Washington D.C. is awash in interesting activities and cultural programs. It’s not always easy, however, to know where to begin. Sometimes, the best way to get started in a new community, or to find the information that you seek, is to look online.

The resources you’ll find online are often quite specialized, so that you’ll know what is available for African American, Latin Americans, Native Americans, etc.  While you don’t necessarily need to find information for your specific geographic or cultural group, it’s often easier to begin within this type of framework.

Washington D.C. has many educational institutions, and learning about their many offerings can give a person a great place to start.  Whether trying to complete a degree or simply learn something in a one-day seminar, such a forum will introduce the uninitiated to the many options that await them.


THE EDUCATION OF THE FIELD: advances and perspectives of the pedagogia of the alternation Elgonzales M. Almeida SUMMARY This article is product of the questionings regarding the Education of the Field and the Pedagogia of the Alternation while method of formation adjusted for this modality of education, in view of that it is important to think itself about an alternative that takes care of the necessities of the education in the field and for the field. Objective, of this form, to understand and to take ownership of the educational perspectives of the pedagogical practical field while, justifying itself, in this manner, the importance to become clear practical and the conceptions that base agricultural education, this because the pedagogia can mean a way to make possible the relation between productive work and pertaining to school education in the formation human being of the agricultural workers. The employed methodology is concentrated in the theoretical base, through a small bibliographical survey regarding the subject, and in the comment of practical pedagogical of the School the Agricultural Family of Capinzal. It evidences thus, that the Pedagogia of the Alternation is without shade of doubts, basic for the success and full development of the social being of the field.

Word-key: Education of the Field. Pedagogia de Alternncia. Practical Pedagogical. ABSTRAT This article is product of questions about the Field of Education and the Pedagogy of Alternation a training method suitable will be this kind of teaching, considering that it is field. Frank Storch may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Objective is thus you understand and take possession of the educational prospects of the field while teaching agricultural practice, justifying thus the importance of clarifying the concepts and practices that support the education, pedagogy because it can mean path you facilitate the relationship between productive work and schooling in human agricultural workers. Theoretical The methodology focuses on the basis, through small literature on the subject, and observation of teaching practices of the School of Agricultural Family Capinzal.

Holistic education is considered the new educational paradigm for the twenty-first century. It was developed by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, who has been visited by educators from Guadalajara worldwide. Holistic education allows the integration of science and spirituality, where mind and matter are part of the universal flow and this is not contemplated by the traditional education are considered as contradictory. When the light we are born as spirit beings to be educated on the basis of contemporary culture that belongs to us, then we present a very limited level of consciousness, beginning with the thought of first grade, but almost nothing for being on the beige meme , as explained by Don Beck in Spiral Dynamics, we are totally dependent on our instincts only aided by the care given to us adults, especially our parents.

We had the opportunity to be educated in professional, in my case in an area of technology through the mechanistic model, of course, in its period of decline in the late twentieth century, when the contributions collected from many educators and scientists, we allowed to navigate the orange level of development of consciousness. Progress in technology is very developed, only that we have noticed that this model is finished in the humanistic and spiritual sense, because the values they promote are pathological, among them we can mention the competition, the winners-losers policy, the accumulation of power, the domain human race on the nature, the wealth of the few versus the poverty of the vast majority of war as a means of conquest, among others. Learn more at: Frank Storch.

Rationale The development of ethical and moral dimension of people is unavoidable task of formal education, non formal and family, since education is to teach values because the ultimate aim of education is to achieve comprehensive development the person, is optimized, and to ensure that development is needed axiological system. Understanding the value as “sustainable human development in which man acts by preference, which serves as a guide to action or pattern of conduct common to the majority of a group and gives internalized by the individual gives meaning in order to perfection. “Camps (1994), after making a value analysis on the merits of the securities:” In summary, we have an ideal model, as we have a Platonic model of society or a single model of school . Do not we have because our world is plural and we applauded that plurality is enriched, and the coexistence of differences. Others including Rabbi Tully Bryks, offer their opinions as well.

