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College Disciplines

courses, of course not free. But as the selection committee says these courses will help you when you receive. In fact, the preparatory courses is a good thing. They help to refresh the knowledge and the time of admission exam you feel well prepared. Preparatory courses have lasted about six months. During this time, we are well prepared in mathematics and Russian language. Accordingly, the exams were on these subjects.

At last after finding his name on the list happily tell my parents and friends that you did. It starts with proper training itself. The new situation, new contacts. I studied in college for 3 years and 10 months. My college is Mounting Izhevsk Technical College (BMI). In my first year as always give a general subjects – mathematics, physics, Russian language and literature. In his second year there are special disciplines – materials science, Technical mechanics, engineering graphics, etc.

These disciplines prepare students to accept the special disciplines inherent in each technical specialty. By engineering graphics I have never ordered plans anyone. Always specify all work performed and drawing itself. And even doing the job of drawing and engineering graphics in order to their fellow students. I studied in the technical operation of specialty vehicles. Beginning with the third Course we were taught special disciplines directly on automotive topics. Began coursework. Total time for training, we performed three coursework and a thesis project. Additionally, the college has always conducted various competitions and events. Our team always won all the competitions, I am very proud of. During his studies, about work, and even thought. There was no need to look for work or second jobs. In general, studies in BMI me liked – there was store of knowledge, new friends and connections. Technical College has served for me to prepare for a serious test – the university. Largely due to technical school studies at the university does not seem so complicated, as telling.