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Physical Education

In such a way, when the child plays, it develops itself of form integrated in the cognitivos, affective aspects, social physicist-engines, moral, linguistic and. This process of development if of the one from the construction that the child makes in its interaction with the social environment and. The child goes knowing the world from its action on it. In this subject interaction object (or half), the child goes assimilating definitive information, according to its period of training of development (FRIEDMANN, 2003:72). Consonant with this thought Moyles (2002: 36), say that playing ' ' aberto' ' , that one that we could call the true one to play, presents a sphere of possibilities for the child, satisfying its necessities of clearer learning and becoming its explicit learning. In accordance with Lee (1977: 340, cited for MOYLES, 2002:374): Playing is the main activity of the child in the life; through playing it learns the abilities to survive and discovers some standard in the confused world where she was born.

This thought this in accordance with Oliveira (2008), ' ' playing is main the half one of learning of criana' ' , where this gradually develops concepts of causal relationships, the power to discriminate, to make judgments, to analyze and to synthecize, to imagine and to formulate. Then, playing is of basic importance of the development of the child, who through the playful one, creates learning mechanisms that they will provide its integral development. In agreement Barreto (2000, cited per HUNTER, 2007) the psicomotor development is important in the prevention of learning problems and that psicomotricidade in the lessons of Physical Education can assist in the pertaining to school learning, contributing for a cultural phenomenon that consists of exerted psicomotoras actions on the human being in way to favor behaviors and transformations. The Pertaining to school Physical Education in the current days comes being thought as integral educative action of the human being, as well as the psicomotricidade that the individual relates as a complete and only being capable to think and to act, leaving of side the characteristics of dualidade of body and mind, and yes as a being capable to combine itself with proper itself and the way (HUNTER, 2007).