Washington D.C. is awash in interesting activities and cultural programs. It’s not always easy, however, to know where to begin. Sometimes, the best way to get started in a new community, or to find the information that you seek, is to look online.

The resources you’ll find online are often quite specialized, so that you’ll know what is available for African American, Latin Americans, Native Americans, etc.  While you don’t necessarily need to find information for your specific geographic or cultural group, it’s often easier to begin within this type of framework.

Washington D.C. has many educational institutions, and learning about their many offerings can give a person a great place to start.  Whether trying to complete a degree or simply learn something in a one-day seminar, such a forum will introduce the uninitiated to the many options that await them.


Intense and authoring techniques stand out. In the first case, you can learn English as a classical method (you give grammar and vocabulary, but a very high rate, almost concisely) and communicative (you'll get some examples of communication in most common situations). So we can try to refresh the previously obtained knowledge or get a first glimpse of the language. Real language practice you have to look elsewhere. Copyright same methods are too different with respect to the outside of the classes.

In fact often the case reduced to a non-standard methods that are good in some cases, but often do not provide opportunities to learn English to the same extent as native: when you are talking to, not thinking so, correct or not built Your phrase, when the vocabulary is enough for it to express the idea that you want. The end result of the intensive or the author's technique is more often a certain part of a large field of language learning: a more rapid memorizing words or study a large number of words; scheme memorizing grammar rules, repetition of songs and songs – so certain about it very well "get stuck in your head"; pronunciation training chant for the teacher and other similar methods. The course esl in Applied Educational believe that the best teaching methods and is the author of nature, life itself. There is no one on earth who has not mastered the native his tongue. It is obvious that this method works 100% of cases. This, unfortunately, can not be said of most man-made ways of learning, which we touched on above. It is considered that the study of native language triggered the so-called "immersion." But what is a "dip" in nature? As yet learned English as durable, as naturally as their mother tongue? About this, about the pitfalls of training and many natural method of language teaching. This knowledge will help you not only make the right choice of a teacher or courses that meet your specific objectives in learning English, but you can also learn valuable information about how make the process of learning any foreign language more effectively, no matter where you learned it in the future. Usvoyte English, use this knowledge and be successful in life!

His educational practice spread to college, through the middle and high school, likewise, continued his intellectual and in 1989 enrolled in the master sociologist culture, coupled with the experience gained in an investigation in which he participated at UCLA, developed as a thesis topic the infeasibility of rationality instrumental in revitalizing the world of life, which is then the axis of its own holistic thinking. In 1989 he formally proposed for the first time what I call holistic education, a new pedagogical educational vision, with its basic principles and general guidelines. Albert Einstein College of Medicine is often quoted as being for or against this. In 1991 finished the master and model of holistic education basically finished, comes to light, with open spaces spontaneously started to speak about this new spiritual vision of education, the product of his long journey all theoretical and experiential way the spirit, of his return to the source. With the cooperation of several friends his lectures are taking great height and reach international proportions. In 1994 begins with the first books of his education. His spiritual life continued to grow, now more fair and silent beside his wife, with whom the shares. In 1993 has a unitary perceptual experience, an encounter with the absolute total, which describes beautifully in the preface of his book “The Way of the Perennial Philosophy.” From this experience gets the certainty that we are all gods but we have forgotten, we are asleep, but we can awaken and transform us into that truth. Be a unit, together with the planet, with the cosmos, with the infinite, to the absolute.

Level of education of road users greatly affects the accident, experts have established the State Institute for Communications Analysis Swedish (Gik) So, people with higher social status appear in the statistics of accidents are much rarer. This can be explained by the fact that people with good education and high income can afford a good car. They also found that drivers who have extensive experience in road accident generally more likely to sit on the sick, have lower incomes and lower educational level. Specific conclusions scientists have not been able to do until it's just a statement of the current trend. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is actively involved in the matter. And what specifically difference between different social groups of drivers in terms of accidents on the roads – the experts have not yet explained.

