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Language School

Lorenzo de ‘Medici Via Faenza, 43 – Florence Area San Lorenzo This language school has campuses in Florence, Rome and Tuscania. Besides language courses, offering a wide range of possibilities in several subjects. This school is more oriented to receive American university students, giving them credit. This school is very organized. If what you want is to be in one of these fine historic buildings, then this is your school! During the summer, courses are two hours a day, although during the period school courses taught only four hours a day. As regards prices, the school is not inexpensive but I must say that is one of the most famous in Florence.

If you want the best, you have to pay … Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Via Bufalini, 3, Florence Area Santissima Annunciata classes in this school are very productive. Every morning, there are two main classes: grammar and conversation. All the teachers are nice and have lots of patience, so even teaching Italian in Italian, the method works! This school has campuses in Milan, Rome, Siena and Florence. The standard course is 4 hours a day and also gives credit to some American universities. Classrooms consist of a maximum of 12 students of different nationalities, which is fantastic because you have to use the Italian force to communicate and not your native language. The levels of the courses are: beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, very advanced and diploma. This is definitely the ideal school for students put all their heart in learning Italian.

THE EDUCATION OF THE FIELD: advances and perspectives of the pedagogia of the alternation Elgonzales M. Almeida SUMMARY This article is product of the questionings regarding the Education of the Field and the Pedagogia of the Alternation while method of formation adjusted for this modality of education, in view of that it is important to think itself about an alternative that takes care of the necessities of the education in the field and for the field. Objective, of this form, to understand and to take ownership of the educational perspectives of the pedagogical practical field while, justifying itself, in this manner, the importance to become clear practical and the conceptions that base agricultural education, this because the pedagogia can mean a way to make possible the relation between productive work and pertaining to school education in the formation human being of the agricultural workers. The employed methodology is concentrated in the theoretical base, through a small bibliographical survey regarding the subject, and in the comment of practical pedagogical of the School the Agricultural Family of Capinzal. It evidences thus, that the Pedagogia of the Alternation is without shade of doubts, basic for the success and full development of the social being of the field.

Word-key: Education of the Field. Pedagogia de Alternncia. Practical Pedagogical. ABSTRAT This article is product of questions about the Field of Education and the Pedagogy of Alternation a training method suitable will be this kind of teaching, considering that it is field. Objective is thus you understand and take possession of the educational prospects of the field while teaching agricultural practice, justifying thus the importance of clarifying the concepts and practices that support the education, pedagogy because it can mean path you facilitate the relationship between productive work and schooling in human agricultural workers. Theoretical The methodology focuses on the basis, through small literature on the subject, and observation of teaching practices of the School of Agricultural Family Capinzal.

Rationale The development of ethical and moral dimension of people is unavoidable task of formal education, non formal and family, since education is to teach values because the ultimate aim of education is to achieve comprehensive development the person, is optimized, and to ensure that development is needed axiological system. Understanding the value as “sustainable human development in which man acts by preference, which serves as a guide to action or pattern of conduct common to the majority of a group and gives internalized by the individual gives meaning in order to perfection. “Camps (1994), after making a value analysis on the merits of the securities:” In summary, we have an ideal model, as we have a Platonic model of society or a single model of school . Do not we have because our world is plural and we applauded that plurality is enriched, and the coexistence of differences.

But while we lack a model of person, we have a universally agreed set of values, a value system which provides the framework and criteria to control how far our individual ethical requirements and collectively. These values are the product of civilization, the product of over twenty-five centuries of thought. Demotion and the origin of Greek philosophy, Judeo tradition, the Enlightenment, critical thinking of Marx and Nietzsche, all this has left a residue of values, principles, ideals that are summarized in the so-called Human Rights. “Hence, it is necessary that students are known, understood and valued. This implies the duty of teachers to teach values, making this education in their own areas as a cross, or at the hour of tutoring. The tutoring, inherent in the teaching profession, contributes decisively to the achievement of educational goals and to customize and organize the teaching-learning process. The man lives immersed in a society that constantly influences its.



What is Pilates Pilates is a method that suggests another way to perform muscular work of strength-endurance, muscle and joint flexibility and postural control, is a very intense and effective, with a different environment to become accustomed, rather than be accompanied by music and generally moved higher, while the instructor shouting instructions, uses a completely different work environment, relaxed atmosphere that allows direct communication between the student and the instructor, all with soft music and pleasant to the ear and spirit. In short, look for a comprehensive work of the mind, body and spirit body is a very comprehensive education in which the body works as a whole, from top to bottom muscle, and the equally involved and in keeping the mind and body.Has been defined as Pilates, Yoga West. Its principles are: 1. Physical control (to avoid injuries). 2. Accuracy (derived from the control). 3. Flexibility (any move must be rigid). 4. Fluency (neither too fast nor too slow). 5. Respiration (coordinated with the exercises). 6. Mental Control (the mind is indivisible from the body). The Pilates method is recommended for sick people who can not do other exercise and the elderly.