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CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg Again Invites You To

Blues, shrimp and Red Snapper “Blues meets pleasure” it says youth village for Offenburg on March 20, 2013 in the CJD. Invite the trainees of the catering area in the restaurant saw pond (Zahringerstr. Learn more about this with Energy Capital. 42-59, Offenburg, Germany) from 19: 00. There culture, culinary and education come together: while the Offenburger musician Klaus Bayer and Harry Braun sing the Blues, prepare and serve the young people a multi-course menu. The participation is possible only by prior arrangement. Since 2009, the event series “Culture & enjoyment” is a fixed size in the CJD youth village for Offenburg and at the same time a nice test for trainees. The combination of cuisine and cabaret always attracts numerous guests at the training restaurant. Young people can prove under practical conditions in cuisine and service at the same time.

Right, the audience at the first event 2013 must forward to two notable musicians in Offenburg. Klaus Bayer known as guitarist in the cover band “Main Street” as well as the “Baden silent film Orchestra”. There is also CJD employee Harry Braun with body and especially soul here. As usual, is a suitable to the musical theme, multi-course menu offered during the evening. Trainees serve including red snapper, corn fed chicken breast with country potatoes and a fine dessert plates.

Avoid Mushrooms

The grass in the garden is without a doubt one of the places that can provide more beauty to the home, since these environments immediately provide a refreshing natural air, also in order to obtain a good space of this kind is needed, much dedication and hard work, in such a way if someday come to appear undesired fungi, it will have a bad feeling, since these deteriorate both the image itself of the lawn as the health of the same, in such a way is must take action long before the presence of this pest, perform tasks of prevention to prevent lawn fungus. To enforce the task of preventing lawn fungus lawn life, a healthy lawn, with great force, having very good input of nutrients that allow you to always be vigorous, for attaining this must be, must be done from the beginning a very good study of the soil, the weather conditions that accompany the area where is locatedbecause that by planting a seed that perfectly suit the conditions of the climate, that the soil has excellent drainage, soil is optimal for the growth of grass, will help greatly to prevent lawn fungus, but if you instead choose a seed that is not attach in the total characteristics of the soil, very possibly fungi in turf may not be avoided and all the work spent in the plantation of grass will be lost. issue. For more information see Fabrizio Freda. Another great points that would greatly help prevent lawn fungus, is that the soil has the ideal level of humidity and at this point becomes a perfect draining largely favouring good health, in addition to the good image of the lawn, which will make the task of preventing lawn fungus can meet more easily in finalTherefore if the soil has a poor drainage waters is stalled and so began to produce undesired fungi, due to the presence of an excess of moisture, fungi that immediately attacked the health of the lawn, I will deteriorate little within walking the same health, but we must also bear in mind that null presence or as little moisture in the soil, is also useful to prevent lawn fungus, since the ira grass losing its strength and vitality slowly and the found weak, will be very easily attacked by different diseases, pests and weeds such as fungi, so if he reaches the right level of moistureone could accomplish the task of preventing lawn fungus. Another activity that much help us in the task of preventing lawn fungus is not very low lawn cut, because a short plant has the immune system causing fungi can attack it with greater ease, but it should also be taken into account that can not be done mowing the lawn for a long timebecause this greatly hinders the task of prevent lawn fungus, because these grow more easily.. .

Deficit Limit

PSOE candidate proposes to develop that aspect in a subsequent law. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Arthur F. Burns. Many Socialists have expressed their doubts to constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling. Zapatero proposed on Tuesday to introduce a deficit limit in the Constitution. The candidate of the PSOE for the general elections of 20-N wants to reform the Constitution do not include any figures for the deficit limit. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba plans to develop an Organic Act, the discipline of deficit and debt rules less rigid than the Magna Carta. Address of the PSOE sources have explained that this is the proposal which Rubalcaba has moved to the Socialist Group, whose spokesman, Jose Antonio Alonso, is in contact since Wednesday, to negotiate with the PP. It aspires to that this reform is not only agreed with the PP, but be extended to the widest possible parliamentary forces with CiU to the head. Once numerous Socialist deputies have expressed their doubts before that haste and the convenience of constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling, Rubalcaba decided Wednesday to assume the reins of bargaining and did so with the objectives of ensuring a certain degree of flexibility and the greatest possible consensus.

