Washington D.C. is awash in interesting activities and cultural programs. It’s not always easy, however, to know where to begin. Sometimes, the best way to get started in a new community, or to find the information that you seek, is to look online.

The resources you’ll find online are often quite specialized, so that you’ll know what is available for African American, Latin Americans, Native Americans, etc.  While you don’t necessarily need to find information for your specific geographic or cultural group, it’s often easier to begin within this type of framework.

Washington D.C. has many educational institutions, and learning about their many offerings can give a person a great place to start.  Whether trying to complete a degree or simply learn something in a one-day seminar, such a forum will introduce the uninitiated to the many options that await them.


The philosophers German Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) had started to more place some details in the models of souls or the minds, becoming them then well more complex of he was obtained what it with racionalistas and empiristas of centuries XVII and XVIII. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) crowned this way. Jorge Perez can provide more clarity in the matter. With it, definitively we leave of side the image of ' ' eu' ' according to model of the modern thought. The psychoanalysis, with Freud to the front, said that ' ' eu' ' or same ' ' sujeito' ' , as the case? ' ' he was not Sir in its proper casa' '. People such as Nir Barzilai, M.D. would likely agree. ' ' ego' ' it would not have to be able of independent decision, exactly in its home, that is, in the mental field. They would coexist ' ' ego' ' other instances, whose forces would finish for giving to the last word in good part of the decisions and human acts. By the same author: Academy of Art. It was not treated more than seeing in them, when of our effective states of conflicts with we ourselves, under the fight ' ' reason versus paixo' '. Nor it was more the case only to speak in conflicts.

' ' eu' ' he had been recriado in order to have compartments, losing its homogeneity. The independent individual or the citizen had left to have a not problematic unit. The auto-transparency of ' ' eu' ' it was revoked. We, men women of century XX, we do not stop very to think if Freud was or not correct. Or better, until we made this, but such evaluation did not determine our theoretical choices. When we open the eyes, already we were all speaking as Freud taught in them. We incorporate our vocabulary a series of words of the psychoanalysis. We place in our language, exactly most common, the theories that had taken in them to an image well more complex of we ourselves of what that one produced in modernity.


Winston Churchill

Thanks to his gift of foresight he first appreciated the importance of armored and air forces in modern warfare, and political intuition allowed him to predict the threat posed by carrying humanity fascism. The future winner in the two wars was born November 30, 1874 in the ancestral castle of Blenheim, which belonged to an ancient race Churchill, his father – Lord Randolph – the third son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough and is therefore not inherited this grand title, which in England is transmitted only the eldest son. But in any case, Winston Churchill belonged to a narrow circle of the English aristocracy, and his mother was American – the daughter of an American millionaire Leonard Jerome. In childhood no one could have predicted that this restless, extremely stubborn and self-assured boy awaits a great future. At school, he studied very badly, and even in mature years, did not hesitate to recognize in his autobiography that was very nasty pupil. He received an appropriate education first at home, then in a closed private school in Ascot and Harrow. True, Churchill's dislike of Latin closed his way to Cambridge or Oxford – the most famous British universities, but he finished military school at Sandhurst – the British officers forge. In 1895 he began serving in a hussar regiment.

But soon Churchill leaves the army to enter politics. In 1900 he was elected a member of the House of Commons. In 1933 he entered the Cabinet, becoming Minister of Commerce, and two years later was appointed minister of internal affairs in England. .


Self Hypnosis

His appearance autogenic training (AT) is required to German psychiatrist . The first book on Schultz autogenic training came in 1932. Autotrenig – a synthetic method based on self-hypnosis techniques, hypnosis, the Indian system of yoga and methods of rational therapy. Education auto-training consists of two stages. In the first development is the ability to enter into a special state of consciousness, which is called autogenous immersion, and remain in this state required amount of time. The second stage is mastered this technique as a self-hypnosis. As a result, acquired the ability to manage initial and involuntary mental processes. The possibility of psychic self-regulation based on the fact that words and mental images can affect those mental functions that are not amenable to conscious control.

Well-known from school lessons example. Imagine that you cut off a big, juicy slice of lemon. On the cut can be seen speaking drops of lemon juice. Put lemon in your mouth, start to chew. Feel? Do you involuntarily salivate.

