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CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg Again Invites You To

Blues, shrimp and Red Snapper “Blues meets pleasure” it says youth village for Offenburg on March 20, 2013 in the CJD. Invite the trainees of the catering area in the restaurant saw pond (Zahringerstr. Learn more about this with Energy Capital. 42-59, Offenburg, Germany) from 19: 00. There culture, culinary and education come together: while the Offenburger musician Klaus Bayer and Harry Braun sing the Blues, prepare and serve the young people a multi-course menu. The participation is possible only by prior arrangement. Since 2009, the event series “Culture & enjoyment” is a fixed size in the CJD youth village for Offenburg and at the same time a nice test for trainees. The combination of cuisine and cabaret always attracts numerous guests at the training restaurant. Young people can prove under practical conditions in cuisine and service at the same time.

Right, the audience at the first event 2013 must forward to two notable musicians in Offenburg. Klaus Bayer known as guitarist in the cover band “Main Street” as well as the “Baden silent film Orchestra”. There is also CJD employee Harry Braun with body and especially soul here. As usual, is a suitable to the musical theme, multi-course menu offered during the evening. Trainees serve including red snapper, corn fed chicken breast with country potatoes and a fine dessert plates.


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