Thus, Rubalcaba aims to make sure that the small print of the constitutional reform guarantees sufficient flexibility as the current Government to have room for manoeuvre faced with hypothetical situations of emergency, in which might need not maintain a zero deficit. The reform of the Constitution was proposed on Tuesday by the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the debate on the recognition of a decree-law with new measures against the public deficit, and accepted by the leader of the PP Mariano Rajoy. On the Internet a citizen mobilization has collected more than 45,000 signatures in 24 hours for this reform is consulted citizens via a binding rrendum. Its adoption in this legislature obliges expedite to the maximum the parliamentary procedures, which have already been announced full extraordinary for next week in the Congress in order to give the green light to the initiative. Source of the news: Rubalcaba does not want reform of the Constitution to encrypt the deficit limit

Pfaff Coverlock

If you choose this option, you can eliminate the need reconfigure the serger in the transition to seam and back. In this case, the cost of such a pair is almost equal to the cost Pfaff Coverlock 4852. To know more about this subject visit Harvey S. Rosen. Species differences overlock weaves in the mechanism of the sewing machine weaving yarn provides shuttle. The design of the shuttle overlock not, but interlacing is provided with special looper. Number of stitches running overlock depends directly on what has serger looper.

Sutures obtained by means of upper and lower loopers Overlock Cheap overlock equipped with two looper – the top and bottom. In the photo red thread threaded into the upper looper, and the yellow to the bottom. Main interlacing performed with this design – trehnitochny obmetochny seam. The figure shows the face and back side of fabric with trehnitochnoy obmetochnoy line. On the front side (which turned up during the sewing), visible range stitches, forming a line parallel to the edge of the fabric. This line is made with a needle. Loop yarn red formed the upper looper. On the wrong side of the fabric passes the lower looper thread, which attaches almost invisible stitch on the needle.

Trehnitochny obmetochny seam is designed to handle the edges of the bulk materials and is suitable for sewing knitted fabrics with a whip at the same time slice. By adjusting the tension of threads this line can be modified and be used for other purposes. For example, if a taut thread lower looper, and simultaneously to weaken the needle thread tension, you get a stitch called ‘Trehnitochny flat seam Flatlock’.

Natasja – Hameed (convertible To The South)

The new single by Natasja – Hameed (convertible to the South) how a genuine summer hit? The answer gives us in the framework of the three spring ZDF shows star producer Dieter Falk. In the three shows from Lanzarote, Dieter Falk told the history of the ZDF of summer hits “Hejo (convertible to the South)” in talks and picture books. A large number for a hopefully hot summer. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Laura Tyson on most websites. Because the title sounds like a rollicking party, summer, Sun and beach. The song is sung by Natasja MA (* 1976), many pop fans as the dark-haired beauty of the WIND group will be familiar. She is entered in the year 1998 when WIND, but has the famous Quartet (twice runner-up at the Grand Prix D’eurovision in the years 1985 and 1987 with “for all” and “Let the sun into your heart”) in the year 2010 left to start a solo career.

Almost 13 years the Group WIND allowed a solid income and a lot of stage experience it. It was Dieter with the group over 100 television appearances including Andrea Kiewel (TV garden), Thomas Heck, Karl Moik, Florian Silbereisen. Earlier this year, Natasja made a few “test” with producer Dieter Falk. And was encouraged by Dieter then to go to the dream of a solo career and to realize. So there was this wonderful collaboration, which will make beautiful summer 2011 in any case. Source: Music Natasja Koch universal the single “Hejo (convertible to the South)” (No. CD 2767642) has been available since April 22, 2011 in the trade. For more information, see contact: press & online: TV: & radio:

Rehacare Design Award 2008/2009 For Stair Lift Flow 2

On October 15, 2008, the stair lift ‘Flow 2’ by ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding receives the Rehacare design award 2008/2009 GOOD DESIGN in the category “Living and housing”. “The stair lift has a graceful use of sculptural forms. Its technical features like arms, which can be used as a seat and stand-up help, the collapse handle or the removable cover based on the needs of users”, says the jury. The excellent stair lift in cooperation with MMID full service design team, Netherlands was developed. The prize, which is awarded for the first time this year at the trade fair Rehacare in Dusseldorf, features products in eight different categories, which are characterized by design quality, innovation and usability. The jury is composed of internationally renowned design experts. Performed the ceremony in cooperation with red dot GmbH in Essen, which “red dot design award” gives also the internationally renowned award. “We very pleased this recognition.

