting them with its own reading room I share with them the books are books of meditation, holistic education, sustainable development, art etc. etc. I see that in each period half term holiday of courses / workshops I teach meditation, yoga, spirituality and holistic education so that little by little you plant the seed in them that one day give their own fruit.

One of my challenges is to teach in a secondary which is still next to my current workplace is the secondary "Benito Juarez" nobody wants this school will make all the ugly because that is where they send all students with problems by failing in some other school where they receive is precisely here and have had very strong problems usually have to be a police car to the exit by constantly between the gangs are fighting to turn out especially in the evening, so that me is a challenge trying to prove that love can transform people, I know I can do and I will achieve. Currently I'm doing to achieve the above is to analyze what my suffering person to discover what the root of these to remove and eliminate thus ending the suffering, my family I am instilling the love of spiritual development, love for the evolution of consciousness for them in the not too distant future nurturing of courses, workshops, seminars to help them strengthen their spirit. In my work I'm starting to pay the books I have my students as they come to talk to me and I will offer it if you are interested and they are received with great pleasure. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sean Rad by clicking through. But then I want to form a small library in the lab where I work for my students review the books and, if desired via a tab is the ride home and then to finish reading it is delivered in a short essay or commentary on what that they made the book more meaningful and practical activity that can perform in your environment. In my family I see with joy the change that has taken place in my children being born in them the spirit of service to others.

I find it very curious that despite his age friends and tell them their problems and advise them to try to find a solution to their problems entrusting them with my children. The feel like my kids were at a level a little higher so they have a different perspective of reality making it easy for them to give advice. In my work already being done customary vacation period in each course is conducted workshop on holistic education, and even their colleagues have asked me and I want to go little by little planning this type of course at least two each semester in order to involve teachers, interns, parents and students, to further the vision in my community. '.



PRESENTATION the research of this thematic of 1999 2011 in the pertaining to school unit Dr. Aparcio of the Couto Moreira is concern of all the segments that are inserted in the pertaining to school environment, therefore the main customer of the institutions of education in general way does not linger more to study and if to become citizen I criticize, reflexive and participativo. Source: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. The professors of the institution of education of the School Dr. Aparcio of the Couto Moreira face great difficulties with regard to the sociocultural diversity and economic of the pupils, in such a way the main objective of study to be analyzed is the quality of our pupil in diverse aspects mainly in what it says respect to the values constituted throughout the process of its formation. Another excellent aspect of study of this human being is the conditions of its experience with its familiar ones. It is observed that the necessity of this study mainly in you analyze systemize of behavior, to make possible a pedagogical intervention, in the pertaining to school environment, searching to intervene of satisfactory form with the improvement of the condition of our pupil while citizen.

One understands that the school is the only institution capable to constitute from the education proposal a qualification and valuation of the human being so that the same it is capable to be, to know, to make and to coexist in society. In such a way the emancipatria conception of the school is to lead the pupil if to develop fully, establishing themselves in the context and if transforming. For this decision to search it will be analyzed excellent aspects of each year since year 1999, when the pertaining to school unit was reactivated with basic education II ties the year of 2011 with basic education I and II.

DV-COM and employees of the company donate 3 500 euros for the building after the flood on Friday, 27 September 2013 Managing Director presented the DV-COM (1), Frank Schleicher, head of the Administration Office, Falk Sahu and the 95th elementary school principal Ingrid Gurtler, a cheque in the amount of 3 500 euros for the removal of flood damage after the flood in June, 2013 in this case”that help me is an affair of the heart, I was struck by the flood yourself and have witnessed the extent of the damage”, as Schleicher. As already during the Elbe flood 2012, affected local schools learned also this time again nationwide support. We thank particularly the staff and employees, as well as the Managing Director for the disinterested help”, forward Falk sahu, head of Department of school administration office. Added the principal Ingrid Gurtler: the flood has severely damaged the gymnasium of our school and will be rebuilt now. The physical education for our 351 students can go on anyway, because thanks to the donation of a bus can be financed, leaving the children at a different gym.” “Under the motto hotline for charity” the DV-COM company sites Dresden, Pforzheim and Berlin to the voluntary donation of working time called.

