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The importance of the education of geography for the man The man always will pass for evolutions and revolutions, in all its history this was proven of taxing form. Of this form, to resist the challenges of as much change, new forms had been necessary to learn and to apprehend, thus to teach, these had been elaborated reelaboradas and disponibilizadas throughout the time. All and any school, even though that one with excellency education, passes if to reorganize and if reinventa in this new reality, therefore it runs the risk of if becoming obsolete and exceeded if not to innovate. Some you discipline for much time had been considered to know useless, this was not different in disciplines of Geography. Footwear in the estimated one that education, in general way is essential to the essence of the man, thus also happens with the Geography, that without a doubt none and in particular way assists with effectiveness in the transformation of the man, leading it in the process of social construction. The education of geography in elapsing of the years has assumed a role of praticidade so far not pressentida, and that it can be proven in the instant where we see knowing geographic impregnating all the areas of the knowledge, all the activities human beings who we play. To study Geography leads the pupil to a critical reading of the landscape constructed and transformed for the man and all the relations of decurrent it. To study Geography allows in them to understand that the transformations of the spaces are necessary and consequentes of the proper action of the man and, therefore, it must have an agreement of the necessity to study such disciplines, a time that Geography is social political and cultural and the man is in the truth, the essence of everything this.


FC Barcelona

The Barcelona will remain a sports club. This Board has a high sensibility towards the sections, and we are aware that they are part of the DNA and that if we are more than a club is because we have sections, has pointed out. But this does not mean that I am worth everything, neither in the first team. In sections an effort, must be the same as in the rest of the entity. Sections cannot live apart from the economic reality of the club, he added. You will not lose competitiveness Faus has ensured that the reduction in the contribution to sections doesn’t mean that Barca will no longer be competitive, since it has reminded the football philosophy should permeate to selections with input from players from the quarry, rather than the recruitment of sports. He has placed emphasis on some data, reveal that basketball is the ACB’s highest budget, while the average Al Palau attendance is 3,820 fans away from the box 9.050 Labor, Real Madrid 5,934 and the average of the Unicaja 10.110. We want more farmhouse to the sections.

We want to apply less checkbook and raise more people from the base, he pointed out. Finally, Faus will been regretting because in the Board there has been a feeling of some misunderstanding because Catalan environment it has accused the policy of not having sensitivity by the sections. They aren’t drastic measures, are gradual and conservatives so that they do not affect the competence of the clubs, he has concluded. Source of the news: Javier Faus: “the contribution of the FC Barcelona to sections is unsustainable”



The months passed and I did not know that still do, my body was changing and growing up, the only thing that occurred to me was hide me, you I said to the father of the baby because of my studies I was going to be very busy, ofcourse not I gave him the happy news, that was the easy part, how difficult was to carry it out, I woke up before that everyone at home, I just listened to dismiss me and came back when all mainly my parents were in their room Goodnight already reached; It was the routine of every day, no one had to find out, at least until you think about something or accidents happen when you least want it. But when you consider it as your only hope to God they never go out. Sometimes without giving me account went my hand through my belly every time more great, felt his little body move as saying love me Mommy, and wanted to feel free to shout te amo baby but my lips were sealed by fear, shame and loneliness. He wanted so much to tell you who is what was happening to me, listening to someone say don’t be afraid, is only a baby, your you can get ahead, I’m going to help but that never step. Childbirth is he approached and my parents although I know that they suspected, I believe that they also chose to not believe it. The cycle in the Institute ended and no longer had grounds to disappear throughout the day, I knew that the inevitable was about to happen; my baby had clung to my with all their small forces despite the fact that he had not taken any control, much less had taken any vitamin or supplement necessary during pregnancy.


The Drill Champion

The opening was decided. In the mouth and Rosario. Banfield was visiting mouth with the illusion in flames at the prospect of winning the first title in its history. Newell s, two points behind the drill, received to San Lorenzo in a packed Coloso del Parque. Anxiety and distress on the brink of absolute happiness or sadness deeper. What face would show the coin? Banfield the first advantage of the afternoon, had minimum but advantage at the end.

A las 17: 19 Baldassi whistled the home in Rosario and Abal did so five minutes later at the Bombonera. Of Julio Cesar Falcioni played with a minimum delay for speculation. Although that’s something. 4,500 Fans of Banfield who filled the third pan of the Bombonera exploded in a cry when came the most awaited news from Rosario. San Lorenzo played better and Newell s gave many advantage in defense, without its captain Rolando Schiavi, absent due to injury. That is why 8, Bordagaray got into the area, Insaurralde fell and Baldassi did not hesitate: criminal.

The Kily Gonzalez settled the ball he took career and took a violent cross footed. Sebastian Peratta sharpened all their senses threw herself on his left and avoided the goal with his hand. The party travelled 300 kilometres and now were those of the leprosy that hugged. However short-lived the Newell s relief, because the shifting Bordagaray dominated a pitch of Migliore to the 10. I went into the area by left. It engaged and left on the road to Insaurralde. It topped right, put and ball nailed on the left-hand corner of an impotent Peratta. Otra vez en La Boca drill saw as his dream was becoming more palpable. However, it was also short-lived. Because Barraza hit a patadon in the chest to Gaitan and Abal claimed the maximum sentence without objection. Martin Palermo did not fail your footed and opened the scoring.