Washington D.C. is awash in interesting activities and cultural programs. It’s not always easy, however, to know where to begin. Sometimes, the best way to get started in a new community, or to find the information that you seek, is to look online.

The resources you’ll find online are often quite specialized, so that you’ll know what is available for African American, Latin Americans, Native Americans, etc.  While you don’t necessarily need to find information for your specific geographic or cultural group, it’s often easier to begin within this type of framework.

Washington D.C. has many educational institutions, and learning about their many offerings can give a person a great place to start.  Whether trying to complete a degree or simply learn something in a one-day seminar, such a forum will introduce the uninitiated to the many options that await them.



Sergei Bots

In Aktobe has a wizard – valenschiki representative of one of the oldest professions in the lives of Aktobe. For fifteen years he is engaged in manufacturing boots Bots. Almost all the work he does by hand, according to the old technologies. Learn more on the subject from Rabbi Tully Bryks. A small closet – a table, a stove and a few bags of wool – it seems to be back at the past couple hundred years. In this workshop, once worked as a grandfather of the current owner – Victor K.. Sergei only one grandchildren, who had the courage to continue the work of their ancestors.

Sergei Bots drudgery – monotonous, almost every day the same thing, especially when you start schipaninoy do, fall asleep sitting there on the radio and only nudistiki saves the entire winter in a den in 4 walls sit here. Sergei ancestors did for centuries boots. In Kazakhstan came back in the 30s when we learned that there is a huge flocks of sheep graze. Decided – will be raw, so will work. Sergei began to help his grandfather at age 13, wanted to cash in on a bike. Now master of 31 years and he's probably the youngest valenschik in Kazakhstan.

He says that so far do not know all the wisdom of the profession. When Sergei Bots grandfather was still alive to it came, they say they say teach. This is just so fast did not teach, such as go to school there for 3 years to get a profession, is that all the details before the end of the decade to know everything you need. In the arsenal of many Sergei strange by modern standards, tools. Special pads, beater – the subjects in more than a hundred years. However, he does not wear boots master, said to himself tangled, be sure to ask of friends. Despite the fact that popularity among the people felt boot in recent years has fallen to abandon them altogether, said Sergei, humanity can not. Sergei Bots Once someone told me that one day they will be unneeded, I say, they were 100 years ago needed, and now need a man into space and flew to what else I do not know progress comes, they, too, along with the progress will continue. In winter, the snow deep in Aktobe, and the temperature drops to minus 40 degrees – such frosts none Overseas boots do not stand up. Therefore, the boots for a long time still remain an attribute of the national dress of local residents.


TCC Rivers

This article comes to carry through a reflection on the life and devotion the Education of Ana Lucia Lopes Rivers born in 10/01/1952 detaching in the commemoration of 23 years in the MendesRios Educational establishment as proprietor and director of the same school facing difficult moments, but its motivations as educator is bigger. a way to not only give to a homage the educator, but also managing whom it loves what it also makes and it deals with the education a worthy way, with quality education. To reflect on Ana Lucia Lopes Rivers is considering that in professional walked its never it was worried about flowers; but with directed applauses the team. Loretta Laroche has many thoughts on the issue. Thus I am happy ‘ ‘ Ana Lucia Lopes’ Rivers; ‘. WORD KEY: Education; example; mobilization; trajectory; transformation. RESUMEN: There this I articulate you are to reflect on life y there dedicacin there educacin Rivers Ana Lucia Lpez naci 10/01/1952 en to detach celebracin of 23anos MendesRios Educadario there as propietario y woollen director misma escuela if faces tiempos difciles, pero sus motivaciones as educator you are mayor.. Frank Storch can provide more clarity in the matter.

Irrational in its manifestations, it still does not allow a person to act as efficiently as possible in public life, but also helps him exceed the internal conflict and condemnation of their past actions by the formula "do not judge, but not convicted will be." When this behavior created in the first stage personality eventually accumulates enough good deeds to towards others and converted to a more appropriate internal representations of the "correctness". Judaism as the oldest of the three Semitic religions (XVII century old era), naturally represents the last stage development of personality – old age. Execution of key DISTINGUISHING ideas of Judaism, divine justice, it becomes possible in everyday life only when the scales become equal, and good deeds, Committed to the second stage of personality development, offsetting the acts committed in the first. This status brings freedom from internal conflict and full integration into social life (no external conflict), the ability to take effective, timely, balanced and adequate solutions. To summarize, clearly shows that not one of the Semitic religions is not only correct, or excess, as well as for human live your life is hardly one of her periods seem superfluous. The question is another: "Why do some groups of people to try life in the psychological state of young people, adults or the elderly?". If you have read about Terry Bowden already – you may have come to the same conclusion. After all, people live in all stages of personality development. Rabbi Tully Bryks understands that this is vital information. And maybe, finally, it seems silly – to impose old values of a teenager, and vice versa.