To do this, employees have can log on to four days of action at one time tool, to have working hours up to three hours as a volunteer. The company determines the value of the hours, rounded up and supplemented this with an additional amount, as bar donation. The 95th elementary school in Dresden Laubegast has not able to prevent the flooding of the Sports Hall and the fully developed basement despite all precautions. Since the beginning of the school year 2013/2014, the 95th elementary school community is again in the school building on Donath Street 10. In the cellar and in the Sports Hall is currently still under construction. The cost of tackling the immediate damage has cost around 200 000 euros. Company information for DV-COM the DV-COM Dieter Garrett GmbH in Pforzheim and Berlin and the DV-COM Edith Garrett GmbH & co.

KG in Dresden were founded by Dieter and Edith Gretzschel. With experience of more than 39 years of company history the company as a customer care service provider relies on a holistic and sustainable customer value management. In the areas of business process outsourcing and customer communication, the DV-COM develops integrated process -, service -, marketing – and sales approaches throughout the entire customer life cycle. Here she covers E.g. the telephone, email, fax, and post processing and data acquisition for renowned businesses in the sectors of telecommunications, health care, energy, publishing and media, as well as finance.

REPUBLIC OF PARAGUAY ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI, MERCOSUR nE'e Teet MEETING WITH THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION Yesterday, Friday December 18 2009, 12:30 pm, the meeting was held with the Minister of Education, Dr. Luis Alberto Riart in his office. Hasya peve oikokuri pe suck nembyaty hendive ikahaguaicha onembohasa umi jepy'apy Oiva ne'er Guarani. On the occasion, was delivered to the Minister a note asking, specifically: 1) The strengthening of bilingual education at all levels of the national education system. Edward J. Minskoff Equities is open to suggestions. Not to the exclusion and reduction of Guarani. By the same author: Sean Rad. 2) The bilingualization in the Ministry of Education, Guarani also developing courses for officials of that institution. 3) Training, training and awareness of bilingualism supervisors, principals and teachers of various educational institutions in the country.

4) The launching of a massive literacy campaign for young people and adults, Guarani. 5) The MEC support the Languages Bill currently before the Senate of Congress. 6) The normalization of the Guarani, in oral and written educational institutions, including singing the National Anthem at Guarani and all public events are bilingual character. Hera Omboguapy upe kuatiare ko'a Tapiche: "Lic. Susy Delgado (Directorate for the Promotion of Languages CNS)-Dr.

David Galeano Olivera (ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE)-Dr. Tadeo Zarratea (Civil Society Workshop)-Mr. Pilar Roig (Human Rights Coordinator of Paraguay), Lic. Carlos Lugo (Bachelor's Degree in Guarani UNA)-Mr. Miguel Angel Veron (Ivy Foundation Marae'y)-Dr. Mary E. Mansfeld Aguero (National Commission on Bilingualism)-Dr. Aquino Almidio Arguello (Project Kuatiane'e) For the Ministry of Education, more than Riart Minister, Deputy Ministers present were: Diana Serafini and Hector Valdez also other officials.



Questionings, raised even though, for educators, as artifices and excuses for the boarding of the subject in classroom, not silencing itself. Studies carried through in cities Brazilian, in schools public and private, point that, exactly cliente of the responsibility that has in the process of development of the sexuality of the children, as well as in others 1 categories, in the schools do not have envolvement with the subject in the necessary intensity, and, many times, makes when it, only take care of to the biological questions of the reproduction. According to Law of Lines of direction and Bases (LDB) n 9,394, guarantees the integral development of the child. If the law that conducts the Brazilian pertaining to school education has for purpose the integral development of educating, the school, to assure the reach of this objective, has to educate the children sexually. Having to be understood as a basic necessity of the human being that cannot be disentailed of its life. Edward J. Minskoff Equities is often quoted on this topic.