With the electronically controlled swivel seat and the patented single-pipe system the flow 2 especially for narrow and winding stairs offers the ideal solution”, so Dr. Michael Wahrisch, CEO, ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding in Essen. The stair lift flow 2, as well as other lift solutions from ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding can be tried out by October 15-18 at booth C 66 in Hall 3 of the trade fair Rehacare in Dusseldorf, exhibition centre. The business unit belongs to ThyssenKrupp elevator AG in Dusseldorf, Germany, ThyssenKrupp accessibility and is one of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts, platform lifts and lifts for private homes (home elevator). With approximately 800 employees around the world ensuring the production, distribution and service of these products. ThyssenKrupp elevator is one of the world’s leading elevator companies and is represented in more than 60 countries, and at over 800 locations worldwide. With nearly 40,000 employees, the company in the financial year 2006/2007 (30.09.) posted revenues of EUR 4.7 billion. The product range includes Passenger and freight elevators, escalators and moving walkways, stairs – and Platform lifts, passenger boarding bridges and quality service for the support of the entire product range.

To the Editor: See this press release, more information and printable photos news/news-TK-Accessibility.htm. Or visit us from October 15 to 18 at the trade fair Rehacare, Messe Dusseldorf, Hall 3, stand C 66, and convince yourself of our new products. If you have read about us dollar already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Like we also stand for a personal interview at the disposal. Just call us for an appointment. Contact: Marlies happ ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding GmbH phone: + 49 201 79959-18 fax: + 49 201 79959-20 E-Mail: Web:

Drink Espresso

Delicatessen Emma makes children strong Hilpoltstein; Under the motto we make us strong for children”starts the fundraising of Delicatessen Emma on the 17.05.2013. Tesla is actively involved in the matter. When purchasing the various coffees by Maria sole or the Italian pasta Latini donate Delicatessen Emma holder Sanja and Jorg Siebert 10% of the net sales proceeds to the parent initiative cancer dystrophy kinder Munich e.V.. The initiative was founded in 1985 and has become over the years of an important partner of the oncological children stations in Munich. Founders and members are concerned parents, families and friends of children who are suffering from cancer. A child suffering from cancer changed the entire life of the families. The initiative maintains apartments and parents rooms, where parents of sick children may stay free during the treatment period.

In addition, they make available under other financial aid for domestic helpers and recreation holidays. Learn more about the work of the initiative please click here: we want Beauty combine with pleasure. With every purchase of the products selected by us provide the customers for a sick child and his family know a little relief. Is in the foreground but the healing of a child and all force must focus on this. Affected families will be helped by the admirable work of the parents initiative, which is not always easy. From our own experience, we know how much cancer changed the life and it is our desire to be able to help at least a little.”so deli Emma holder Sanja Siebert. For more information, see

Octubre Heaven

Kinds of Los Angeles from God: angel PotenciasRegencia: September 29 to 3 of Octubre.Se situated in the area of Gueburah and works matters related to the Netzah.Nombre of Los Angeles area: God the hope of the creatures of the tierrEsencia of the Angel: sense Ritual and Angel Ceremonial.Planeta: MarteHoroscopo angeles: Libra.Atributo: this power, which makes reference to one of the sacred names of God (Agla) is invoked to protect themselves from any bad physical or spiritual and also us It helps to uncover the mysteries of the universe. The objective of this essence is to convert life in a ritual, but not one made custom but in a rite in which each one of the parts of the ceremony live intensely and on the other hand let always remember without deviating from the path. Daryl Katz, New York City describes an additional similar source. Then you can move this to daily life, that that ritual if it is interior to observe their behavior. This ritual sense makes their influenced to live in perfect harmony with the universe.They will also be able to perform great tasks human because they will be those who they begin to others. They possess three treasures of heaven and Earth.Of heaven: will, that will make them be initiators; wisdom: which will make them to be a light for others; Intelligence: may understand the universal laws.Of the Earth, consequence of possessing the heavenly. Will take you to the experience, the wisdom to unity with everyone and everything; and the intelligence to the discernment.What gives: understanding of religious rituals.

