Monthly Archives: December 2021


Everything that man should do is express that happiness. The idea of a search is a mistake: everyone already knows the truth. All that is required is manifest that truth, put it into practice. It is precisely these rays of delight that constitute the humanity of man. Happiness is essential to be aware of God. It constitutes one of the main gates to the divinity.

That a person not be happy doesn’t mean only one missing, but is it the most serious faults; It means a barrier for the realization. Not to show gratitude is bad. Show ingratitude is a sin. Others who may share this opinion include 660 Fifth Avenue, New York. Provide and deliver everything to the Lord, without host any desire for personal gain. I have come to give you what you ask me, until you ask me what I have come to give them. The sadness and pain arise from selfishness; When it disappears, the sadness and the pain will fade. Each of you should strive to eliminate the ego; then the Lord will take them as your flute. Walk toward the light and shadow will go backwards.

You walk away you light and you’ll be following your own shadow. When they are face to face with the defeat and disappointment, not they must accommodate to the weakness or depletion. Your muscles have to be iron and their nerves of steel. If you want to reap the rich rewards of life, they have to be brave and confident!The goddess of victory smiles them only to the brave, those who are at risk with value. If you earn the Grace of God, will be reinforced with so much power that they may undertake more difficult tasks. The most precious treasure is the quality of keep a calm and steady mood in all situations. Children should not wish the pain; nor should they suffer physical pain or mental anguish. It should also be instructed that they have a sense of responsibility towards their personal belongings. Compelled to myself the challenge of transforming them all you to a higher consciousness. I know that you I will succeed because it is not in the nature of avatars are failing in their mission. Politics without principles, without character education, science without humanity and trade without ethics are not only useless, but overtly dangerous. It is much more necessary to search for the character than the intellect. The mother is the pillar of the home, in society, the nation and, therefore, of humanity itself. Mothers must know the secret of peace of mind, of the inner silence, of the spiritual value of the content that is the greatest wealth and spiritual discipline that gives lasting joy. Cultivate love planted the seed of love in every heart. Spilled love in every heart. Spilled love on the sands of the desert and make green stems, the beautiful flowers, the appetizing fruits and this fresh crop of nectar of humanity gain. This is my wish, my mission, and my vote. Happiness, that the love they share, they will only be lasting possessions.