'There are many different factors, of which it is impossible to say anything for sure. These include, for example, quality of the vehicles' – says the head of the statistical department Ghica Maria Melkersson. However, when asked about the feasibility of such a study, she said that it contributes to the understanding that the work in the field road safety – this is not only the construction of better roads. Somewhere in the end it all comes down to how people behave behind the wheel and how much appreciates their own and others' lives. "

One thing that is interesting about this research done in these 15 European countries is that it is not essential that experienced teachers be present to observe diversity. Interestingly, the case of Panama in progress towards inclusive education, being a Latin American country with similarity to ours in many respects. From what I’ve decided to take some data from the study (How well has the inclusive education program in the metropolitan area of Panama City). In Panama since the constitution of 1946, opened the history of inclusive education, where social rights are enshrined Panamanians also expresses the obligation of the Panamanian state to protect persons with disabilities. Without hesitation Jorge Perez explained all about the problem. However, it was not until 1989, when the Ministry of Education, recognizes the permanence of special classes of integration in schools, this gave legal status to educational inclusion and certainly a great achievement for integration of disabled. Click Related Group for additional related pages. The Panamanian system uses two integration modes: the first mode consisted of a panel with her special teacher, a special group with their teacher in a regular school, a special group with special teacher but individual attends to certain academic subjects or a panel with special teacher who attends a regular group in non-academic.

The second is described in terms of integrated child to all subjects with special support in special schedules. For the schools in our country becomes even necessary: To improve the physical structures. Empowering communities to sensitize staff and above all a change of attitude of the individuals involved in the process. I can say that if we have a good tool box would be inclusive education in our country, and that would be better as human beings we educate them to live in society and in a common world is not in special worlds, so all need to learn to live with others regardless of differences. Since education can give response to discrimination in all areas, and thus eradicate this social evil. To the extent that education is even be better human beings to live in a society, we will make it sensitive and supportive.


Educational Design

Identify the variables that influence gender attitudes. The working hypothesis of this research is: What are sexist attitudes in students, and gender influences on them, whether they are public or private educational stage where he is attending school / a, as well as age. As a result of positive or negative test this hypothesis, we may know these attitudes if they exist, make a list of them, make them known to influence from education to eliminate them, or the strengthening of positive positions aimed at completely eradicate pernicious. 3. METHODOLOGY The methodology adopted a descriptive and relationship to determine the objectives, as it assesses sexist attitudes in students using numbers to characterize the group. This is a non-experimental research because it has not used any direct manipulation of the conditions. It has been used in the collection of information, a questionnaire for students. This questionnaire can gather numerous data from a large number of people, identify problems, and plan alternatives whose purpose is to eliminate this sexist attitudes and make decisions about future prevention programs.

Before starting the investigation was carried out design and a literature search, exposed bibliography at the end of this investigation to shed light on the issues raised. The design took into account the following steps: A Development of the technical data: characteristics of the sample. B Selection of the measuring instrument C Time implementation and applicability of the measuring instrument. D Statistical treatment The type of sample used was the stratified random, was established substrates coincide with the following areas established in the Department of Education Inspection: 1 Cartilage and Mar Minor 2 Area Northwest and Altiplano 3rd Guadalajara 4 Murcia South 5th Murcia North Education Institutes and Schools Agreed that form the sample were chosen according to the size of the Center, ownership, lessons taught, so that the population sample was representative Different variables chosen to assess the target.


Holistic Education

In meetings or talks with teachers, I realize that my way of seeing things is not the same, I think I'm more complete. I wish to continue studying a PhD, however economically the moment I can not, however I think I have much to study, reread my anthologies and literature suggested, because I felt like seeing it more slowly, savor it for me to provide all the depth that lack of time I could get. It was too much material and all rich in concepts and analysis. I feel very happy and rich, was a great opportunity that I had to make this expertise and I am delighted to have been seized. Something I have very clear is that these two years have been the most enriching in my life as a student.

I appreciate the guide and supervise all the teachers, each one I remember, not only for their preparation, but for their warmth and patience. Some of his liveliness and eloquence. Thank you very much Jesus Victoriano my teacher really helped me a lot in clearing. I really liked your gentleness, order and clarity. You go very soft heart, thank you very much. Whenever I am asked to self-assess quantitatively mane hard for me, the stuff I very interested, I learned and apply it a lot, I think is the best way to make my learning. THANK YOU, MASTER holistic.