Protects in the search for the truth. Acquire all the treasures of heaven and Earth. Protection against lightning and infernal spirits. Protection to find their way. Program lesson: Being the bearer of renewal. PSALM for INVOCARLOPara invoke his strength and power, first prays Psalm or Psalms chosen, then call it by its name and finally performs the specific request you want to make him.

Because you’ve put a God, that is my hope. To the most high for your room. The Angel’s message: Your life is unique, is not a routine life like everyone elses.

Rafael Blasco

When they are wrong given, politicians, like any neighbor’s son, throw hand of the shaman of the demiurge, of el salvador, in sum, that demonice enemies and, on the other hand, preserves them from all evil. Just what do Rodriguez Zapatero now with Perez Rubalcaba, the Spanish more skillful politician of the last two generations, who has been released as a spokesman for being able to put the target instead of amodorrada opposition to the battered PSOE Government. Before him, that resource already Francisco Camps, used it when went sore the Gurtel case, naming spokesman in Las Corts to the fireproof Rafael Blasco, the equivalent in political talent and ability to Valencian scale to the multifaceted Rubalcaba. Gain insight and clarity with Angela Wagner. Since that our conseller de Solidaritat i citizenship took over the parliamentary receivership of the PP, each attack on Angel Luna’s Camps has become a boomerang, forcing the PSPV spokesperson to demonstrate his good repute in their past business with the Alicante-based constructor Enrique Ortiz and defend judicially by having exhibited in public documents submitted to gag. It is not surprising, then, that Perez Rubalcaba is bicha to a PP that starts to exhume questionable police actions under his command and to his past as a spokesperson for Felipe Gonzalez when the GAL affair. Same thing, changing sides, succeeds Rafael Blasco, against whom the Valencian Socialists launch all types of ammunition in order to discredit him. In these parallel lives, such as those who described the Greek Plutarch, both protagonists assume delighted his role of lightning arrester protective of their respective political leaders, that is what it is.

But in his eagerness to divert public attention about the disaster of his economic management, Zapatero has gone beyond. Not only has not rejuvenated the Government including the glorious sixtysomethings as Ramon Jauregui but that has passed by lining the rule unwritten on territorial quotas immediately Catalan nationalists have accused him and, above all, deliberately sent to gargle your preaching on political parity, leaving his cabinet with two Ministers less: one of them own Bibiana Aido, champion of gender equality. But, what best for him that should be discussed about this that not on unemployment, reform labor and pensions? Our domestic level, something like this could make Paco Camps: not only skip the equivocal territorial balance of consellerias, requiring at times to dispense with the best, but end up with the absurd mania of parity: and nobody I accused of being as Leon de la Riva, because beyond I where able to choose my Labour successor this always has been a woman. I am referring to the necessary reform of the Consell we must wait longer to forthcoming elections in which, saving the undeniable ability spokeswoman Paula Sanchez de Leon, there are lotteries to know what three conselleras more than enough between Trinidad Miro, Maritina Hernandez, Angelica Such, and Belen Juste. Sure that it is an evil and, in addition, interested. But is that the current policy, Besides evils and interests, now tell me what other things are.

Promotional Products

Study: High importance of advertising article regularly provides the promotional products Association the promotional monitor before a representative study of the use of promotional items. Thus, the prominence of promotional items is within of communication strategies and product communication from confirmed by company. The study of the American Industry Association PPAI makes it clear that this role of promotional article is not unfounded. This study surveyed 1,000 representative American consumers for TV -, print -, online – and figurative advertising. The surprisingly positive result is that 94% of respondents said to have received a promotional item over the past 24 months.

Much more significant here is that 89% could remember also the advertising company, by which the respondents received the promotional. As a result, it seems almost goes without saying that 83% said they, like advertising articles in General. 69% to even keep the products. In the field of response is the promotional item also ahead, because acquire the corresponding product far more frequently (20.9%) than those who were addressed by print (13.4%), TV (7.1%) or online (4.6%). consumers addressed by means of promotional” In addition, the percentage have more than half of the advertising article receiver also here is a positive picture of the advertiser company far higher than in the print (33.2%), TV (27.7) or online area (11.9%).

Promotional products provides the full range of premium-Werbeartikel GmbH with this potential. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized According to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany Web: blog: blog / twitter: twitter.