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Ferdinand Pistor

Countless Orange, lemon and olive plantations find the tourists on the edge of their tour through rural roads, passing through small villages and a Mallorca far away from the hustle and bustle show. Beautiful market places which invite you to a Cafe con leche, old churches and small streets to be discovered in this part of the island. During the drive, for example, from Arta to Alcudia, a views of the Bay of Alcudia, which leaves a pause shows coming over the mountain. “And then sometimes the idea: so I could live or spend at least part of my vacation.” rather, our buyers yearn for peace and relaxation. Usually they have so much stress and fast pace in their home country, that you are looking for exactly the opposite on the island. You love it, great golf courses to play and love to use the good gastronomy offer in the many small towns”, so Ferdinand Pistor, PURE real estate. PURE real estate has a well chosen real estate offer and advises international clients in detail in their search for the appropriate object. Was it the idyllic Finca with plenty of land, exclusive Villa by the sea, apartment in a golf course or the Chalet in a beautiful urbanisation- experienced team of PURE real estate the wishes of customer queries exactly, can then narrow down a selection of matching objects and of course visit. Of course, we accompany our customers from the initial survey to purchase complete in all respects. We use a large network of professionals such as lawyers and banks that will assist you with contracts and financing. “For us the optimal service also via the purchase is also the poster child”, as the credo of the team, what Mallorca experience combines a total of 25 years.

Apartments For Rent

Unfortunately, there is always someone who has the desire to rent an apartment, understands the crucial choice of real estate agency. Very often, Dnepropetrovsk, as well as residents of other cities, stayut victims of fraud. Trick them simple: the company only offers information on options, very attractive in terms of price. But in their bait can not be caught if you know about the rules of the real Realtors. Segment removal apartments Dnipropetrovsk is growing exponentially. Hundreds of ads still can not meet demand. But in our metropolis every day, come for work and for the study, residents of the regions. After all, the price of buying a home remain high. So the real way out for many remains flat to rent in Dnepropetrovsk. How to rent living space right? Today, this market segment has become quite independent, with its laws and axioms. Experts do not every real estate agency can know all the details. Select those firms that if you do not specialize in the lease, then at least have experience in this field. Otherwise you are risking their hard earned, because the dishonest dealers are able to skillfully use the imperfection of the legislation and others' credulity. What is in the range of services the agency for renting apartments? Agency staff pick up your options housing according to your wishes and requests. Their duties include checking documents of the apartment owners. They also provide a rental agreement that you should consider very carefully: Do all subtleties into account. After all, clearly defined terms and conditions will greatly help in the event of any problems with the tenant and owner. By the way, the agency following the signing of the treaty in their relationship does not interfere. If you working professional, it can make for themselves the third copy of the contract, although the agency is not required to do so. And dispute settlement, the search outputs and the achievement of consensus – it is expanding the range of services to firms that of course, very positively evaluated by customers. Satisfied client – is a promising growth company. Do not take chances in vain, or what misfortunes may fall upon the head of the apartment owners? The trouble first – the tenants do not pay, and next – ruined your property. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Academy of Art University on most websites. If saved from failure to pay is problematic, may take knowledge of life and ability to read people, you can compensate for the damage of the collateral. Do not interfere, and insurance. At the conclusion of landlord agreements with real estate agency on the right rent, realtors must take care of property insurance. After a serious market participants, usually their facilities lease insure. Worth bearing in mind that many insurance companies are going to meet the owners, offering discounts, if the contract with the agency for a removable housing. The most important thing that you should do when renting housing – certainly sign a contract lease. Payment for services agent, usually in the range 80-100% of the monthly rental cost. What do you pay? The agency employee must: 1) find suitable options for employment, 2) to organize the show, and 3) Accept participated in the negotiations on signing the lease; 4) Advise on marketing and law; 5) Ensure the availability of documents that allow a landlord to take the chosen apartment, 6) A contract of employment must accompanied by an inventory of property and receipts for the receipt of rent.

TheSpanish Property Market

The choice of apartments on the Spanish property market is huge. The only place where they could not meet – a province. The secret to the popularity of this type of Spanish property – a relatively low cost, wide choice of options, easy maintenance, as well as the possibility of putting into lease. what is flat in spain? The cheapest option – studio (estudio), an analog of one-bedroom apartment. In this case, the only room serves as bedroom and living room. Kitchen, as a rule, “American-style>> separated from the room bar.

For example Total area of form in the amount of living area and terrace area. In the resort regions of Spain, multi-storey houses are built, usually on one face. In this case, the windows of all apartments overlook the Sea. If the house is not “one-sided>> Be prepared for that, other things being equal, will be the more expensive apartment, which offers the best view. Comments on our specialist studios are very popular among the audience who interested in obtaining a Schengen multivisa while resting in Spain is not going to. In this case the studio is the most suitable option in terms of the lowest prices compared with other types of real estate. what is Cost of apartments in Spain? At the price of apartments in Spain significantly influence such parameters as the distance to the beach and downtown, the presence in the recreation area and parking, a prestigious area of development and infrastructure. It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that the apartments on the upper floors are usually more expensive.

Metropolitan Berlin

It is a real short runner Fund, because already in 2014 to Metropolitan estates Berlin will be resolved with a high end profit. The fund company it plans the acquisition of 20 million drawing funds that it is sufficient in the full amount as a loan to the object company Metropolitan Berlin real estate GmbH & co. KG as end-mature, fixed loan with a term until late 2014. This offers the great advantage for the investor one by liens secured minimum interest rate of 8.5 percent per year. In addition, he participates to one-third of the profits generated with the real estate projects. These are located so far in a high double-digit and that to balance of the Sanus foundations, although Berlin long has been not the expected development according to professionals in the last ten years, as expected. This only starts”now. The typical secured loan solution gives an increased safety compared to conventional concepts of participation Fund artist here, he is so involved in a fund that offers high chances, but provides the security as well as in the Center.

In Numbers expressed it as follows: for the year 2012 a first dividend of 10 per cent is expected for the next year already 20 percent. It is really exciting to the end: because for 2014 is of course not only provided the full return of the loan, rather there is also a final profit of 107 per cent relative to the capital paid by the investors. This leads to a high double-digit return expectation per year over the entire period. The calculated total return funds itself after return of investor capital from 137 per cent this net, already considering the 25-percent flat tax and solidarity surcharge. Metropolitan estates Berlin is the living example”how investors can now benefit from the real estate boom in Berlin. For more information,