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Education broker network is the job machine in Germany Dresden, 29.11.2010 – the last press release of the 22.11.2010 to the establishment of an education broker network in Germany brought a flood of requests. The huge interest has already surprised. But the free market for the personal advice on education, including their funding and financing, starts to develop slowly. Many interested parties have realized that the education market the enabling them to build up their own business or a second pillar in the existing autonomy. would like to answer the most frequently asked questions:: everyone can as training brokers apply for, which brings up the enthusiasm for education and is willing to acquire the necessary knowledge.

: There will be a certificate as a seal of quality for the educational agents, but the structure and coordination of the education agency network will be carried out. : Each individual decide for himself whether he the As training brokers ‘ exerts part-time or full-time. Crucial will be, with what conditions each at the start. : The activity of education agent suitable as well as the 2nd pillar in the existing autonomy. Whether acting as training brokers later primarily carried out, shows later. : A short application email is beneficial. Based on this short application running a conversation about a possible inclusion in the education broker network. : The activity as a training broker is very versatile and each one can be his workspace (including private training providers, schools, individuals, company) even put together.

There are no limits to creativity! It is noteworthy that many seasoned people would work as training brokers. So, E.g. ex-financial advisor to promises is more fun at the customer service again. The formation of ‘ the education real estate agent provides three key advantages: almost everybody needs education ‘, it is sustainable and she doesn’t fight with negative stereotypes – such as insurance ‘and investments’. The company’ begins with the establishment of an education broker network in Germany from January 2011. Interested parties can already send their request by E-Mail). Horst is beef, owner of He will sit with any interested parties in connection. operates and markets the education portal a portal for private education in the country and abroad. The information portal, including education abroad, are knowledgeable and in compact form, with lots of useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

Study shows strict evaluation of images of children by fathers Nuremberg, June 22, 2011, no matter whether at home or in school, anywhere in Germany painting children and have fun doing it, to create a work of art. Almost one in five of the surveyed fathers confirmed however that he improved the images of his child or gives suggestions for the embellishment. However, only about every tenth woman rated their child’s work. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by TNS infratest on behalf of STAEDTLER. Painting should be estimated but as a process and not rated as well as the result, child therapist Dr. Miriam Bachmann explains. Because the created work fills children with pride you can keep your product in hands and share it with others.

Shows a detailed observation of the results of the study: three quarters of all respondents parents say their honest opinion to the painted image of the child. Almost 12 percent of the parents go even one step further and show better how. It is the 19.9 percent Men who enhance the artwork. Children should grow up but with minimal pressure and painting give free rein to their creativity and fun. Children are experiencing being self-determined, acting through the full process of creation and action. “It is therefore important not to evaluate images and other artistic works in the sense of judge but they appreciate”, Dr. Miriam Bachmann confirmed. In particular painting supports numerous positive qualities within the education and development of children.

The three key aspects, promoted by painting are assessment of surveyed parents of creativity and imagination (99.6 percent), motor (98.3 per cent) and concentration (95.7 percent). “This underlines also Dr. Miriam Bachmann: painting will promote not only coarse and fine motor skills, but also abstract logical and creative thinking, as well as the visual perception.” Due to this painting which should at an early stage in everyday life Children are integrated and supported by the parents.

In the process chain of “School”, the final inspection is missing by any education the school normally loses contact with those the they – at least as College over many years away in terms of education has fed up. The school thus created numerous products, but never or rarely know what becomes of them once. The process chain is missing the final inspection. If graduates have left their school, they pass through many more enrichment, transformation and conversion processes with regard to the knowledge obtained in the framework of the school once in their other lives. What has become the original knowledge mediated by the school later than what would be out closer than to investigate.

Has it made new flowers and branches, more offspring? Can you locate a growth rate to determine? Or are certain knowledge elements later died and stunted? If what and why? Questions about questions that could be answered no matter how clever Education Commission. CF. Becker, Jorg: It is a school in the Hanau country high school is historically called, 2010, ISBN 9783839199176. It is to be hoped that nobody mean when he had success because, as this was solely his merit. A school might have had it also its corresponding share. But how big could this really be? It may give the impression that this really would be interested in anyone.

