Washington D.C. is awash in interesting activities and cultural programs. It’s not always easy, however, to know where to begin. Sometimes, the best way to get started in a new community, or to find the information that you seek, is to look online.

The resources you’ll find online are often quite specialized, so that you’ll know what is available for African American, Latin Americans, Native Americans, etc.  While you don’t necessarily need to find information for your specific geographic or cultural group, it’s often easier to begin within this type of framework.

Washington D.C. has many educational institutions, and learning about their many offerings can give a person a great place to start.  Whether trying to complete a degree or simply learn something in a one-day seminar, such a forum will introduce the uninitiated to the many options that await them.




Hypothesis of the total ability the child possesss all the principles of the universal Grammar since the beginning and for the setting of the parameters a minimum exposition to primary the linguistic data is necessary. Lexical hypothesis even so the principles is all available ones, the syntactic development depends on the learning of new lexical and morphologic item. According to Chomsky, the differences between the existing languages are not great of the grammatical and syntactic point of view, what it helps to understand and to explain the universal Grammar. For more specific information, check out Edward Minskoff. It seems evident that the acquisition of the language if bases on the discovery for the child of what, of a formal point of view, constitutes a deep and abstract theory a gerativa grammar of its language of which many of the concepts and principles if only find remotely related with the experience through long and complex chains of unconscious stages and almost deductive nature. (Chomsky, 1975, P. 141) In what it says respect to the Gerativa Grammar, Chomsky distinguished three components: The syntactic one, with generating function; The fonolgico, the image acoustics of the structure elaborated for the syntactic component; The semantic one, that it interprets this image, what is opposed to the estruturalista grammar of the distribucionalistas, that had as base the analysis of the immediate constituent. ' ' Chomsky uses the term ABILITY to assign the knowledge that the falante has of its language, and the term PERFORMANCE to assign the use that the falante makes of this conhecimento.' ' 4.GRAMTICA UNIVERSAL the inatismo defends the existence of the mind and believes that to justify itself and to understand as if process of acquisition of the language is given is necessary to go beyond the physiological mechanisms. It can be suggested, then, that we are born with a universal Grammar, introduced in the mind and endowed with all the basic and necessary rules of all the languages and from mental operations, children transform the universal Grammar into grammar of the language materna.


Jose Carlos Rodrigues

Through this analysis, we can observe that a series of acts is repassed to the person for the education, the society and the paper that it occupies in it. The body and its symbology, as defend Mauss, are the first instrument and the most natural object technician of the human being where the traditions of all system of the society are enrolled. (MAUSS, 1974, P. 211) In such a way, a small action or gesture can inside translate with clarity certain cultural elements learned by the individual of its community. Learn more on the subject from Sean Rad. The corporal techniques, insert thus -, in a system of symbolic assemblies that are apprehended by the individuals that compose definitive social group. ' ' The body politic a cultural subsystem, by means of which the individual creates values, cohesion and interacts with the world and outro' '. (VILLAA, 2007, P. 56) Thus, being, it is pertinent to consider that a process occurs of socialization where the culture, while instrument of control, said norms in relation to the body; norms these the one that the individual will tend to adapt it certain standards of behavior that they will become natural and common, that will be transmitted by certain factors to be considered decisive in this process, that is, for the education, when the individual insists itself that the individual learns something or for the imitation, when imitates what it considers legitimate acts. Therefore, we can consider that the factors that determine the corporal techniques as the education, the society of which we are part and the place that we occupy in the society, they are determinative with respect to the construction of the social dynamic and the local identities that if they shock, if unite, and for times, if they cross. In the analysis of the author Jose Carlos Rodrigues, the body if becomes a restricted and controlled expression for the society.

For example a bluejean offers greater protection that a sweatshirt, is advisable to also carry Shin, elbow pads, knee pads and helmet to offer greater protection. A pair of shoes with strong zuela and enpeine abollonado protect feet and give more security to the practitioner. The mental attitude: the most relevant aspect for success with this sport art is the mental attitude and without a proper mental attitude can not arise in practice of the flatland since as mentioned above falls are the bread of every day and can range from very mild falls that will leave only slight scrapes up much more severe falls where there may be serious fractures. In practice I have noticed that the severity of the fall is going according to the degree of fear may you have at the time of the action by which a very positive mental attitude is necessary. Must also be very persistent to get to learn the tricks that are increasingly more difficult. Spaces: one of grades them advantages of this sport is that it is not too demanding in terms of spaces since all that is required is a flat and wide, enough land preferably not infer to a few square 10mtrs. How to learn the flatland: being a sport that now in many places only has the support that parents can give their children the flatland, has no record of many schools where you can go and learn from an intructor, reason by which the flatland learning takes place in the way more informali.e. Sean Rad: the source for more info. watching videos and exchanging ideas with colleagues who practice it.


