Monthly Archives: December 2011

Study Grammar

For any foreign language (and not just foreign), it is difficult to overestimate the importance of grammar. Grammar – is that, in fact, forms the language as a coherent system, without which he would become a disconnected, no one intelligible gibberish. Grammar is the cement for the bonding of words in phrases and sentences – a sentence. But here's the problem – the study of grammar is often transformed into a torture and attempts to apply knowledge in practice often fail. What to do? I want to say before, what not to do. Often we are told that there are wonderful methods for studying languages in which to master grammar is not necessarily – in fact, they say, small children do not learn prepositions and times, and Look how glibly talking! Yes, it's true – little kids, being very sensitive to the nature of language is not taught grammar, they learn the language, so to speak, by total immersion, when the birth around say their language, they listen to, willy-nilly, remembering the words and structure of sentences, and then start to talk themselves. Is it possible for adults to master the language as it is done by small children? In the absence of a permanent language environment an adult to learn a language 'childish method', not mastering the grammar, IMPOSSIBLE! Do not believe me – well, try day and night listening to the radio (or even just text) in a foreign language, just learn the words and ignore the grammar, you will be able to speak even one year after such 'work'? No, because you have not mastered the grammatical system of language, and without it is impossible to build phrases that even the most simple! NOT should ignore grammar, learning foreign languages! But what if you just take the grammar, vyzubrit grammatical rules, to alter from there all the exercises? We therefore let us learn the grammar's start talk? Very doubtful.