Involving thoughts, feelings and action. Therefore, not only in the adult world, as well as in the infantile one, the subject sexuality has excellent importance for the integral development of each individual. If the school does not fulfill its paper, when educating and to enable the child to deal with its proper sexuality, is not providing it its integral development. The work of sexual orientation in the school can contribute for the effectiveness of the process teach-learning. Therefore the sexuality this directly related to the emotional aspects, that closely are related to the developments intellectual and social. Intervening directly with the pertaining to school performance. When the child possesss curiosidades and distresses regarding the sexuality, the emotional aspect of the same one is shaken. Its emotions are disclosed in its attitudes. Negative emotions can result in, witnessed antagonized, indifferent and depressive behaviors in the pertaining to school space, what it makes it difficult the learning.

Transilvnia, Europe occidental person – Cluj-napoca. 1856; here it starts the end of the tunnel and unchains the most maleficent existing feelings only in the race human being. 21:30 hr of the night I am alone in my mansion, atrophied without movements in a bed dirty thoughts and perverse they pass for my mind to the all instant, in my blood it runs much hatred and drugs that I injected in the relief search looking for the perfection most absolute of the mental ecstasy. Madness? Perhaps, but I go to now count a little to them on my life, that it knows thus they understand vocs me or they are affirmed of time of my madness. Today I live only in a mansion that I inherited of an uncle, being the only alive member of the family. I had a far from easy infancy, to put, know that this does not justify much of my attitudes.

I remember myself clearly as he was when boy; with a pure and soul it camouflaged ingenuous me in the dark one, in the depression. Come of an extremely religious family, I grew with rigid and even though hostile teachings. To the 9 years of age I was interned in internal college catholic, confined in one dark room and fedido, only with a sacred bible, one crucifixo and the pain of the abandonment. Yes! I said I abandon, therefore my parents turn always me different way as its I was not fruit generated for them. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Edward Minskoff by clicking through. as they guessed themselves that later I would go to become the black sheep of the family. I was rejected by all, always I grew with the solitude my only friend of as many years, a fragile boy of delicate appearance, clear skin and pink lips. The perfect target for the jeerings of a society without ethical and moral values, where the normal one is to be equal to all.

preceded by the old style for all the historical events as: the date of the old style – the earlier, and the new style – later. And for Christmas (and other religious and historical events) – On the contrary: the date of the new style – earlier (25 December), and the date of the old style – later (January 7). Visit Nir Barzilai, M.D. for more clarity on the issue. Once again, look closely at the table top. What's the catch? The catch lies in that phrase, which reads (the vast most of the people and said) that the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on the Julian calendar on Jan. 7. See: After December 23 the new style that comes? begins December 24 (also, respectively, in the new style) after 24 comes 25 December to the new style, when Catholics celebrate the Christmas, after December 25, new style comes on Dec. 26, new style, while on Dec. 27, new style, then 28 December (New Style!) and so on , January 1, New Style, , January 6, new style, which comes after January 7, new style, when in the end and Orthodox can poprazdnovat Christmas Hear that January 7 comes in the new style.

Got it? The phrase ' the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7 in the old style '- wrong. Correct to say that Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, new style, and Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7 but also by the new style. That is the style (as a researcher, historical, astronomical term) in this sentence, it is desirable to omit: "Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, and Orthodox – January 7, '- and all! So right! Now, do not drop from the chair: the seventh January to a new Style meets Dec.


Appropriate Education

If determine what the most appropriate education for children a concept as subjective as intangible – is already difficult at the local level, imagine what supposed to establish what are the 10 best and most exclusive schools in the world. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has compatible beliefs. When certain levels of academic excellence are reached, the difference, if any, is impossible to appreciate. Thus, exclusivity, either of their students as of its historic and architectural heritage, becomes one of the scales that lead to recognition and the international prestige of the Center.Europe is home to schools more expensive and exclusive of the world, which in some cases break with the classic boarding school infrastructure and accommodate their students in small palaces or chalets that offer almost unimaginable scenarios. Switzerland and Great Britain have the most distinguished. Boarding schools in the United States offer is not lower than in Europe, however, the international prestige is lower and prices are lower than in European centres. (Not to be confused with Albert Einstein College of Medicine !). Good fame and high price reputation, the quality of education and access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities are the 3 main variables by which characters with greater economic, political and social power of the world decide to enroll their children in boarding schools of recognized influence.