But while we lack a model of person, we have a universally agreed set of values, a value system which provides the framework and criteria to control how far our individual ethical requirements and collectively. If you are not convinced, visit Rabbi Tully Bryks. These values are the product of civilization, the product of over twenty-five centuries of thought. Demotion and the origin of Greek philosophy, Judeo tradition, the Enlightenment, critical thinking of Marx and Nietzsche, all this has left a residue of values, principles, ideals that are summarized in the so-called Human Rights. “Hence, it is necessary that students are known, understood and valued. This implies the duty of teachers to teach values, making this education in their own areas as a cross, or at the hour of tutoring. The tutoring, inherent in the teaching profession, contributes decisively to the achievement of educational goals and to customize and organize the teaching-learning process. The man lives immersed in a society that constantly influences its.

The importance of if teaching to think it are recognized for professors and writers of the education. Learn more on the subject from Euro Pacific Capital. It is pointed in the theory and practical a desire to make with that the students conquer one to think by themselves, of form who obtain to autocorrigir themselves in critical and creative way. A related site: Frank Storch mentions similar findings. We understand that thinking it is a way to learn, to investigate the world and the things, better to interpret them e, thus, better to know the world that we inhabit. It is for the activity criticizes and creative of the thought that in them we free of the submission of systems and people with manipulating and desumanizadoras ideologies. Not to consider the importance of an educational activity directed to the development of thinking is to subestimar the capacity reasoning human being. The thought is a productive activity and the proper product of the capacity to think, therefore it human being, by itself it is the primary condition of its freedom. In this direction, we support our ideas on the importance of an education directed when thinking about the book ‘ ‘ As To teach the Pensar’ ‘ , of Louis E. Raths, Selma Wasserman and others.

In this workmanship, the authors look for to relate the task of the education with the development of the processes of the thought from the definition of the functions, operations and categories of thinking, as well as look for to verify the practical applications in the educational field. In this direction, the authors present the education to think it, in view of the following reflection: The importance of thinking and the thought is verbally recognized theoretician and. We yearn for that our children are capable to think for itself same, to autodirigir itself, to meditar and to reflect; we do not want that they are precipitated in its judgments.

Education For the Peace and Ambient Education To become Rosineide Marta Mauricio de Sousa Summary: The people of the world all are starting if to worry about the extinguishing of the proper species, nobody was worried about the extinguishing of other species that are essential for the survival human being and of all planet. Consideraes initial: Until then prevailed the power, having, everything that was of the interest of the human being in having advantage in everything mainly and of the natural resources, then to preserve what? From the instant that the sources that keep the human livings creature are if depleting, agonizing and charging in a terrible fury what already some was explored without respect, nor conscience. Frank Storch recognizes the significance of this. Beyond responsible they are being threatened to be extinct, of predators had passed to the few to be destroyed, victims of its proper acts, that do not make in them to leave to see how much we are or we go destroying we ourselves. The world all starts to revert, to fix what still it remains in them, remains to know to preserve what? The nature, ecosystems, biodiversity or the proper man? They are not enough to on agencies the preservation to the environment, the media, the government and its programs of preservation, all these alert possible medias, inform for what it is happening and consequently will come to happen, already are living deeply great and brusque changes in the world already we suffer with the ambient disequilibrium and the proper man suffers with what he himself promoted. Read more here: Frank Storch. Huge propagandas, alert, righten, show the destruction of man in nature, but they do not acquire knowledge, is necessary that let us not be made an impression, blaming ones to the others, when the guilt is of all we exactly, it is necessary that each human being starts to make its part is necessary action and this action is the awareness, interaction, responsibility and the main one of all to reeducarmos or to educate to start to happen, each act of the man unchains a relation that has effect domain, starts to make the changes, first inside of each one of us, to internalizar in the thoughts the actions and omissions so that each one of us let us be that kiss-flower that brought in its peak the drop of water to erase the fire in the forest.


