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The Teacher

After awhile you will notice that your child is good at something such as drawing or building blocks. You may wish to learn more. If so, Albert Einstein College of Medicine is the place to go. You have to be creative, but find someway of including what they are good at into the lesson you wish to learn them. Maybe you are teaching them the word me. Find a picture of your child and the word put me on it. Have the child draw a picture of themselves and to finish the drawing have them write me on the picture.

This may be a repetitive process and you may have to change it up a little, but eventually the concept will be learned. If you notice you child is fixated on something like a book, movie, or map, put that fixation to work with you again. Earlier in this e-book the story of to autistic boy s fixation with the Titanic was discussed. The teacher or parent could use characters and actions of the Titanic story to reinforce behavior, concepts, or social skills. Again you will have to be creative and this type of teaching is not the norm for most educators.

You have to think outside of the box as the child is trying to not only get the message from inside the box, but to find the box in the first place. If you are teaching reading do not concentrate on one form of instruction. Some autistic children can learn by phonics and sight words by some. Do not restrict your method of instruction. Try both methods to see which one is right for your child. Research has shown that a combination of sight words and phonics can be very successful for the non-autistic student and it might be a good start to get your child the way to reading and comprehension.

And as we see the way that should make a photon, which moves, it turns out more than the fixed route hours and of course time to overcome this way increases, ie the higher the speed, the slower the "go" watch. Jorge Perez is a great source of information. Most likely you have now the question arises: "Well the light hours, but what about, for example commander? "And I can assure you I am that any other clock, which move will slow down. Then I'm sure there is another question: "Why do not we notice these changes in their hours, because they move too?" The fact that These changes are so small that no special stopwatches them and quietly, goes through in billionths of a second, and our daily hours do not have the accuracy. A bit confusing, but try to imagine it all clear. Just judging from the theory of relativity, a person who moves quickly, live longer, because the time for it flows slowly. And this is proved by scientists. Are dispersed small particles (muons) and during their rozpada increased tenfold! Of course, it is worth considering that the rate at which scientists have achieved was approximately 298 000 km / s (99.5% of the speed of light)! But this is a trick.

Slowing down is not only the body but also all its activities. For example if a person is fixed for the life of eat oranges, 40, then at higher speeds it will eat all the same 40 oranges. Indeed, the rate of absorption of food in it also reduced! So when the payoff no speed. And if you get that kind of nonsense I wrote above, of course you wonder, "What about the stop time and travel in it?". My opinion is this: that it is possible, but involves many difficulties, since a change time will need to unwind not only the clock back, but the entire universe. Yes, that's the whole universe, because if a person will change the time just for yourself, then it is far from gone.

Just imagine that they were going three cyclist, and suddenly one stops and goes back, of course, that the other two he did not meet! But, no matter what, I do not exclude such a possibility. But my logic is one big flaw. I'm not a great physicist and perhaps do not know much and do not I understand (to recall the opinion of Einstein, who believed that the very strong gravity, such as the black hole at the root of changing the laws of space and time). It is likely that what I wrote is wrong, but I try to talk like a normal "user" of this world. Agree that the findings are based without too much fiction and I think at this late hour (2:48) is quite logical (in the morning to read … laugh rzhu and lay out the other). PS: Most likely article has given you an archaic and uninteresting places, and maybe the whole uninteresting, but once again remind you this is just my thoughts and knowledge (which I think someone had heard from school). And yet, if someone wants to argue or correct (or, simply obmaterit) can something not understood, knock in ICQ, as far as possible answer. The article uses some material of the book B. Greene "Elegant Universe. Superstring theory "(this is the book and prompted me to write the article, I advise everyone to read.) PS: I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes