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My 10 year old daughter when she is angry with friends, goes before the mirror, (there is even a topic on the mirror) to say so herself: "How beautiful I am, I'm Linda, How I …. But I'm dying. " You can spare five seconds off the upset and worry. "Lighten up your Space." I acknowledge and publicly acknowledged that sometimes I express myself harshly, I transmit until it has been necessary to remove that grain which allowed them to advance to my interlocutors or readers. And of course, if you've read the first chapter and has come to this paragraph to, concerned only in making the day go with minimal effort on their part, exactly, but with all the respect and cursing outside, he incites or failing that, ask him to leave and not waste time with this reading. But if you really care about to achieve, achieve and make certain and / or certain things done such as plan-even with the effort that has been shown to reach that dream, then you can be absolutely certain that you began to dominate to your subconscious mind.

Notice that there is an illusion, and won, set another illusion and for her, but never live Illusions, is another terrible scourge to humans. From this paragraph concluded with the joyful concern (cancer). Look around observing the life you've built. It is the smell test. I'm in the belief that we can advance far beyond this with the knowledge we have acquired, and declaring the why and matizare on the second point of this chapter, which is not expressed in Universities, but is of extreme importance.


Pope Ratzinger

Well, obviously there are those who can interpret this situation as such, but can not stop having as a reference, what I mentioned above with respect to the imprint of the Chilean Catholic Church in the moral roots of our society. When events occurred complaint for sexual abuse of children by some priests and an American bishop, the effect of such occurrences in American society was as one of the many aftershocks that we had the earthquake in Santiago in the last month, ie almost imperceptible. The case of Legionnaires and Maciel Priest stalled deep into our society, not because there are complaints against Legionaries priests in our country but these have a tremendous influence through their colleges and universities in the Creole elites of our society and so and everything, regardless of whether the abuses were committed Maciel outside our borders, society felt as if they occurred within our own homes. The phenomenon of the Catholic Church is living in Chile and the world is not an isolated event or has no historical parallel, on the contrary, who are scholars of the History of the Church, they will know that this is not is more than a blizzard on the storms that survived past the Catholic Church. The work of Pope Ratzinger, has been rather to purge the Church in these allegations of priestly ministry and acts of improper or unethical conduct of some of its members, rather than to hide the facts, as his predecessor John accuses Paul II, in defense of its omission of some accusations that the leader of the Legionaries would have acted.