For example, using words and corresponding images, which do you have in mind, was caused by a reaction that you could not carry out, an effort of trying to cause salivation. This example is so frequently invoked, because quite difficult to find such a way that would in the ordinary state of consciousness, gave a bright effect. If you try using the imagination or samoprikaza, for example, arbitrarily make hay, it is you are unlikely without special training. Special power of speech and presents the image of gain in a state of autogenous dive.


Bernard Percy

So it must be something related to food or drink. And then I realized that it must be: in the orange juice is pulp, which scored a hole in the nipple, so Diana could not suck and this is the cause of her illness! I looked at the nipple and here it is – this 'terrible' flesh! I cleaned the nipple and brought a bottle Dayan. Diana was lying in bed and cried again, I gave her a bottle, this time without the pulp in the nipple. She sucked a couple of times, quietly, and looked at me so that I can still remember her eyes. 'It took so long to do you understand it will not let this happen again! " It's pretty sucked a pacifier, and I finally could quietly sit in a chair and relax. The fact that I really understood this situation is the following: if the situation seems daunting, it does not mean that the solution must be complex. I have worked with teachers, parents and children of all ages around the world, conducting seminars and consultations.

I found that 90-95% of cases, when you're looking for and finding the simplest, most obvious reasons problems, this leads to the most simple and obvious solution. Very often we can not see simple solutions that are right before our eyes, because it seems to us that the solution must be complex and difficult to find. In subsequent articles I will share with you other simple solutions that I found and have helped to resolve even the most complex "problems" that arise in raising and educating children. This is my "flesh of orange juice" approach to finding solutions. Bernard Percy – a teacher, consultant and specialist in parenting and family matters. Father of three wonderful, already adult daughters, an international representative of the Applied Education, the author of numerous books and publications and, among them "How to raise a child councils of parents," "Help your child in school," "The Power of creative writing", "Moments of wonder – how to become a better Pope, from 1998 to 2003, chief editor and cofounder of the magazine Converge.

And the hypocrisy here is absolutely all members of the educational process. In most First of all, hypocrites themselves as learners. After all, they are well aware that to stand in line for some kind of rights and, sooner or later will have them, regardless of what the knowledge obtained during training. Of course, hypocrisy and the teacher. They remind us that buy the rights to be solved only losers, but only pretending to teach people, as the deadline for a new driver can only give only the basics, which does not help him when next to him is not a driving instructor. But most interesting is that hypocrite the traffic police. And when they give back to the right, and when it is given new 'cake', you think not about the knowledge motorist, and their personal profit or the implementation of the plan. According to another simply does not happen.

Of course, there are also some conscientious staff, but they are so little, that this fact only confirms the well-known rule: to return rights and obtain new ones did not make any problems – would have been money. Well, knowledge and education in the school here is not with it! So what does this ultimately mean? Citizen Advertising 'category in the purchase documents' (we're talking about figuratively) behaves more honestly than those hypocrites who have received them quite officially? Yes it is! And after all, because the proud owner of a legal rights immediately after the exam is just starting to learn to ride, because in school he was given only basis, the foundation, which is quite possible to get yourself and without any extra financial expenditure. Once the author himself studied the data strings in a driving school. Quite responsibly declare that buy 'crust' was easier and cheaper, as the study – this is a real profanation, a farce, but no real gain experience and knowledge. I did not understand anything of what a sleepy voice said hangover teacher and first experience of independent driving, received only directly on the road, and when left on city streets alone, without an instructor from a driving school. Only after this book 'SDA' found for me at least some value and benefit. So What if you want to buy a driver's documents, make no mistake – you take the right decision!

Your actions are an example for your loved ones, colleagues and friends. Especially clearly manifested in the family when the children are what the parents themselves do not perform. Not fulfilling the promise to go with a child in walk, giving him an excuse, in turn, gave the word to parents to come in time to break it. The quarrels between the father and mother give a child is not the best example of relations, which he will carry with them into adulthood. Therefore, desiring to see in their children something positive, for what happens all the education, parents themselves must possess these qualities and serve as an example to his daze. It is noteworthy that this mechanism works in society. Looking for a passer-by had thrown a cigarette butt bins, a hefty fellow seated next to an elderly woman customer who behaves in boorish, involuntarily admit the thought that really there is a need himself to observe even the elementary rules of decency.

