Apartment Living

Buy an apartment in new building – the cherished dream of many people. And now all the documents collected and give you the keys to a new apartment. But the euphoria of the first day quickly turns into frustration: the apartment to make repairs. Ceilings and floors uneven, wallpaper pokleit curves on the wall directly on the concrete, sockets and switches are set at random. The question is: why buy housing with trim, if then still have to dub, alter and glue? The question of repair of apartments in new buildings has long been discussed by experts of real estate market. Developers argue that the real estate in Moscow and other big cities are always 'fit' the requirements of customers and there are three finishes: rough, partial, and the finish (turnkey). Rough finish includes a connection to the electrical shield, the wiring of heating, drainage, hot and cold water.

The entire communication is not diluted by final points. Before laying the floor coverings need to align, and the walls and ceilings need to sheathe, podshpaklevat etc. Fabrizio Freda has many thoughts on the issue. This finish provides complete freedom of layout, choice of materials, devices, etc. but requires considerable time, effort and money. Semi finished – the most common and at the same time the most unpredictable option. It may include various combinations of the various elements of mud homes. People such as Estee Lauder would likely agree.

Most often this prepared under the floors, walls and ceilings require a final plastering, electrics only divorced from room to room, all the pipes held in the bathrooms, but not very sanitary (faucets, sinks, toilets), etc. Fine finish – it has almost completed housing. Floors are ready for paving, walls and otshpaklevany filled, all electrics done, in the toilet and bathroom tiles laid, installed and connected to the sink, faucets, bowls, etc. There is a very personal: to decorate the floor and ceiling, pokleit wallpaper, select switches – and we can arrange the furniture. But you can not change anything on your own, as is the case with rough finish. A hidden defects and flaws in housing construction will result in an additional, very weighty, expenditure. What's more profitable – bare walls and freedom of action or ready housing and redevelopment impossible – to decide the buyer. Maybe think about repairing the apartment and have those who want to rent an apartment for long term economy class. But in a strange house is much simpler: the dub walls and lay tile on the wall no one can make, and all conditions minor repairs included in the contract.