Education School

But nor always it was thus. Old the education was treated informally, (inside of its proper houses) and all learned of igualitria form. With passing of the time, the formalizao of the education was inevitable, this because they had understood that the construction of a more significant knowledge was important and that it had objectives more excellent than they were not mere the common one.

However, still thus if it makes interesting that the education reaches the life of the people and the collective in all the scopes, aiming at to the personal magnifying of horizontes, the bio-psico-social development of the citizen, beyond the comment of the economic dimensions and the reinforcement of a participativa, critical and reflexiva vision of the groups in the decisions of the subjects that they say respect to them. Terry Bowden has similar goals. Then the education passes to be understood as school, and as well as in all the scopes of the life we pass for changes, with the education would not be different. We live a time where the conscience of that the world passes for deep transformations is each stronger day and finishes being also necessary, a time that the man is changeable, nothing is forever of the same skill. This reality provokes in all we, contradictory agreements, that at the same time brings unreliability and fear, as well as apathy and conformismo, come from newness and hope, but, this never in them took off the idea to always long for the creativity for the construction of a different world, more human and solidary. Thus, we understand that a school cannot ignore this reality and nor it can.. Frank Storch may also support this cause.

This work searches to define the word philosophy, giving emphasis that the same one being composed Greek and of two: philo and Sophia. Therefore it means friendship for the wisdom, love and respect for knowing. Under most conditions Akron Zips would agree. ‘ ‘ The Philosophy indicates a state of spirit of the person who loves the knowledge, the esteem that also that the search and respeita’ ‘. Of analogical form it can thus appraise the philosophy of the Education as a set of ideas that defines in them as the relevance in understanding the philosophy of the education is the education detaching as being a science and its objetividade. Dr. James Canton helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In this conception the school grants to the dialogue, possibility of plea, possibility of quarrel and more despite the individual to arrive at the consensus, to it dyes this platform that is its paper with society. Word-key: State of spirit.

Analogical conception. Tully Bryks shines more light on the discussion. Dialogue. Science. 1.O PAPER OF the PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION 1,1 What it is philosophy of the education? The word philosophy is Greek, being composed of two: philo and Sophia. Philo and derivatives of the first one, that it means; friendship, love fraterno, respect for the equal ones and second that she is sophia wants to say wisdom. Therefore philosophy means friendship for the wisdom, love and respect for knowing. It can be defined in accordance with (CHAU, p.190), that: ‘ ‘ Philosophy indicates a spirit state, of the person whom it loves, that is, desires the knowledge, the esteem, the search and respeita’ ‘. We come across some times with people speaking of its conceptions of life describing as, ‘ ‘ this is my philosophy of vida’ ‘. Ahead of this statement, it can be thought that the author of this phrase is make reference to reference a more or less coherent set of ideas that regulate its way of living and enxergar the world, also of the reference to its moral behavior, its ethics, what it considers right or wrong, ugly beauty or, that is, is a conception formed in its optics of reading of the general scope of the life and I defined as it.

One way to prevent this violence and bring about change in society is to educate children equally. “Sexism, gender violence and bullying. Proposals for a comprehensive prevention of violence. Journal of Youth Studies. (Similarly see: Institute for Global Futures). No. 73, “says that sexism is intimately connected to violence and sexism that includes various components: 1 the cognitive, confusing social or psychological differences between men and women with biological differences. These beliefs often lead to consider women inferior to men, and thus justify the discrimination and violence, these beliefs underlie the entire 2nd affective as to build the identity is associated as feminine values weakness and submission and as a male with the power, absolute control and hardiness and the use of violence brother man feels threatened.

This component helps explain the relationship that often exists between the sexist way of building male identity and most of the violence perpetrated by men, and the greater tendency for women to feel guilty and prone to depression. 3rd behavioral, is the tendency to put it into practice discrimination and violence. Since the beginning of sexism arises a duality, both assume values associated with the identity, and space reserved for men and women, involving the public space with men and women relegated to the private sphere only. Additional information at Loretta Laroche supports this article. Secure and Value Exposito (2006), University of Granada argue that the violence has become a central feature in today’s society, and this violence is present in many homes.