To you …. my teacher … … Ramon Gallegos Nava. Thank you very much for giving you to me … to us, humanity, …. with your steady hand and open heart. Now living quietly, knowing that you are … constantly sailing guide, a guide who accompanies you release and calls …. the souls that wander the world … suffer the dark steps of nowhere Put up your hand and indicate … tip over to see the Buddha, the enlightened eternal … who dedicated his life to shed light on the clouds in time, clear opening doors were buried fears. Thanks for letting teachers see the lights in the sky, for helping me find the background of my own insatiable dew drops … the honey that the soul cries out to ride the wind and leave no doubt soon …. the universe. Holistic Education ZEPEDA ZALETA MARCELA EDUCATION Insurance that humanity needs are men and women who call ourselves Mexican, Who Mexico is a country with strong feet rooted to the ground And with soft crown. "

It is then to educate through instruction. (Maria Batista, 2000) That's why the MES and within it, higher education in Cuba has outlined a policy which is reflected in its reform as a fundamental problem to be solved, the training of professionals who can lead society consciously efficient and capable as individuals, acting as responsible to the mission to fulfill their part in the development society dev identified as follows: 2The set of agreed principles should provide the university an ideal time of human components provided an efficient operational base and a spirit, that is, an attitude, a collective consciousness, a sensitivity and a willingness to serve culture, the nation and the world. " (Neighbour, 1990) II. MATERIALS AND METHODS II.1-goegrafica physical characteristics. The research area corresponds to the phytogeographical district of hummocks (sensu Samek, 1989) or Vinalense (sensu Borhidi, 1996). The hillock Los Cruces is located at 22 40'30''north and longitude 86 degrees west longitude 30'60''de, height is 220 m, with an area of 1.10 km . Vegetation II.2. The floristic composition was determined from field collections were performed in the area.

The determination was carried out directly with the help of the literature and in herbaria and the participation of specialized personnel in different groups. II. 3 Environmental Education. As part of the environmental strategy of the Mountain School, created a student scientific group that deals with the study of vegetation on hillock, where according to the floristic potential of the endemic area and its extension work done from exhibitions of his work in the community.


Holistic Education

Therefore, I reiterate that holistic education is the conduit that would strengthen the achievement of the evolution of consciousness as it takes an inclusive society that has the necessary structures to enable the individual to live their spirituality: a society for enlightenment, a context a culture based on social peace and a global ethic that allows the development of compassionate human beings achieve self-realization (2005: 72) If we stop the violence, the destruction of man and the planet we have to change the educational paradigm-reductionist scientistic , for a holistic, which seek the formation of a free subject, with wisdom, love and compassion that I acted according to their virtues towards other beings in its environment as well as a full subject in its spirituality and happiness. The school as a second home for children, adolescents and youth is of great relevance and importance of its role as the protagonists would be to carry out this new paradigm and values spiritual, both necessary and urgent changes in the training of the students it serves, tending to become human beings with a spiritual awareness to live in balance with itself and the world around him. Holistic education and spiritual values are a way for individuals to live in peace, spirituality and happiness. This certainly leads to a change in humanity and the world. Educating this new paradigm of education, formed a citizen with moral and spiritual values that will allow you to live in society, and will also conscious of caring for and preserving the environment and the beings that inhabit the planet. Making a man achieves its emotional and spiritual balance is reflected in their status and sense of freedom, peace and harmony that is manifested in their relationships with the people and environment around him.

Holistic education and spiritual values are a way for individuals to live in peace, spirituality and happiness.


Klaus Nitsche

RFID partner in this project is the RFID Consortium GmbH. The lecture is extremely interesting to follow as is shown here as an example, how suppliers of large commercial buildings by RFID can benefit, rather than just the requirements of clients. The Panel 1 with a major service economy theme will be decided. Dr. Klaus Nitsche, GERA-IDENT GmbH, will indicate the combination of textile and RFID, creating enormous savings potential can be developed such as hotels or hospitals. In Panel 2 that will be initially represented by Thomas Raabe, RFID applications, and solutions for the hand tool industry mechanical engineering company GEDORE Verwaltungs-GmbH.

