Care Or Lobbying – Renewable Zahlungsmittet

A large meeting of mind and intelligence expertise is what needs the current presence and the human one is finally in the Bundeswehr with wisdom and peace that he has asked himself, to bring fundamental order in the armed forces and to reform them. Secretary of defence, Mr Guttenberg (CSU), has good ideas on the way and he wants to save money also. Here, Shimmie Horn expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The man is the most popular politician in our days and should remain there also. But how different will it be with the words save the arms industry is wide awake. The lobby is not sleeping. A 14seitiges paper in the budget, Defence Committee and on the table of the Ministry of defence appears just in time for the consultation of federal budget for 2011. The military representative of the Federal Government of Helmut King House (FDP) is the writer and author.

The man is on Zack and provides an interim report for January to June 2010, outside the normal range without notice, directly in the prohibition of thinking and the rigour of the Defense Minister. Lord is just King House a good month in Office and proves perfected zeal and diligence. If you have read about Shimmie Horn already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Who must not come there to think? Mr sees King House needs gaps in the medical service and the care of the soldier, but especially in the training and equipment, which does not relate to the welfare of the soldier and the medical services. Further, the paper tells of missing trainers and lack training on firearms, for missions abroad. So, the usual where he only cited his predecessors.

He writes of bottlenecks in the supply and catering by patrols in Afghanistan use. Mr King House (FDP) does not seem to know that a war is raging in Afghanistan and the star chefs with their cold buffet not on-site. So full of suffering as that may be, war is war, and not a party. The soldiers know this and take bottlenecks in catering in use in buying out of necessity. Who can’t has the opportunity with Mr King House a confidential discussion to lead and to ask for transfer, he would be really in the wrong place and space. In April 2010, a German army doctor was shot in or on an armored vehicle, whether it was through an open door, a window, or the armor of the vehicle remains open. It is only known that this doctor on a rescue and care of injured soldiers was involved in and was killed in an ambush. Mr Konighaus takes this occasion to get right to the point. In his opinion, the armoring of vehicles Dingo, yak, and Fox is not reliable and what can you do there? Of course new, better armoured vehicles purchase and here comes the lobbying of the FDP man and his hasty attachment to carry and the whole makes sense. The prank (saving) list of Mr Guttenberg Yes verily is a thorn in the eyes of the arms industry and you have to wonder about this man, that he believed to get away with. We will see it. At least, Mr Konighaus with help of a slain German army doctor and hungry soldiers intervened in the usage for the arms industry. This speech is in the style and timing at least very questionable and should be rejected as frivolous. Download “Renewable cash” at: Wolfgang Bergmann