As if a pharmaceuticals company would care once he has established his pills and they were swallowed from this time no longer, what actually then and later. Will no one actually know what knowledge is worth, how to represent a value development over the years. Where potential for improvement there, you could calculate and access? What happened from the public funds, will be used to finance a school? The period underlying for a yield calculation ends exactly with the school leaving? If not, when then? Which Should you follow economic viability criteria? Although a school must lead to detailed long-term proof of their educational achievements, she is like research but perhaps due to the inherent since all times scientific curiosity once more after that, how exactly the depletion of their erzeugtemWissen could be big or but, what knowledge increases on the seed of education once put out by her later grown up. How much percent of the knowledge conveyed in the course of the school was still used later in life? How much was saved in a later life over? And to what extent was the mediated the knowledge base or precondition so that even more knowledge could be obtained? And anyway: what potential was opened with the help of the acquired knowledge? Nobody saying such issues would be from yesterday. On the contrary, they seem even more up-to-date for today.


Managing Director Growing interest in advanced training to the beginning of the year listed. Economic crisis reached the labour market. Vocational qualification is the safeguarding of jobs. This development confirms one of the largest online education portals in Germany – The portal created last year recorded daily rising rates of access to the offers of nationwide education and childcare services in their database.

With currently over 600,000 pageviews a month Managing Director of Selcuk Gaffney sees the increasing need for education confirmed. Increasing qualifications of workers through training programmes are essential in times of crisis. So to speak, you have become an important instrument of the labour market. Only profitable for a company, who can employ his knowledge, secures his position in the long term.” And the latest index of the info shows Web training, the search engine of the German education server, so that the educational interest is 2009 followed a clear upward trend since the beginning of the year () ba-zahlen_03-09.htm). The index has an enhanced online search since summer 2008 courses and training offered in the network.

Reason is this seen in the increasing economic downturn in the labour market. For the first time for three years, was higher than in the same month last year the number of unemployed with 3,586 million and thus increases by 0.1 points to 8.6%. Which were according to the Federal Agency for work of 78,000 more than in the previous year. The absence of the spring upturn is seen as an indicator of a possible turnaround in the labour market. Do not stop learning after school “, so Gary.” In times of economic crisis and globalization of work change provides people with ever greater challenges. The acquired knowledge in a context of economic use, that is the order of the day. “Our company is a service of GmbH Agency for Web & advertising is the most comprehensive education portal in Germany.” In addition to the daily news Education and career are presented educational institutions and education. is a service of GmbH, headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The GmbH is a full-service advertising agency, specializing in the development of Web portals, Web solutions, and search engine optimization. Founder and Managing Director is Dipl.-Wirt.-inf.(FH) Selcuk Gaffney. In his many years working in the education sector and in the area of new media, he has recognized the need for a professional education portal for all levels of education and designed the Internet platform The education portal was fully planned by the GmbH and realised.

Student loans bad credit support the students with monetary assistance. Despite of bad credit history, students can continue their further study and meet their educational expenses. By repaying loan installments on time, the students can rebuild their good credit score in the loan market. Education is quite important for the development of any country. Well – educated and experienced people are considered as on asset for country’s progress. Considering their growth and interest student of category named in studies, the finance experts have come up with especial loans bad credit.

Under this loan option, the students can meet their education expenses including books expenses, tuition fees, computer mess charges, fees, clothing expenses, etc. The students with good credit history can avail the loan amount quickly and easily. While the task for bad credit holders may not be to easy. The student loans bad credithelps the students for continuing their studies and providing them a chance to improve their credit rating. The unsecured form clarifies that these loans are free from possession of valuable collateral. Depending upon course duration, students can take up loan. The students need not have to worry about repayment as it usually starts after completion of studies. A huge number of calendar are available who are ready to offer student loans bad credit at genuine and reasonable Council.

So, it becomes important for the students that they should be quite careful about applying the best educational loan for their requirements so they do not borrow extra cash loan amount as it will increase their interest only. According to the needs and necessities, the students can spend the borrowed amount. When the students are opting for loan at that time they need huge amount of cash or they may be asked to apply with a cosigner. The cosigner could be anybody from the family like parent, relative, friend or any other person who trusts or ensures the lenders that they want return the whole amount on time. The timely repayment capabilities of the bad creditors help them in getting a better deal. Student loans bad credit is availed over online fashion. Instead of standing in the long queues, the students can apply from their homes or offices. A large variety of loan quotes are available on the internet. A deep research can help them in finding ideal deal. Through the online mode, the students can grab a reasonable deal. Online procedure is quite popular due to its instant approval and easy loan method. They have to fill up on online application form with fewer personal details and sent it to the lender. After that money will be directly deposited into your current bank account on the same day or the next day. Harry taker is to author for this article. For more information about private student loans Canada student loans with no.

