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Student Visitors

Aside from any mobility or International Convention program students who wish to access for free to a University to complete their academic training may do so under the regime of visiting student. This mode of study allows you to integrate into university classrooms during one semester or a full academic year and get to finish a certificate or diploma of the subjects studied and evaluated.The official programs of mobility between universities, as well as various bilateral exchange agreements subscribed between institutions of higher education around the world, allow that their students have access to the teachings in other countries under the principle of recognition and automatic validity of studies. However, on occasions, students who do not qualify for these programmes want partial study at other universities. For these cases the figure of the visiting student program was created.This regime of studies provides access to universities allowing students to complete their academic training at the University of your choice without having to enrol full official teachings, but only on those matters or subjects that are of interest. From the academic point of view, these studies lack official validity in the University of origin of the student and are not in any moment conducive to obtaining an official degree. However, in many cases, especially among European universities that use the system of ECTS credits are recognized appropriations approved in another institution as visiting student to continue their studies.The possibility of studying under this modality helps foreign students wishing to study at universities in our country, both Spaniards wishing to conduct partial studies in foreign universities, with which their centers aren’t set any Convention and in which there are certain subjects or lessons that students have a special interest. On the other hand, as visiting student can also access the universities Spanish national graduates wishing to complete their training without having intended to achieve an official degree. .


United Nations

There are many forms of travel, from most common historic cars, hotelier or knot up to the more adventurous travel backpacking, passing through rural tourism, camping, sports mini-trips or excursions to the montana or the desert. In addition to all these options, Marrakech offers another way, more human and supportive, of traveling: solidarity or cooperation travel to a developing country’s development that requires international collaboration to tackle its serious problems. Cooperation trips or philanthropic trips are intended to help people overcome their difficulties of survival and improve their everyday situation. The Moroccan economy, developing, depends on the income from tourism (about 7.5 million tourists in 207) which, however, not always revert to a substantial of the living conditions of the most disadvantaged improving crucially (those / ACE whose per capita income does not reach the national average of 1,673 euros a year). The United Nations promote tourism cooperation and emphasize the positive impact that this type of tourism has so much in the / traveller/a as in host communities. Education is one of the most important areas of cooperation between UNESCO and Morocco, where the figures are stark: 44.4 of population over 15 years old are illiterate, only 60 per cent of children entering nurseries and only 11% of the population reaches higher education (University u other). Given that public administrations efforts are insufficient, there are associations and private benefactors who are dedicated to helping youth get adequate schooling. Most of them offer scholarships, accommodation, free courses or assistance for their eventual entry into the labour market as well as the financing of educational material, transportation or even food. In addition to education, other hotbeds of implementation of assistance of private partners and associations exist whose aim is the improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable and needy. Fundamentally, there are two sectors which concentrates the efforts of these institutions: the health and infrastructure, which often are closely linked.


Higher Education

He had tried to study a Masters in Higher Education, but does not end nor the induction course, I did not like, they were learning theories that were not found practical in my life at that time I had my newborn son and medium had to leave for work so we left, so I decided to leave and meet my family, when my husband tells me and bring me information about the master's degree in holistic education at that time had begun his co-worker, I I felt identified with the vision I said to myself, "Ana Isabel this is your thing, is what were always looking for", and thanks again my husband had found it when I realized, the induction course had been completed but try to contact with Dr. Ramon Gallegos who told me that one of the members had not been submitted to the induction course and there was the possibility that I come in, but at the following email I sent him told me he was sorry but could not Sign me and prepare for the next could begin, so I did and started reading the trilogy of dialogues holistic, and to use the time to start a degree in English from the University of Guadalajara. Since I started reading the books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos I identified with the vision and found that I was not as bad as I thought, I was doing the right thing. Now I thank you for not letting me go with the other group because my current colleagues are each very special people, who have taught me and helped my consciousness evolves, each Messenger, attendance at each meeting they bring their knowledge with which I have managed to develop. .

It is based on workshop presented in Itinerante 2010, of the Secretariat of Education of the State of the Paran, and presents some didactic-pedagogical techniques directed toward the education of old the Egypt subject. Word-key: Old Egypt; Mythology; Mumificao; Didactic papyruses, Hierglifos, Materials. Abstract: This article aims you discuss the need will be new approach in the lessons of History you the final years of elementary school. It is based on workshop presented will be the Itinerante 2010, sponsored by the Education Department of the State of Paran, and presents adds technical didactic and pedagogical-oriented teaching of the subject of Ancient Egypt. Key words: Ancient Egypt; Mythology; Mummification; Papyrus; Hieroglyphs; Instructional Materials.


Dario Vasquez

Reminds us also of Roberto Rodriguez Gonzalez, that work-related stress appears as a result of the content or the intensity of labor demands or by organizational problems, the worker begins to experience negative experiences associated with the labor context, among which: apathy by labour, asthenia, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, decreased work performance, sadness, depression, psychosomatic symptoms which may generate the appearance of certain disorders psychophysiologic, like marked labor dissatisfaction. The truth, that the causes of work-related stress, its effects and its prevention takes different forms, however, it is important to prepare and train workers to cope with all the strong demands that the environment makes them with all available resources and thus adapt and solve objectively the every day problems they face. Therefore, management should ensure that the working conditions are good, that has been not only with proper ergonomics, but functions are well defined, avoiding about workloads, pressures, have good production processes, efficient administrative systems, participatory, proactive, leadership who knows how to motivate, collaborate with workers and help them provide the solutions required to difficulties that may arise in the Organization and affect its performanceIt is very important also, taking into account, that the attitude of each worker against the demands of their working environment is essential to prevent work-related stress, since depending on the attitude taken, the worker will be able to lift when dropped front a break, or immerse themselves more in anger, anxiety and depression caused by work-related stress. Therefore, it is very important to provide the means, tools that generate distress and everything that represent impediments in their total labour and social performance. Us adds Dario Vasquez, that specifying us on stress at work, take in count, this appears when the demands of the work environment exceed the capacity of people to deal with them or keep them under control (Banchs, Gonzalez & mulberry, 1997).

" It is possible that a man laid down as the transmitting and receiving part of the low-frequency waves. Professor Michael Persindzher of Psychophysiology Laboratory University. Laurent in Toronto suggests that the role of the media psi information can play a infra-low frequency (inch) waves Schumann. There are questions of a technical nature. In what form inside Carrier frequency of the Earth / frequency noise / laid a program for creating a resonance with the spiritual program of man? This may sound a little strange.

But I believe that not only the carrier frequency of a person, but all the side frequencies the physical body must be configured to frequency side of the earth and have an impact. It also may be one of the oddities of the frequency of radiation of man. Spiritual program must create its human carrier frequency to be adjusted at a carrier frequency of the Earth and be with her at the resonance. Only then will the physical human body can radiate radio frequency that will be consistent with the principle of the sidebands in the radio and they also have to be in resonance with the side frequencies of the Earth. As long as the carrier frequencies of man and the earth will be adjusted to the same frequency and be in resonance frequency side from both sides will also be in resonance. Resonance phenomenon of human society is seen as the universal harmony. It would also be a good idea empirically can be placed side where the frequency of the Earth, dedicated to the resonance frequency of lateral physical body, above the carrier frequency of the earth or below.