The only solution to this problem will have its own pattern of conduct worthy of emulation. To do this, there is no need to build yourself in the face of the saints. Enough determine the qualities, actions, welcome to you and stick with them. Own example, in addition to a simple reminder will be a success, albeit not immediately. Ultimately, your surroundings will be less of a threat for you. In his not a religious moral code, The Way to Happiness ", a famous philosopher and humanist L. Ron Hubbard wrote:" Anyone who tries to stop you in it, does it either because he wants to hurt you, either because pursues some of his goals. But deep down he will respect you. "

In 1961, Endara was among the founders of the Party militants Paname a (Pope). Since the thirties, the Panamanian led successively andalusia Revolutionary Nationalist Party (NRP) and the Authentic Revolutionary Party (PRA), the predecessors of the Panamanian Party. In the elections of May 10, 1964, which placed in the election Presidency of the Republic andalusia liberal Marco united states Aurelio Robles Mendez, Endara was elected alternate issues member, but later sought and obtained the revocation of his credentials bush as a legislator-elect to protest fraud who had been fellow list of the Pope.
When his party came political to power four years later, Endara served as director general of planning and economic policy, which only lasted ten days. After the military coup, the Endara is listed on the dictatorship of political persecution and being forced to operate in secrecy. Beginning in 1969 began a phase constant that runs first exiles in the Canal Zone, home of an aunt of his that was married to a U.S. Army colonel doctor, then in Guatemala in Miami and finally, after being arrested by the policia politica de Torrijos.
At the end of the dictatorship in 1979 Endara reach the Deputy Secretary General of the Pope in 1982 to represent parties in the Commission Review of the Constitution and in 1981 at the National Convention of the Constitutive PPA on August 14 that year in Penonome, Cocle Province, was elected secretary general of the party.
The PPP came to the general election on May 6, 1984, the first democratic elections in 16 years, iraq within the opposition Democratic Alliance (ADO), also comprises the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) and the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement ( Molirena). The elections were won by the Democratic National Union (UNADE), headed by George bush the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD), founded cnn by the late Torrijos. The new President culture Nicolas Ardito Barletta was .
He was elected president in May 1989 by an alliance policy of opposition political parties (ADOC) with 62.5 of the vote against 24.9 of the candidate of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico military (PRD), which was covered under the dictator Manuel Noriega, who refused to acknowledge his defeat, suppress and control and andalusia government Endara Guillermo Ford Senior Vice President-elect when they went in a caravan proclaiming his race victory. This was one of the reasons for the Invasion of Panama by the U.S. Army in December 1989. He was sworn in as President of the Republic on December 20, 1989.
In 1990, he was one of the founders of the Partido Arnulfista but years later the game away by differences of opinion with the President of the Party, Mireya vote Moscoso.
During his government to improve the economic situation congress of the country, because in 1990 the GDP fell -7.5 due to the economic crisis that left the military dictatorship in 1992 grew 8 of GDP. media Also restored democratic institutions, constitutional reform impulse that created the Panama Canal Authority and created the Interoceanic Region Authority.
In 1994, the Government succeeded him the PRD candidate Ernesto P rez Balladares.
In 2004, he ran for election as candidate of the Solidarity Party, taking 30.8 of the vote and remained religion in second position behind Mart n Torrijos.

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Therefore, even at the stage of development is necessary to use an open and universal standards such as xml, or at least lay the possibility of exchanging data in open formats. Only in this case, social, educational, medical, banking and other sites will be able to find a common language and to produce exchange data among themselves. For the sake of interest we conducted a survey of the first twenty- companies involved in developing sites that are in the search phrase "Web development" in the search engine Yandex.ru with the criterion of "In Region: . " Among two dozen developers, but few use content management system (CMS) based on open xml standards and are ready to implement data exchange between multiple sites. Requirements developer.