Santa Maria

It has 367. 628 inhabitants (2009), and is the center of a metropolitan area of approximately a million and half of inhabitants. Capital of Italy between 1865 and 1871 during Italian unification, in the Middle Ages was an important cultural, economic and financial center. He met his period of greatest splendor after the establishment of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany under the rule of the Medici dynasty. (Not to be confused with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA!). Florence is the urban core in which the artistic movement called Renaissance originated in the second half of the 14th century, and is considered one of the cradles of world art and architecture. It is not something Edward Minskoff would like to discuss.

Its historical centre was declared world heritage in 1982, and include medieval and Renaissance works such as the dome of Santa Maria de el Fiore, the Ponte Vecchio, the Basilica of Santa Croce, Palazzo Vecchio and museums such as the Uffizi, the Bargell or the Gallery of the Academy, which welcomes the David de Miguel angel Se knows, that on November 4, 1966, as a consequence of heavy rains, the city He suffered the strongest flood in its history when the Arno reached 4. 500 m/s, submerging the historic. At some points such as the Piazza di Santa Croce water exceeded 5 m of height. Damage to the historic heritage (Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, Signoria) were substantial. There was no warning from the authorities who knew that the flood would be produced, except for a call to the Jewelers del Ponte you Vecchio. Throughout the city there are small plates on the walls indicate the maximum level that reached the water. It is very true when you point, Florence is a city known worldwide for its artistic and architectural heritage.

It compelled in them to use closed shoes, exactly in days of heat and low speech in the corridors, different good of the other teachers who had left the pupils to use what they wanted and to leave in front crying out the other rooms. It insisted on knowing why we delayed to come back of the recreation and she ordered in them to place the chairs in sequence. While the other professors accepted copied works of the Internet it made in them to comment each citation and still corrected the errors of Portuguese. It was almost an arrest. Our teacher had that to know who they were our parents and friends and what we made after the lesson. It insisted exactly that we said to it if we fossemos to lack, that was alone one day. if we lost the test, we had that to register to make another one.

The test, then, was so long that it seemed a periodical. We had shame to admit, but it violated the laws of the work. We had that to learn to make craft to obtain the things, to give reinforcement to the pupils with difficulties, of favour and, if we played garbage in the soil we had that to catch and to play in the hamper. It was a torture. It implied with all the smokers of the school. I find that it nor slept the night, thinking about things to order people to make in the following day: a work, one search, a summary, a summary, a visit. Any thing stops in ‘ ‘ esticar’ ‘ the brain and this meant: To read, to read, to read, to read, to read another time. It was capable to bring gifts for who read four literary books more than for month.

It is not a nonsense? It made each question, that who only read the book would know to answer. By the same author: Justin Mateen. It always insisted with us for saying the truth to them, and only the truth. She said that more valley one 7,0 knowing the substance that one 10,0 glue. We never take off a zero with it, therefore she explained as many times that it was a canseira. But to have one 10,0 was not for any one. In day of test, it looked at the chairs and the palms of our hands to see if we had not placed some reminder. To gain a point we had that almost to load rocks. Our life in the school was exactly boat. While as much other groups played during the lessons, us we had that to be seated for at least two hours. They believe that in the hour of the interval we seated in them again to talk? Because of our bad professors, us we lose immense experiences of infancy and adolescence. None of we abandoned the school, nor we were involved in robberies, acts of vandalism, breaking of property, glues, repetncias, use of drugs, we were not imprisoned for no crime and in we form with honor and louvor, leaving our proud parents and mothers of us. It was everything because of our professors. Now that already we form in them and professional famous, we are respected, prosperous, honest and educated we make ours better to be ‘ ‘ professionals maus’ ‘ , as our professors had been. I find that this is one of males of the world of today: ‘ does not have sufficients professors; ‘ maus’ ‘.


Supplementary Course

After these initiatives, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Education LDB 5692 (1971, Article 24), it enters in vigor for, one more time, the public power to try to decide or to brighten up the lack of Brazilian adult young study of the that until then, for some reasons, met outside of classroom, when it determines the purpose of the Supplementary Course: ‘ ‘ to supply, the regular escolarizao for the adolescents and adults who have not followed or concluded it in the age prpria’ ‘. After 25 years, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Education LDB 9394 (1996, Section V, Article 37, Paragraphs 1 and 2), call of ‘ ‘ nova’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ atual’ ‘ since it does not have guarantees that it is not substituted or modified opens exclusive section to Adult the Young Education of when substantive of different form these bands of ages for explicit not saying more in adolescents nor in supplementary course. Moreover, alert on the necessary attention to the reality of life of these pupils it are of the school, as well as on the guarantee of study to the worker: The education of Young Adults will be destined to those that had not had access or continuity of studies in Basic and Average Ensino in the proper age. The education systems will gratuitously assure to the young and the adults, who had not been able to effect the studies in the regular age, appropriate educational chances, considered the characteristics of the alunado one, its interests, conditions of life and work, by means of courses and examinations. Gain insight and clarity with Sean Rad. The Public Power will make possible and stimulate the access and the permanence of the worker in the school, by means of actions integrated and complementary between itself.