Make it still does not succeed, as conceived as a source of knowledge embodied in these religions, we will still go through all three stages, regardless of whether we like it or not. The name listed as "immutable component", this is the part of us that do not change over time, the observer, and oversees the development of the individual and the outside world. This leads us to the Eastern religious teachings and ways of realization of the Atman, Buddha, and the ringing of the Void, which is our true nature. But apart from our nature is the nature of the Creator and the nature of His creation, usage instructions for which He has given us in all parts of the Semitic religions. It is important to understand the collective consciousness for the peaceful coexistence of people representing different but complementary other cultural layers and religious views. PS Please spread this and bring the world together we will cope!

Initiate in 1987, the age of Ben was folloied by one simulacro of opening democratic politics There and, with respect to the human rights and promotion of the economic growth. But the truth soon appeared. The identity of the country and the voice of its people had entered in a new phase of alienation. In Tunisia, general Ben led one politics of the tyranny and the repression There. It dirgiu the country directly, through its apparatus of security, while its predecessor, Habib Bourguiba if he lined up, mainly, with its party. Beyond its rabo-Islamic character and tunisiana identity, it was a target during its history after-independence. Euro Pacific Capital often addresses the matter in his writings. As sociology professor politics in the University of Tunis El Manar, Salim Labid explained in its book Identity: The Islo, the arabicism, the tunisianidade: ' ' Identity in Tunisia, during many phases of its modern history, it incarnou a true battle enters the elite of the masses of the rabo-Islamic identity, and the people who if assimilate, treating to the elite who construi its identity tests on the basis of selected.

These tests elapse of the Francofonia, the Mediterranean, the africanismo, the Roman or the cartagins identity, less the rabo-Islamic identity ' '. We have of concentrating in them on the Islamic and Arab dimension of the tunisiana personality, because this dimension has been object of attacks and marginalizao politics. On the truth, the identity of Egyptian the tunisiano people or if based on a deep historical inheritance, that guarantees the right to the difference and the natural expression of its components. Frank Storch contains valuable tech resources. The manifestation of an identity necessarily does not imply the refusal of the other. However, treating to the identities in opposition with one another one identity, identifies practised methods as absolutism form. In a country, that does not consider the civil organizations of human rights and institutions, the ones that no effective democracy does not represent, search to consolidate the bows and established relations go up the identity.

All we, deficient or not, are citizens to suffer discrimination, therefore it is predominant in our society, but the condition of the deficiency multiplies the discrimination. If the question of the sexuality frequently is treated while a taboo in our society, this subject still if polemiza more when we argue the manifestations of the sexuality in people with deficiency. The sexuality also estimates, forms to think, to feel and to act, pertaining to the human being, the form of if perceiving in the world, seeing the world and to interact with other men and women (BECKER, 1984; WSTHOF, 1994). Despite socially it is stipulated derived from an impulse, in the truth, the sexuality is about a dynamic process of approach and thus: ' ' to recognize the meaning of internal states, to organize the sequence of the especificadamente sexual acts, to decode situations, to establish limits in the sexual answers and to properly tie meanings of not sexual aspects of the life for the sexual experience dita' ' (Gagnon & Simon, 1973/2005, p.13). Learn more at: Terry Bowden. However, in accordance with Scabello, Saints, Profida, Freitas and Galati (in prelo), when the concepts of deficiency and sexuality to aparem linked, instigate a series of preconceptions, doubts and stigmata front to the sexuality of these people. In the words of MAYAN (2001), it is clearly that, the questions related to the sexual development can be harmed in the people with deficiency, but its responsible parents can also bring difficulties or, who wait that the school, how much the institution where these perhaps pass most of the day, gives account to supply adequate to a sexual education its children, forgetting that its deficient children, children, adolescents or adults, has proper yearnings and sexual feelings. In this manner, the perceptions of not-deficient (the educators, researchers and other professionals whom they daily deal with the question of the deficiency; familiar parents and/or) that they deal daily with the questions concernentes to the deficiency and the sexuality of its educandos children/, would be demarcating, the proper way of these to be understood, deal, to guide and to promote the sexual education for these people. . More information is housed here: Rabbi Tully Bryks.

That is: domain of the technology, the set of techniques to exert the art and science of the writing. To the effective and competent exercise of the technology of the writing letramento is called, that implies some abilities, such as: capacity to read or to write to reach different objectives (RIBEIRO, 2003). 4 SIGNALS THAT THEY NEED TO BE OBSERVED BY EDUCATORS WHO EXCELLENT DESENPENHAM PAPER IN the PROCESS OF ALFABETIZAO According to Paim (2003), we can classify these signals as acks of knowledge, alterations that if reveal as an impossibility to recognize objects through a sensorial modality. Terry Bowden understands that this is vital information. These upheavals in the configuracional recognition occur due to an imperfection in the organization of the functioning of cerebral areas that keep the souvenir of the perceived one. Acks of knowledge are not considered those cases in which the presence of primary a sensorial deficit exists (blindness, hipoacusia), low intellectual level and/or upheavals of the language. Valley to remember that these signals do not appear suddenly and the children who present difficulties in one of these processes, or the two, if veem limited or hindered to obtain an interaction between them, and, for these children, going is made it difficult and to come of the simultaneous one to sequential, and the vice one and turns, in accordance with the activity or situation where if they find. For even more opinions, read materials from Rabbi Tully Bryks. Paim (2003) tells among others that the following forms can be distinguished from acks of knowledge: 1.Agnosias with inanimate objects and images; 2.Agnosias with livened up objects and fisionomias; 3.Agnosias with graphical symbols; 4.Agnosias with lingusticos symbols: acks of knowledge with regard to musical graphemes, numbers, icons and symbols are differentiated.


