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Great Schools

I took this science so the serious one that I made a course and later I opted to exerting this professional activity. The Astrology allows me to carry through a deep work of self-knowledge, therefore when knowing my soul and understanding it, I have more capacity to know, to understand and to accept the people encircle who me as them they are, with all its accurate so marcantes characteristics and. In the Astrology one does not use expressions such as: it is good, he is bad, it has many qualities, or Aprendemos is full of defects that each one of us is a being in been constant of evolution spiritual. We learn to look at the person as a whole, therefore it is of the All that we come. After all, We are All One. The Astrology is perhaps one of esoteric sciences, that better can in such a way contribute for the development of the espiritualidade the personal level, as in the relations with the people who encircle in them. Studies of Great Schools of Thought, disclose that the Astrology, helps to brighten up karma through the study of the Map Astral of each one. It can be a indeed utopian idea, but it would be very good that in the schools they included the Astrology as it disciplines of esoteric science, for example.

Illustrious Thinkers had desired to carry through this project, however the dominant Religion Catholic, still today does not see the Astrology as a beneficial science and therefore, this project has been always rejected and ignored. These projects will be materialized in the day where to leave to have religions, dogmticas and preconceived ideas, therefore are through this type of ideas that are born the preconceptions and the hypocrisy. As it will be good when the Astrology will be one disciplines pertaining to school, the people will become more tolerant, concientious and comprehensive she stops with the others, for I even obtain same and had left of being so egoicas.