Comprehensive RFID use in the automotive and transportation logistics at a meat processing company is Dr. Roland Zimmerling, the Bremer all-in-one GmbH describe. With such sophisticated systems is made also an important contribution to the food security and hopefully the number of future scandals reduced. How intelligent machine control system in the thermal and chemical environment RFID can succeed, shows Dr. Michael Gross, autoID systems GmbH, the example of the practice. Thus the argument is cleared, RFID tags could not be used under such difficult conditions. The lecture concludes the panels of the morning and talks about the benefits or drawbacks of RFID at lunch and visit the exhibition can be continued. An industry standard the Panel 3 of the afternoon starts with a lecture by Frank Meyer-Niehoff, Felix Schoeller supply chain technologies GmbH & co.

KG and Silvia Fien, EGGER holzwerkstoffe titled used RFID throughout the supply chain. The title of the lecture is curious, because critical is often noted, RFID would but not today only used as a stand-alone solution, along the value chain. This is necessary so that the technology could play out their efficiency potential. Smart maintenance and maintenance management with RFID is the subject by Heiko Muller of the HEC GmbH, which virtually denies a home game as the Bremen-based company. The RFID user day 2009 dares views into the fashion world with GERRY WEBER. Christian von grone, CIO of the House, explains the return on investment through RFID. While he expects different than many bankers of recently, east Westphalian, that is to say, conservatively and wisely. In the Panel 4, Gunter Kahr, RF-iT Solutions GmbH, and Jilke Rainer, KARSTADT Meanwhile supply warehouse, a RFID classic. Sketch the practice dialogue between RFID and trading on the case. In close to the North Coast and the major ports of lecture by Reiner Wagner, AEG identification systems GmbH, smart container and container identification on open ears might encounter, because without RFID ports run the risk to be in the settlement of global maritime trade in future congestion problems. Finally explain Thorsten Kircher, Carpenter LogiData GmbH & co. KG, and Gerd Wotha, Drager Medical AG & co. KG, the use opportunity RFID in medical technology at hand therapy devices with smart accessories. This is a subject that can save lives, because thanks to RFID times are likely to be over, where accidents are possible, where stressed-out surgeons forget devices in the stomach of the patient. After the closing ceremony of the VDEB RFID award 2009 for the most innovative and advanced RFID project of last year, have the opportunity to talk business or getting to know the RFID expert group of the VDEB, which significantly contributed to the design of the event is in the premises.


Eworld Energy

For the Ettlingen/food process management (BPM) liberalized energy market, together with her partner IDS GmbH from February 9 to 11 on the E-world energy & water 2010 January 2010 the SoftProject GmbH is represented in Essen. In Hall 3, stand 3-167 SoftProject presents electronic processes for the energy market. The optimization pressure in the utility industry can move companies to more process-driven IT environments. To maximize IT resources of the utilities, the special systems are more efficiently incorporated into the parent business processes. Utilities for this increasingly rely on business process management (BPM) software. The X 4 BPM platform of the SoftProject allows the electronic automation and optimization of business processes and offers specialized workflow solutions for the energy market: the time series management and the reporting for accounting, financial statements and federal power Agency, about budgeting for capital investment and maintenance, (BI) and market communication (EDI) up to the coupling of SCADA, GIS, ZFA and E.g. SAP for optimized processes of debugging and maintenance.

Under the concept smart energy placed SoftProject with IDS on the E-world for joint solutions and new requirements of smart metering, smart grid and smart home. Herein, X 4 provides the comprehensive software infrastructure to the data and process integration. “So make 4 SML broker, the IDS system HIGH conductive and the ZFA X E.g. Fatah RCM-F a continuous process of communication, using standards such as IEC and SML (smart message language), towards the optimized power control supply level as well as in the direction of consuming” applications such as for usage documentation or Web portals for consumers. IDS GmbH IDS specialises as a leading supplier for utilities for network management and control systems, automation, telecontrol and communication technology. SoftProject GmbH, SoftProject, headquartered in Ettlingen, and more than 60 workers, was in the year 2000 established and offers based on their business process management platform X 4 industry-specific solutions for more efficient business processes. The business process management platform X 4 of the SoftProject is a complete software suite to the illustration of the complete life cycle to the automation and optimization of business processes. This cycle includes the graphical modeling of technical and information technology processes, the integration of all necessary data sources via configurable default adapter as well as the secure execution, monitoring, analysis of the processes and their optimization.