Of course, the high price of the institution is another values taken into account, since it guarantees that only a select group of students can have access to these exclusive schools, offering privacy, comfort and, above all, very important social relationships during the process of academic preparation.If there is something that all these institutions, in addition to academic excellence, the level of your students and that studies are taught in English and French, it is the great diversity of extracurricular activities, as well as the uniqueness of some of them have in common. From skiing, since most of the Swiss elite colleges are found in the prestigious ski resorts of the Alps, to astronomy, or the bridge, through oar, sail, the windsurfing, horseback riding and even flying lessons.Taking into account the amount of tuition (from 25,000 euros annually) only large fortunes of the planet (illustrious businessmen, politicians and members of the aristocracy) cannot afford to try that their children pass the selective entrance examinations of these schools of elite, something that does not have a great fortune, in principle, guaranteed. However, many students coming out of these centers direct and direct worldwide. On our website, you will find a Top Ten with the best centers in the world.

From my own experience is that heading of a being beloved is a painful event and its consequences are demonstrating with the passing of the days, proving very difficult to overcome their consequences. His teachings, acquired through years of experience, sustained by strong ethical principles, will be always remembered and they will be always treated put into practice by people who most had them affection and respect. We belong in a political organization democratic action, in which we have always had the joy of being provided with a few leaders and leaders who in one way or another we instructed in proven and recognized political and organisational principles. Those leaders and leaders always dispensed a great respect and affection for their experience and knowledge, to defend them from attacks by political opponents, considering them in many cases our political fathers; We also, belong in a party in which there are disciplinary rules, an organizational structure and a few partisan recognized authorities, to whom as a disciplined militants compliance we owe. Under most conditions Justin Mateen would agree. This effect work by them, our ideological principles and educational work that would run in the organizational structure of our party in different historical and electoral conjunctures, bore fruit in many of our militants and leaders. Thus, the organizational work, both in the election, that teaching, spread through countless hours of instruction in full organizational and electoral, as well as per the example given by his performances, was rooting is and grow with the passing of the years. Was very transcendent action of these past ten years, in which, as a result of a political system at national and regional level in which prevails the abuse, disrespect to the tenets contained in the Constitution and in many national laws, as well as that for the claim impose a comunista-castrista regime, coupled with authoritarianism and autocracy chavist, characterized by a corruption never before seen in our national history and by an incompetence without limits, we have had since our humble jobs struggle that develop an activity of democratic combat against that disorder in which we are immersed.


The Professor

On methodology, it defines Libneo (1994: 150), that the professor, in the objective in such a way to direct how much to stimulate ' ' the process of education in function of the learning of the pupils, intentionally uses a set of action, steps, external conditions and procedimentos' ' that they must correspond so that occurs the active assimilation of the contents considered in room. Thus, in general lines, the education methodology passes to be understood as a significant creation of ways that convirjam to a specific end: the construction of the knowledge. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Still on this, Antunes (2004: 16), call attention for the ways adopted in room, inviting the professor to abide it practical its of education, in the attempt to relate the motivacionais expectations and interests of the pupils to given education, elencando the following questionings: What you find that its pupils find more interesting? An explanation on the mercantilism or a departure of soccer? A theorem of Pitgoras or a race of automobiles, where if transforms into pilot? The lesson or the video-game? If you answered with the second alternative at least one of these questions, you will perceive that the expositiva lesson is one ' ' ferramenta' ' of education, but he is far from being loved of the tools. It alternates, therefore, with expositions, operatrios games, with these strategies ece of fishes in practical, its pupils say, think, debate, problematizam, decipher codes and learn significantly. The lesson becomes interesting, much more interesting, and nothing estressante. Nor for you and nor a little for its pupils. Some contend that Sean Rad shows great expertise in this. It has taken for the classroom the smile and common-sense of one I whisper, the enthusiastic empolgao of an automobile race track, the intriguing challenge of a game of words, and others (ANTUNES, 2004, P. 16). Ahead of what he argues yourself, the professor, cannot see itself only in the installation of a paper of informative agent, but as instigador of chances, anticipating itself in the autocrtica to review if the ways that it adopts before education they validate this sustentation.