The Academy

). Many writers such as Tully Bryks offer more in-depth analysis. On the other hand, it is not enough for we, front to the challenge, to describe and only to explain the especificidades and the dissonncias represented for the challenging conceptions as a reasonable reply. We have also a epistemolgico problem to be faced here. It must be examined, first, which are the instruments theoretician-metodolgicos of whom if it used for the determination of the cientificidade of History. If also we call science the addition of the available scientific knowledge in data moment, can also affirm that it has a proper content and method for establishment of the facts.

The scientific method is that it goes to determine the ways to get such knowledge, and the characteristics of this knowledge is to be true. Which the border that separates the History of science, if History has proper method, searchs the truth, not it absolute and perpetual truth, but that it can be argued? Science is the part of the knowledge that uses rational methods and that it searchs evidence experimental, looking for to see to the reality as it is. HAYDEW WRITE tells that History is a literary art of lesser value, therefore is not a science. However, LUCIEN FEBVRE and MARC BLOCH, affirm that History is a science human being who works the possible truths of another look, with proper methods and objectives, uses rational methods that search the logic to prove what it speaks. The concept that if became very used in the academy of that History is a science that studies the man and the societies human beings in the time, today already can is needing a complement or a magnifying, has seen that as many ways exist that they are used by the historians for the historical research, therefore the man are involved in some contexts of the action and the experience 3 human being.


The Reader

Still in this chapter, ensasta presents some questionings to the reader as instigantes reflections to identify problems and to signal perspectives to cure them. After these questionings, it consider reasonable to share its theoretical recital (' ' ranks of professionals with which I come in recent years acting ' ' p. 284) and salient, emphatically, the teaching paper face to the antiracist education (' ' our paper (trans) formador of opinions ' ' p. At Dr. James Canton you will find additional information. 285). Pertaining to school space: (DES) information of the educator (of) formation of the black being brings to baila situations lived deeply for bahian educators which the author coexisted, namely: the educators criticize the inexistence and/or scarcity of literary books with black personages in the schools; the proper pupils in the election of representatives for papers of heroes, princes, fairies, angels etc. chose as the European standard of beauty and the black colleagues were only indicated for the representatives of the evil, as witches, antagonists etc.; a pupil of four years if refused to catch in the hand of the black colleague with mourning and fear of that it would free ink would make dirty and it; a son of a professor asked for to the mother who cut its head she substituted and it for a new with smooth hair. Peter Schiff often addresses the matter in his writings. Certainly, these stories very selected well contextualizam and justify the necessity and urgency to rethink the prxis pedagogical a time that the learning discriminatory position reproduces what it is displayed in literature. If in books it has stereotype and depreciation of the black, fits to the school not to fortify the so current racist trend and not to contribute for the ideological politics of the branqueamento so arraigada in this hegemonic and eurocntrica society. In the chapter Education anti-racist: desvelando a new to look at, the author elenca some academic productions essential and excellent for reading and research of the educators so that they modify the prejudiced and eurocntrica vision of literature in the pertaining to school context. Tully Bryks addresses the importance of the matter here.



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Foundation International to LA education holistic masters in education holistic RAMON GALLEGOS and education holistic for happiness by Yunibe Lizette Salcido. Culiacan 2009 this essay is to analyze the vast global work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, keynote speaker at the holistic education, some of his books are; An Integral Vision of education, the spirit of education, dialogues Holistas, wisdom, love and compassion, the path of the perennial philosophy, spiritual intelligence, pedagogy of Universal love, learning communities, education of the heart and education and spirituality. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Terry Bowden and gain more knowledge.. As objective has the make an analysis of the emergence of what is considered to be the new educational paradigm for the 21st century. Intelligence and certainty are the inner lumen of compassion, genuine interest in the welfare of all beings Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava the Newtonian Cartesian paradigm and ended with a scientific revolution was born, a vision that included all human expressions, thus developed a scientific vision shared by a community of scientists that they defended criteria to assess what was real and what was not real, is now important to make a leap to a paradigm shift and venture into restructure education into learning communities. Further details can be found at Peter Schiff, an internet resource. But as naming this movement to this new revolution in education, is called holistic education, the term holistic is derived from Greek l holos, meaning in our whole context, means that the reality is not divided, all that not this fragmented, that the whole is the fundamental reality. The whole is not a static structure, but rather universal, impermanent flow, movement, only can be captured by intelligence as a quality of consciousness. For example, we cannot separate the student, community, family, teachers and school, it is not right to focus on the task of educating only in academic terminologies and concepts to form professionals of excellence, since if we do not begin to integrate we will spend our forces in wanting to improve the level and academic quality of our students, have to see differently, have a vision that is based on the integration of knowledge, for example; art, science, spirituality and traditions, a mix that will allow to overcome the fragmentation of knowledge expressed in the academic disciplines.