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Spirituality is living, religion is belief, God is a journey, an orientation of bliss, peace and universal love. Then the new paradigm for development of education is holistic education, where the evolution of consciousness and society are interdependent whole that are linked to those above, to achieve transformation in the world. Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of humans, is the power with which to successfully face the problems of meaning and sense of our lives, overcome suffering, is to address the conflict and the dilemmas and give them a integrated response. Spiritual intelligence is the oldest and at the same time the most current, and in it includes but also transcends the conventional theory of multiple intelligences, which represents a very important step in comprehensive understanding of human intelligence, but from a holistic vision, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence out of a holistic context are incomplete because they postulate out of spiritual values and a global context of human experience. The three buildings of intelligence can understand them as follows: IQ, multiple intelligence and spiritual understanding, in terms of modernity, postmodernity and transmodernity. CONCLUSIONS With the lessons learned from Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava, I feel the responsibility to implement the new educational model, since we are moving from darkness to light, and it is here where you can make the great change that is required in education, hoping soon to flourish this proposal education, which will be implemented in schools in the country, aims to train human beings, happy, compassionate and with peace of mind, thus we commit ourselves to live happy and interact responsibly with our neighbors, the environment and our planet. This educational proposal is applicable in all educational levels in all human beings with a conscience, for internal changes, is applied gradually, through simple activities to develop awareness in the educator first and then in children after their peers, community, country, continent and planet. Holistic education is the tool we use to get out of the current problems worldwide, is the only one that integrates the databases to find the answer to the emptiness inside of human beings. The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is partly visible, but within it contains the magic of the spirit, the essence that purifies us and gives order to our being, is the tool that gives us the ability to achieve a different vision of life that motivates us instituting a new holistic paradigm educcion, conceiving the habit of meditation to discern what is true or false, and thus understand the reality with equanimity and to evolve our consciousness.

This flow, that establishes the exchange to know systemize, academic and popular, will have as consequences the production of the resultant knowledge of the confrontation with the Brazilian reality and regional, the democratization of the academic knowledge and the participation accomplish of the community in the performance of the University. (SESu/MEC, 2000, 2001). 2 From the conception of that the university extension is a way of double hand in the exchange to know between the academic group and the community, we direct our project for the reach of this perspective. To long of the project we search the moment all to consider the history of life of the pupils, as well as its opinions on the work that we were developing. On the other hand we try to pass the idea of that we were not the only detentoras of knowing and that we would learn they together with. The sprouting of the communitarian daily pay-vestibular contest is not an idea of the school, it was readjusted of the project of a Church of the region of Belo Horizonte.

The idea appeared in a meeting of the collegiate one of the school that wanted to offer more courses at night and to Saturdays with the open school. The pupils are in its great majority people older than they had decided to come back to the studies and they long for better ranks in the work market or even though they desire to obtain a good job. In this direction it was necessary to give a support to the same ones due to its unreliability for the professional choice. Already the professional choice, for the complexity of involved factors, as well as for the anguish, fear and suffering that can generate the proximity of the vestibular contest, requires that the young one is attended supported for the professional parents, educators and people who orientates.



Some time ago I started to carefully observe the life of the ants and I confess that it is amazed to see them work with both order and effort, but an Ant in particular attracted my attention, black and midsize ant carrying as cargo a straw that was six times longer than itself. After advancing nearly a meter with similar charge came to a kind of narrow crack, but deep formed between two large stones, tried to cross one way and another but all their effort was in vain, until finally the Ant made the unusual. All skillfully support the ends of the straw on one edge and a crack will build its own bridge over which could cross the abyss, arriving at the other side took again its load and continuous your spirited travel without inconvenience, the Ant was able to convert its load on a bridge and could thus continue their journeynot to have had that burden well heavy, she was not would have been able to move on his way. How many times we complain about problems, loads and tests that we must endure! But do not give us that same load well taken account can become bridges and steps that help us succeed. How many other examples we could mention! All to show the same truth. We must often suffer evils to enjoy after older goods, that we must carry our burdens with value to then become bridges of success and prosperity.

Are you enduring at this moment a problem or adversity? Remember that nothing get complaining or agonizing you, trust in God not allow test you annihilate, rather it will give you strength to continue with value and achieve greater heights. Martty. . muchoarticulo. negocioalinstante. com / Martty, is an enthusiastic Editor. Your web. muchoarticulo.

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Pedagogical Team

Valley to stand out that the Social, inserted Assistant in the school, does not develop actions that substitute those played by the traditional professionals of the area of Education. It acts of form that puts in practical the actions that are given to it to propitiate a bigger security (physical and psychological) for the pupil in the pertaining to school environment. Thus, to think the action of the Social Assistant about the school is to think about the best form of contribution in the diverse areas that integrate the area of Human resources pertaining to school, such as: Pupil, Family, Pedagogical Team, Team of Support, beyond Public Relations Internal and External. 3. Action of the Social Assistant in the School Pupils? Elaboration of projects; Elaboration of subprojetos relating current subjects; To help in the improvement in the learning of the pupil; To carry through individual and group works; To assist in the improvement in the social relations; Elaboration of Portflios; To assist in the Adaptation and readjustment of the pupils; Promotion of partner-educative lectures; Accompaniment to the vestibulandos. Family? To facilitate the flow of demand of parents in the school; To organize, to co-ordinate and to give to educative lectures with related subjects to the family and school; To carry through individual and group atendimentos guiding in the subjects related with the difficulties in the familiar conviviality, emotional, pertaining to school problems, etc. pedagogical Team and team of support? Elaboration immediate of Work of the team, contemplating action/projects for the different segments of the pertaining to school community, considering the especificidades of the territory? Encaminhamentos to other professionals; Demonstration of daily situations to be decided; Improvement in the integration between they themselves and before the society; Relaxamentos; Combat to the Stress, Preconceitos and Desestmulos; I assist in the improvement in the quality of the work; Accompaniments to the gestantes professionals; Individual attendance, rescuing its history of life; It co-ordinates group work; Meetings with professionals.

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