Today is already enough development sites (www.hoster.kz,,,,,,. mindlab.kz,,,). But the choice of the Executive Order should still follow the basic requirements. The site development standards are needed use open formal standards, such as xml, html, etc. This will further integrate the site with other information systems and sites of other departments and government agencies. Functionality Your site must be quite functional and does not cause changes in the governance structure for expanding the functionality of the site. The developer must use its own development and be ready to finalize the site to achieve the desired level of functionality. Security The developer shall provide appropriate site security system. Site management should be carried out through the access authorization. Each employee working with site should be provided with access to only those functions which he allowed.

Read to. Here before me an essay in two large volumes under the title 'New on the ancient principles of pathology, where with the help of absurd and confusing quotes the author tries to reduce all diseases to an ellipse. Even the letter should have an elliptical shape, in his opinion, like all things in general. 'Smell and taste – says the inventor of the 'New Pathology' – also must be placed in an elliptical scale, since they have an abstract focus – pleasant or unpleasant sensation they cause. Who is known properties of elliptic heat? The most perfect creatures, like a man and angels, form an ellipse. Man consists of soul and body, elliptically interconnected. etc.

Whether we are reading. Other health-geometry, one Jacques, who wrote 'Guide practitioners, derived from the principles of synthetic physics'. In his opinion, all diseases stem from excess heat or light, the latter produces a cooling effect on the body; drinkers exposed to typhus for the because alcohol contains an intermediate light (luce interstiziale); bloodletting reduce the amount of heat and give the patient an opportunity to use an excess of light, etc. Cool name for vodka: luce interstiziale. Bernard, who was in Florentine hospital for the insane in 1529, argued that the monkeys have the ability to articulate speech (linguaggio).

Fully acknowledged. Unpublished essay, which solved 135 problems with using a completely new ways, it turns out, however, that he believes mathematicians Lombard Institute unworthy of owning such a treasure, and he was, on the model common in the Middle Ages, compendiums, abbreviated guide to all the sciences, included in the rate of secular and religious educational institutions, stating that it was written under the influence of inspiration from above, and should be considered the best book in the whole world: 'It has long been felt the lack of such an exemplary manual, which solved the problems of the present invention would challenge the principle of principles'. The rudiments of synergy? Finally, there are many works mattoidov-publicists, offering different extremes with respect to Public Works. Among them especially a lot of economists who advocate different kinds of projects in improving the finances of Italy. Incidentally, on this issue I came across a pamphlet with the title: 'On universal usury as a cause of violations of economic equilibrium in our time '. Oh, they knew not even then about the economic crisis. Conclusion. The above-mentioned examples make up more than half of all Lombroso described in his book that before the rest – yes, it is nonsense, we are today.

In my conception, it lacks a specialized professional/qualified, to stipulate the amount and the time of exercise of each aged one, taking in consideration the peculiarities of each one. A project of this type, can function 100% in Madrid – Spain, but, in the case of Brazil, the population does not possess healthful habits on physical activities and this requires a bigger attention, on the part of the Municipal public Power, in being also adding in this direction. But, valley to stand out that the ideal for this context would be the professional of the gerontolgica physical education, that according to Drumond, still meets in construction process. perhaps therefore, still exists many challenges to be faced. As MATOS (2004) the maiorias of that they are old, today, are giving its first onslaughts in physical activities, this require much ability on the part of the professional of physical education, which must respect the individualities of each one. It is necessary still, the respect to the limitations and the proper time of each person. We rescue here, the question of sensitivity, therefore it who will make sees the true origin of the gesture, the look, the historical and cultural memory, as well as, of the partial or total acceptance and/or the definitive refusal on the part of the aged individual the any modality is presented it.

In such a way she will be possible to reach a good physical performance with autoconfiana, satisfaction, psychological well-being and social interaction. E, for speaking in challenges, we believe that one of the challenges of the gerontolgica physical education, and, probably the greater of them is to develop a degree of autonomy and security, to make possible that this ' ' individual idoso' ' it provides its proper physical activities. Also this is great the proposal of the Square of the Aged one. Strengthening still on Education Physical Gerontolgica, in remembers them Valderi, that this must present a proposal that takes care of to the yearnings, physical, cognitivas, affective and social the necessities, of the different individuals, as well as, to bring the perfect balance to them between the body and the mind.