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magnitude, was the phrase that sounded yesterday in the Argentine Government against the precipitous fall of the bag of Buenos Aires (10% on Wednesday and 11% on Tuesday). Is it that the Government could not foresee the undesired effect in bags? The ANSES went out to buy bonds by AR$ 300 million on Wednesday, and some actions to put the chest to the sharp stock market fall, which at one point came to lose 18%, and who also managed to skid the ibex in Madrid, where quoted Spanish companies operating in Argentina, making it lose a 8.2%, its second historical loss. The oil company Repsol YPF lost 15.8% (do next goal of Government?) and had to be suspended. Banco Santander (Santander River), lost 9.9%. The executive director of the national administration of Social Security (ANSES), Amado Boudou, is responsible for giving the deathblow to the AFJP: will be responsible for the liquidation of those companies.

But this Government was already requesting funds to State boxes as well as the ANSES (AR$ 5 billion in 2008, according to the Ministry of Finance), national lottery, and others. Nor is it a new mechanism: already established it another Peronist Government: Peron in 52. It is a return to a hard peronism, who thinks first of box, later in politics, a banking Executive who drove an AFJP said to the nation. And as the Government like to say, that it has been chosen by electoral majority, it would not have been legitimate also to 10 million from contributors who had already elected to remain in the system of capitalization in 2007, when she gave to choose whether workers wanted to move to the system of allocation state, respecting their decisions? Or not are looking respect the people’s decision? Could we not call to popular consultation to see how the population wanted to see their managed retirement savings? The slogan is Government national and popular, according to panfletariamente bombard us daily. The Kirchner Government usually seeks to counteract the bad reactions that generate with its policies with other more populist cut, but in the end result in big ads and meagre results.


The School

Second: School classes do not allow a break in classes, so if the child is ill, or left, then came may sadly discover that the group had already moved far ahead, and no one to come back for the sake of one man is not going to. That is correct, otherwise the whole education system would simply collapse. Third: If the school does not suddenly become 'contact' with the English teacher, then the possibility to change it just will not (just transferred to another school that is not always possible). The fourth (and most importantly): school held in groups. Therefore, if a topic is a child is not entirely clear that no one he does not 'chew' the complexities and will not explain intelligibly as long as he does not understand the topic entirely. At the time as a tutor of English will deal with your child individually and just 'sit' on one topic only as long as you want to understand and assimilate it. Finally, competent tutor English will never be 'crush' on your child. There will always be taken into account his personality and background.

It often happens, even that negative with respect to English language school called simply ignorance on the part of elementary teachers in child psychology and principles of working with children. Plays a significant role is also a financial incentive. It is no secret that teachers in school do not receive such high salaries, like, say builders homes, or drivers of subway trains. It plays a role primarily in the degree of self-assessment by teachers themselves, and of course, as the final product – education. Surely it has not quite positive impact on attitudes towards children, which in this context 'necessary' cause to learn. All possible 'pitfalls', unfortunately, can not exclude and include. As well as protect yourself from poor training. But realistically, what can we do: is to provide our children the level of education, and in particular the English language, so that later they were free to settle in life.

And if we do not often can choose the school that our child will learn, or a teacher of English, which will maintain the language, the choice of a tutor for English there is still some freedom. We can choose a tutor, who will know how to approach your child how to better motivate (rather than compel) him to independent and creative work with the English language. And of course a qualified English tutor will be able to instill Your child a genuine love for the English language, which forms not only creative, but really an adult in relation to work personality. And this factor is most important for us as parents worry about our children. And do not blame the school for what it is to them that something is not Dolan. After all, the choice is always there. And if the school sometimes makes mistakes (like any education system anywhere in the world), we are able to completely fix the mistakes. Therefore, while is the formation of high-quality database system of education in Russia (and many have already done) – this process can not be instantaneous – tutoring or school program – the choice is ours!

Bargaining must take place when two or more parties can not to agree on something or are not heard, this generally happens when people do not have a long-term vision and have no reasonable positions. In organizations when these divergences arise, negotiation strategies, elements of the Harvard negotiating method, being advisable since item is the structured discussion and establishing clear and precise objectives should be applied. The negotiator will have available to bring the negotiation without pressures towards the parties and in a manner that enables clarify positions and accept a suitable balance point. To negotiate it is necessary that the people involved change of attitude or conduct, the negotiator will induce them to realize the problem and sit down to negotiate according to the interests of both parties and in a flexible way so that there is a win – win relationship and not who lost least. The elements of the Harvard negotiating method are as follows: A – interest, define what you want clearly, achieving without that erase any doubts. B alternatives, after defining what you want, have to develop alternatives or tipoB plans, to be able to negotiate. (C) assign, presenting options, according to the needs of both parties, that allow to assign less relevant aspects for part and covering needs of the other party. D – criteria, assess proposals to accept those that conform to the needs of the parties.

arguments, solid, reasonable and rational arguments, can persuade the parties in conflict. F – commitment, assume commitments responsibly. G communication, must be coherent and adequate, in relation to the needs and expectations of the parties in conflict. To the extent that you learn to negotiate on the basis of interests, irrational positions are abandoned and rejecting the authoritarian attitudes, reach results that satisfy the needs of the parties in conflict. Where there is a will, there is a Road; where there is a team is more than one way. Original Rex Murphy Autor and source of the article.