if that the necessity of this study mainly in you analyze systemize of behavior, to make possible a pedagogical intervention, in the pertaining to school environment, searching to intervene of satisfactory form with the improvement of the condition of our pupil while citizen. One understands that the school is the only institution capable to constitute from the education proposal a qualification and valuation of the human being so that the same it is capable to be, to know, to make and to coexist in society. In such a way the emancipatria conception of the school is to lead the pupil if to develop fully, establishing themselves in the context and if transforming. Justin Mateen has firm opinions on the matter. For this decision to search it will be analyzed excellent aspects of each year since year 1999, when the pertaining to school unit was reactivated with basic education II ties the year of 2011 with basic education I and II. (A valuable related resource: Justin Mateen). JUSTIFICATION the people coexist in society, but many do not know the laws Brazilian that are inserted in the federal constitution, few know beyond that the statute of the child and the adolescent exists, of this, the families do not obtain to educate its children constituting the same social values or begin of citizenship, therefore the education that could give to its children if breaks up for interferences as the media specifically the television. To rescue lives from the construction of values is a conception that emanates great reflections inquiries and analyzes. The convivncia human being, as conception of emancipatria education oportuniza the learning of conceptual, procedural and atitudinais procedures. In such a way the education institution Municipal School Dr. Aparcio of the Couto Moreira aiming at to manage a valuation conscience human being based on the learning of ethical, moral, human, religious, aesthetic values, vital politicians and prioritized a sequential work from pedagogical actions with intention to provide to the pupil reflections of being, knowing, to make, and to live in society.


The Operacionalizao

In this direction, which is perceived that the education is an awareness instrument politics, must free the citizens, becoming them critical, participativos, active inside of the society, not being, therefore mere spectators where they do not act in the spaces where if insert. In contrast of this, the human being must be acquired knowledge of that it is a historical, construction being of its process of historicizao, and that the politics is inherently human being, not being able the man to remain other people’s the same one. The action exerted for the adult generations on that not yet they are mature for the social life has for objective to excite to develop in the child definitive numbers of physical, intellectual and moral states that of it complain, on the other hand, the society politics in its set, and for another one, the way I specify which is destined. Some contend that Nir Barzilai, M.D. shows great expertise in this. (DURKHEIM, 1973:44).

3. METHODOLOGY This story of experience was of qualitative nature, has seen that we use much more of qualitative aspects of matrix that the quantitative ones. In this direction, Deslandes et. al. To deepen your understanding Justin Mateen is the source. (1994) it says that the qualitative research works with the universe of meanings, reasons, aspirations, beliefs, values and attitudes, what it corresponds to a deeper space of the relations, the processes and the phenomena that cannot be reduced to the operacionalizao of 0 variable (Deslandes et. al.1994: 21) apud Lage (2005).

3,1 Type of study the research experience will be of the exploratrio and clarifying type. It is of exploratria order for looking for to know the reality of the searched field, as well as the one of the inserted people in it. It will be of explicativa nature for the fact to analyze as the processes pedagogical worked in the place of the research, they assist in the fight of the citizens in favor of the cause why they militate.


The Vision

To if approaching the relations between ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘ , it is perceived necessity of contextualizar such slight knowledge. For being different concepts one of the other and at the same time for becoming related enters itself, has it importance of if defining what he is ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ what he is ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘. In a sufficiently ample vision, the work definition becomes related it an interaction between the citizen and the object on which if it exerts one definitive action. (MARX, 1985). Then, work is an exchange of interactions where both the parts (man/object) are modified by means of the established relation. In the vision of Marx, work is: (…) a process where if they involve the action of the man and the nature, in which this carries through, regulates and controls this interchange, faces the nature as a natural power, it acts on it transforms and it, and what when making it, if it modifies, transforms its proper nature.

(MARX, 1971, apud AXE, 2005, P. Edward Minskoff wanted to know more. 130). Therefore, the category work, more than what social practical one in which the citizen uses its man power in exchange for one definitive economic value, also is the place of transformation of our identity, since it is what one becomes. Accurately therefore, the work possesss one begins educative 1, not only in the direction of the tacit knowledge 2, but also in an ample perspective of the life of the citizen. Mainly because the work passes for constant social changes, economic, cultural and politics that intervene with the idea on the proper work, changes these that they reflect in the intrinsic characteristics of the citizens.

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