Meetings contribute to the anniversary of the alternative Nobel price on the 16th and 17th September 2010 how can education for the preservation of the natural and social foundations of the global? This question is at the heart of the two meetings, which aligns the Alanus University on 16 and 17 September. Twelve winners of the right livelihood award, all thought of other future leaders and influential pioneer of social and environmental movements, are together with the participants visions for a sustainable educational design. The speakers of Argentine environmentalists Raul Montenegro and the New Zealand peace activist Alyn include goods as well as Nicanor Perlas from the Philippines, who committed to a fair globalization, and the Thai pioneers of socially-engaged Buddhism, Sulak Sivaraksa. Future-oriented education should be confined to the pure mediation of knowledge, so the basic assumption of the organizers. Rather she had the people to critical reflection, moral judgment and social such as organic Enable engagement. Because the established educational system in this task at its borders devices, alternatives for a sustainability-oriented education should be uncovered overlooking the thinking and approaches of the present award winners during the event. The meetings are part of the International Conference”course change in the future, which organize the right livelihood Award Foundation and the city of Bonn to the thirty-year anniversary of the right livelihood award. Around 70 alternative Nobel Prize winner will discuss their ideas for an ecologically sustainable, culturally diverse and economically healthy future in various events.

The Alanus University was chosen as a venue as it pursues a holistic approach to education. Scientific thinking and artistic creation are so connected in the courses that they promote the free development of the human personality. For media representatives we offer in addition the following dates: Thursday, September 16th, 11.15: Photo opportunity with all participating laureates Thursday, September 16, 11:30: background interview with Prof. Dr.

The run on trainer training continues in Germany. More and more providers of trainer training occur in the market. The offers are manifold. Trainer training certificates decorate the portfolio of 30-300 hours with various certifications from vendors own up to the Chamber of Commerce. Through the variety of offers of very varying quality and at very different prices moving in the range of 700-11,000. Prices which are charged with partly excluding VAT, make it difficult to find a good transparency, but also for staff developers who increasingly demand proof of training on the one hand by your external trainers and on the other hand increasingly difficult do to assess the present trainer certificates not only for those interested in further education.

This means that trainer certificates are still required, however, have a highly inflationary trend in the practice. In addition to the wide range of certificate courses, regularised ascent training abroad have in the meantime and Continuing education established, based on a nationwide framework material plan, and instead of a certificate a State-approved education grant. It is transmitted by the approved education and training educators Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce certified professional teachers. Certified training and further education teacher is equal in the hierarchy of the Chamber of Commerce, a professional or specialist and the certified professional educator equal a Business Chamber of Commerce. Through the Federal Education Regulation is understandable, what contents were communicated and what knowledge, skills and abilities the graduates should have.

It is of course more complex and even more difficult to complete such a training, as a training. The hours of preparation courses are here at 400-800 teaching hours are for the period of 1-2 years. For these qualifications are a higher recognition. It also no longer begs the question, should I trained as a coach or do as a coach, because everything is included in the training content and graduates can do valuable work in both areas. The philosophy that is behind the training of rise of provides a strong action-oriented teaching based on constructivist principles of learning. It is not only about the transfer of knowledge is the can do their own and to the competence development of the participants Unfortunately that is not lived really in all the courses, it is therefore important to investigate how the preparation courses are held in advance. From the economic side, the climb training are cheaper than many coach training. There are exempted generally from the sales tax and AFBG are eligible, which is not the case in coach training. On successful completion handsome on the two mentioned training be grants approximately 50%, if the conditions that are independent of the income, are met. The certified training and continuing education teacher Certified professional educator through the mentioned aspects, prove very beneficial and represent not only an alternative to coach training, but are this all respects is superior.


