The last wafer must be put into a mica for save it as an amulet. For a girl that threw the bad luck that never get married and don’t have kids: in addition to the same ritual that the first, shall bathe with a preparation of roses, Rosemary, brown sugar, orange blossom, powdered sugar, water a gold ring and not go out the day that make the bathroom. They had the procedure in two months, every fifteen days. Let me tell you that according to them, this really worked them. They say that Mr Anderson was born in Napo, the Amazon jungle of Peru and that he learned with his grandparents. Herbal home remedies are another source of healing that healers use. Mr Anderson, healer, says that with ointments and creams made by the same, assures cure all kinds of skin diseases. There are 40 kinds of psoriasis and dermatitis others, and all I have to remedy, he says.

It has cured countless patients from all corners of the Peru… Well protects his secret, says it is in the herbs, but saves it as a treasure. He received it from his father and bequeathed it to his son. .Through the laying on of hands heals backaches, stomach, cervical channels the universal energy and applies it in the 7 sacred body. People who knows him believes that he has a special gift since he was born, explains that their Astral bodies vibrate at a higher level and that’s why you can contact more beyond. He considers the Ayahuasca as the mother of all. Ayahuasca is a liana which occurs naturally in the Amazon rainforest and its preparation is carried out under the supervision of a teacher or master healer, according to them to give his force for healing. Once ingested, according to the dosage of the teacher, it produces an expansion of our inner consciousness that manifests itself in a kind of mareacion.