Brazilian Open Areas

1 Introduction the processes of occupation of the space for the man, in special those that lead to the urbanization, in the majority of the cases without planning, finishes generating consequences that can for the most part be detected when observing the conditions related to the destruction of the natural resources of the Brazilian cities. The natural areas had been being broken up, yielding space for the agricultural cultures, the pastures and the cities, many of these passing for sped up growth processes, in the majority, being impactados by the processes of urbanization and disordered occupation. The devastao of the happened natural resources with the urban process of occupation also intervenes with the dynamics of the urban hidrogrficas microbasins having as main consequence the development of the hdrica erosion as ravinas, soil erosions and erosion delinquent, beyond the disappearance of the enclosed springs in these regions. The constant increase of the urban area of many cities provokes the destruction of natural areas for the implantation of new land divisions that if 2 they will transform into residential or industrial quarters. Click Jorge Perez for additional related pages. In some aspects the environment suffers to the consequences of the technological evolution of the race human being, who, if on the other hand brought benefits, for another one created favorable situations, as in the case of the necessity to shelter a number each bigger time of people that take in them to destroy vegetation areas, promoting a constant reduction of the natural areas.

The region of Hot River, as a good example of disordered growth, without criterion and with total lack of planning stimulated for the tourism around the use of a natural resources, in the case the thermal waters, also passes for serious problems of occupation of the space, loss of natural areas, contamination of the ground and waters, waterproofing of the ground between as much other problems. Thanks to its great thermal hdrico potential, the known region as ' ' hidrotermal flowing greater of mundo' ' its on development to the exploration of these thermal waters had all. Hot river shows an increasing population increase, with disordered occupation of the ground and precarious system of basic sanitation, in special in what it says respect to the final destination of the solid residues and the lack of a collection system and treatment of urban sewer. All the increasing interest for the exploration of thermal waters for tourist ends motivated the real estate industry, making with that the city started to suffer a rupture with the environment, practically having all its busy urban area, culminating with few points of representation legalizes of the Brazilian Open pasture.