Training Academy

Training for educational professionals in blended learning launches the Virtual Academy courses in behalf of schools on the network and qualiboXX a nationwide training of online tutors with seminars for pedagogical staff complements schools on the network the project his offer for educational institutions that are working on the transition from school to work. The training program includes four nationwide training courses for qualification to the online tutor or the online tutor. Participants learn the basics of E-learning and online communication, the design of E-learning-concepts, methodology and Didactics of online coaching, that qualiboXX user-related use of learning and work platform and collaborative working in working and learning groups. With this knowledge you can sustainably act as multipliers and efficiently harness their acquired knowledge for themselves and their educational institutions. The training is designed as a blended-learning seminar, as a combination of attendance and online learning phases. The Training events are on behalf of schools to the network through the Virtual Academy of the Training Academy of the economy (FAW) gGmbH implemented and certified. Participation requires registration on the trade portal qualiboXX.

The use of the portal is free for professionals and educational institutions. qualiboXX provides the basis for the integration of new teaching and learning methods in the professional promotion of integration. Are for this tailored learning opportunities available in the “learning box” specifically on young people with special educational needs. In addition, a separate, individually configurable learning and work area to the location – and time-independent work and networking among all players available is educational.

New knowledge for a dynamic industry Munich, 27.11.2012 – logistics is subject to a constant change process. New technologies in information and communication technology, changing task distribution in international networks and a wide range of technical requirements for logistics managers characterize the industry. Industry, trade and logistics companies and their management departments must make these trends. At LogiMAT 2013 organizes the Fraunhofer Academy on Thursday, February 21 from 14:00 15:30 (in Forum II, Hall 3) a specialist forum on the topic of requirements and in-service training in logistics and production. Experts from research, teaching and practice about the current challenges facing of the industry will discuss within the framework of the technical forum. In this context, formats of the Fraunhofer Academy for professional and continuing education will be presented to executives. These include three logistics courses, which are offered in cooperation with different universities: the MASTER: ONLINE Logistics management of the University of Stuttgart, the degree of logistics management at the University St.

Gallen, as well as the Bachelor of science in logistics management of the euro-FH Hamburg. Moreover, the Fraunhofer Academy introduces more seminars and courses in the field of logistics and production, such as about the learning factory advanced industrial engineering, different focus seminars on the subject area of the “digital factory”, or the seminar Value-stream engineering to the optimization of process and factory structure planning. Different Fraunhofer institutes are involved in the training in the Department of logistics and production: the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering IAO, the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation IPA, the Fraunhofer Institute for material flow and logistics IML and the Fraunhofer Institute for production systems and design technology IPK. The Fraunhofer Academy unites the training opportunities of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft under one roof. As a contribution to a new culture of innovation, the Fraunhofer Academy offers in Cooperation with renowned partner universities, specialist and managerial staff excellent training.

It is based on the research activities of the Fraunhofer institutes. The tight integration between research, industrial application and in-service training is the special feature of the Fraunhofer Academy. The offer includes in-service courses, certificate programs, and seminars. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft-the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 60 institutions in Germany. More than 20,000 employees and work the annual research budget of 1.

The augmented reality features in the mobile IKEA catalog or in the digital BMW car manual are just two examples of many: increasingly powerful technologies open up new opportunities for an individual, effective customer response. This poses new challenges corporate communication departments: what (digital) trends in content marketing and customer communications are relevant? What is in development and implementation of appropriate strategies for tablets, to make social media and co.? These and other questions are the focus of Conference mobile, social, real time content marketing and customer communications by 2020 “, which in the Congress Center Dusseldorf hosted the Academy of the German book trade in cooperation with the drupa on 29 January 2014. In lectures, case studies and interactive roundtable sessions offer communication experts from various industrial enterprises and top speakers of the corporate publishing industry valuable insights and practical recommendations. Among them are including Gregor Vogelsang (Burda Creative Group), Philipp Muller (Nissan), Christoph Zeidler (SAP), Katrin ILG and Martin Nellen (Helvetia), Tobias Dennehy (Siemens), Sandra Harzer-Kux (G + J corporate editors) and Andreas ban (ConnectedMedia). Moderator of the Conference is Dr. Andreas Sambo (KircherBurkhardt). The Conference is aimed at professionals and executives and project managers from companies and agencies, in particular in the fields of corporate publishing/corporate communication, marketing and PR. More information and registration: konferenzen/corporate_publishing/drupa_goes_corporate_publishing.php of the early bird discount applies until January 10, 2014