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German Organisation

Copies and translations Because I at the time of application have already been in Germany, came to the university, where going to learn, bring originals and copies of diplomas and certificates, found a man who can put a stamp Original ist vorgelegt. Man had to look at many offices, but he was found, the main thing – properly explain the situation. Translations of certificates and diplomas, made a sworn translator, I already had. Translation of the recommendations made himself. Then found in his university teacher of Russian and politely asked her to help the poor non-native. We sat down with her, she carefully read the originals and my translations, adjusted a couple of places to sign, that the translations are made true, which we have in the office stamped Uni.

Cheap and cheerful, and you no one Euro per line. Well, thanks to bring candy to be sure. 7. Language certificate tailored to specific country. Belarus You can submit a certificate first exam, and then hand in these results. In Russia, the certificate must be sent at once, well unless you get a small reprieve in person at the supervisor of the program. Remember, the DAAD – German Organisation, Ordnung muss sein. Documents add up exactly in the order in which they require from you, the site has everything.

Do not need to attach a stapler and fill with wax. I made a hole punch, it’s all put together in the correct order bracket. It turned out neat and wrong. STEP 2. PERSONAL INTERVIEW / AUSWAHLGESPRCH most unpredictable stage, a lot of subjective factors, and it is impossible to influence anything. Is that a shave and brush your shoes. Well, still smiling at the camera. All those who passed the second and final phase will break up into groups of interest. I am a sociologist, in my time sitting on chairs are four candidates – Germanic philologist. Ie separation seems to technicians and humanities. In the office were 6 or 7 people, a couple of our own, all the rest – the Germans. The conversation took place at a good pace, in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, but rather provocative questions asked, so do not Stay tuned: when an alligator mouth is closed, it also seems that he was smiling. Get ready for a tough defense. I really helped that I spent one day on record, and thinking through possible questions and answers to them. Again the same, only you know your situation, only you know what you wrote in the application, so only you can answer in advance what questions will you ask. I was lucky, I’m guessing 90 percent of the issues, ie immediately knew what to answer them. Read before the interview once your application, cover letter, university program. Analyze it all. About language. The interview is conducted in the language in which your program will be in high school and where Accordingly, you wrote an application. During the interview, I forgot all the rules of coordination plagues, times and separated by boxes. But I knew my goal – to bring the content that I have only 20 minutes, for which I have to convince them that it was I that person, in which they can invest their money. His goal I have achieved: he understood the issues at various German mundartah, they realized all I had to say. I think the correct word forms, it would be clever, but where mene meaningful. So do not be embarrassed. And again. We have an average interview lasted about 20 minutes. Calculate the time.