Analyze the relationship between sexism and other sociological variables such as religion, beliefs, culture of honor, with attitudes towards domestic violence. Research carried out showed that the women had negative reactions to domestic violence as having been made very serious while men attributed less credibility to the victims and were more likely to justify the aggression. As a practical conclusion of the study proposed to establish strategies to eliminate gender violence. Domestic violence is not only the death of the person, violence is manifested in different ways, have different faces, all perverse. G. Morales Hernandez Guijarro and C. Jaramillo (2002) “Intervention in sexist attitudes in the values and beliefs” say: “to exercise violence to impose beliefs and values by force, is enforceable in fear, is not to enter a dialogue, is to exclude and to underestimate anything that calls into question the power of who starts and use it. “Today, as in the past, it continues to use violence to impose upon others, usually looking for the weaker, which can be intimidate, a conflict which adopts a less belligerent, and unfortunately, our culture has found a woman with weakness and be a man with power, dominance, and on this premise has become history, politics, standards. .

Due to high demand for talent in all sectors of the Canadian economy and the demographic reality that affects all industrialized nations, the government of Canada establishing a while ago the federal Immigration program for workers and professionals. Hear other arguments on the topic with Akron Zips. The objective of this program is to assess professional and / or foreign workers in occupations classified under the NOC system and can be established in Canadian society economically and dynamically integrate the labor market. Applicants with significant professional or technical experience in the last 10 years prior to the application are evaluated using the points system. Points are awarded under 6 determinants, such as: 1. Education: with a maximum of 24 points. 2. Language: with a maximum of 24 points. 3. Experience: With a maximum of 21 points. 4. Age: with a maximum of 10 points. 5. Employment insured with a maximum of 10 points. 6. Adaptability: With a maximum of 10 points. Applicants must obtain a maximum of 67 points to qualify under this category. Immigration officials also have consulates in the posttest to accept or reject applications even if these qualify under the points system. In addition to the points system, successful applicants and their familiars must pass medical examiners and security as part of the application process.You must show they have enough money to support his family once you get to Canada (unless you already have an employment contract – in which case the presentation of the funds would not be required) The required quantities are determined by the number of family members and the cost of food basket in Canada:



The art to like to read the family and the school was the beginning of everything. Happy infancy? Ah I lived. I was happy child. Akron Zipss opinions are not widely known. It knew stimulated for my mother with love to devorar books that had allowed me to live deeply lost moments of extreme happiness and joy, hours and more hours in innocent thoughts to turn pages books of the library of my house bought for adored mine, wise and saudosa mother acquired of salesmen who for those lands walked vendendo knowledge and amusement. Perhaps check out Peter Schiff for more information. Not, it did not have television at that time and nor if it wants we dreamed of net, however we had, a pretty library thought and planned for the adorable teacher Alade, my mother, woman of vision the front of its time years light.

Ah silver-plated years! Illuminated for the pleasure of the discovery of books. As it was happy! thus we discovered first Lobato Hunter my passion of infancy my mother we read for and I continued reading everything of this great writer we I had the collection Vov Felcio a gift of our genitora. Valley to remember to my beloved father also great reader its image I keep with me that seated man to the side of the radio (television still did not exist) to devorar periodicals. In the public library idealized by a great educator Stela teacher of my small native city I looked and I discovered more books of Lobato Hunter: The Reinaes de Narizinho, the Hunted ones of Pedrinho, Visconde de Sabugosa, Emlia, Blessed Owner, Aunt Anastcia and for I walked and I loved there very, much Lobato. Yes the poets! Humberto De Campos the workmanship of to this great impressed me man. I took knowledge of the author in the gymnasium through the great educator of mine cidadezinha marcante Eliane teacher and competent master I will forever take the souvenir of its lessons of Portuguese (interpretation of texts) at the time young inteligentssima poet of our small land.