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In 1961, Endara was among the founders of the Party militants Paname a (Pope). Since the thirties, the Panamanian led successively andalusia Revolutionary Nationalist Party (NRP) and the Authentic Revolutionary Party (PRA), the predecessors of the Panamanian Party. In the elections of May 10, 1964, which placed in the election Presidency of the Republic andalusia liberal Marco united states Aurelio Robles Mendez, Endara was elected alternate issues member, but later sought and obtained the revocation of his credentials bush as a legislator-elect to protest fraud who had been fellow list of the Pope.
When his party came political to power four years later, Endara served as director general of planning and economic policy, which only lasted ten days. After the military coup, the Endara is listed on the dictatorship of political persecution and being forced to operate in secrecy. Beginning in 1969 began a phase constant that runs first exiles in the Canal Zone, home of an aunt of his that was married to a U.S. Army colonel doctor, then in Guatemala in Miami and finally, after being arrested by the policia politica de Torrijos.
At the end of the dictatorship in 1979 Endara reach the Deputy Secretary General of the Pope in 1982 to represent parties in the Commission Review of the Constitution and in 1981 at the National Convention of the Constitutive PPA on August 14 that year in Penonome, Cocle Province, was elected secretary general of the party.
The PPP came to the general election on May 6, 1984, the first democratic elections in 16 years, iraq within the opposition Democratic Alliance (ADO), also comprises the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) and the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement ( Molirena). The elections were won by the Democratic National Union (UNADE), headed by George bush the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD), founded cnn by the late Torrijos. The new President culture Nicolas Ardito Barletta was .
He was elected president in May 1989 by an alliance policy of opposition political parties (ADOC) with 62.5 of the vote against 24.9 of the candidate of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico military (PRD), which was covered under the dictator Manuel Noriega, who refused to acknowledge his defeat, suppress and control and andalusia government Endara Guillermo Ford Senior Vice President-elect when they went in a caravan proclaiming his race victory. This was one of the reasons for the Invasion of Panama by the U.S. Army in December 1989. He was sworn in as President of the Republic on December 20, 1989.
In 1990, he was one of the founders of the Partido Arnulfista but years later the game away by differences of opinion with the President of the Party, Mireya vote Moscoso.
During his government to improve the economic situation congress of the country, because in 1990 the GDP fell -7.5 due to the economic crisis that left the military dictatorship in 1992 grew 8 of GDP. media Also restored democratic institutions, constitutional reform impulse that created the Panama Canal Authority and created the Interoceanic Region Authority.
In 1994, the Government succeeded him the PRD candidate Ernesto P rez Balladares.
In 2004, he ran for election as candidate of the Solidarity Party, taking 30.8 of the vote and remained religion in second position behind Mart n Torrijos.

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