Washington D.C. is awash in interesting activities and cultural programs. It’s not always easy, however, to know where to begin. Sometimes, the best way to get started in a new community, or to find the information that you seek, is to look online.

The resources you’ll find online are often quite specialized, so that you’ll know what is available for African American, Latin Americans, Native Americans, etc.  While you don’t necessarily need to find information for your specific geographic or cultural group, it’s often easier to begin within this type of framework.

Washington D.C. has many educational institutions, and learning about their many offerings can give a person a great place to start.  Whether trying to complete a degree or simply learn something in a one-day seminar, such a forum will introduce the uninitiated to the many options that await them.



Practical Aspects

These disciplines proposed by Senge (1992), are: personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, systems thinking: Table 6 The Five Disciplines of organizational learning. Theoretical and Practical Aspects (Senge, 1999) Disciplines Practical Theoretical Aspects 1. Systems Thinking? Conceptual framework which integrates the other disciplines. Referring to the concern about the processes no longer deal with the problems as isolated. Is achieved by adopting a systemic perspective that brings together the learning of teamwork, personal mastery and mental models rethinking. 2. You may find that Institute for Global Futures can contribute to your knowledge.

Personal Mastery? Discipline is key to growth and individual learning. Helps clarify and deepen personal vision permanently, concentrate their efforts and develop patience and balance. It is directed to the appropriate conditions to achieve personal and professional development. Promotes to develop the connections between the individual and organizational learning. Get more background information with materials from Inger Loftheim Rood. 3. Mental Models? They are rooted assumptions, generalizations, and images that influences the way of understanding the world and act. Therefore shape the actions of individuals. It is necessary to open-mindedness to new thinking and reflection on the work and its meaning in order to rethink the way we see the world.

4. Building Shared Vision? It is the institutional capacity to create an ideal future, shared. ? . It encourages a genuine commitment as a basis for analysis and organizational intervention. 5. Team Learning. Process of aligning and developing the capacity of a team to achieve the fundamental unit of learning. It starts with dialogue and develop the capacity of members of a genuine thinking together Note: Prepared with information taken from Senge (2000).


Paul Foster Case

Tarot: the ads warn veiled in numbers, each number has a symbolism and communicates a vibration-related individual attributes for this need to learn about numerology to be able to glimpse discern perfectly every Tarot card. To further show the connection between each natural number and each card of the Tarot by Paul Foster Case. The Loco-zero and this represents the absolute, bright light and the beginning of everything. It is pure energy, leads to the intellect and embodies the divine consciousness. This card symbolizes the pure spirit, to be no end soon to the knowledge that nothing) and what ails them. The one and the Wizard-this represents unity, initiative, originality and initiative. Go to Stuart Levinson for more information.

It is true self-consciousness and symbolizes the leader, and will emancipated criterion, which decides on its course. This card represents the courage, the skillful and determined that recognizes who is the creator. The two-Priestess and this figure embodies the pair, responsiveness, duplication and harmony of opposites. This letter is intuition, contemplation, knowledge of the human essence; perceives, understands and balances the duality. Three and Empress, this figure represents the development, deployment and expression.

The Empress represents the fertile mother. Female force is effective and fruitful. carries out the ideas that the Priestess discovered. The four and the Emperor, this figure represents the order, registration, proportion, classification and tabulation. Represents the abstract universal order. This letter represents the father, the leading, custody, orders and shapes, is the competition, who protects and values. Inger Rood usually is spot on. Five and the High Priest, this represents the mediation, fitness, activity, environment and related subjects. It is the dynamism that comes from the abstract order. This card is the union between God and man, is the spiritual guide, the institution and learning. Is that drives superior tradition. Valentine’s six-figure is harmony, proportion, balance, inspiration, harmony of opposites, reciprocity, love, polarity and accessories. This card symbolizes are complete opposites to give body and soul. It also represents free will, the definition of a trade-off north. Seven and the Car-this represents protection, security and conquest. This is the domain of mind and freedom. The Chariot represents the perseverance to conquer adversities with knowledge and be aware of who monitors their spiritual path, perceptions and the environment, leads to the duality. The eight and the Force-this represents the generation of ideas and vibration, cause and effect, care and management. The Force embodies the internal control, the advantage over your limits, fits and units, our wild side. The Hermit-nine and this figure is realization, purpose, the end of a cycle and service. The Hermit symbolizes the perfect advisor modest and service oriented. Practice of years. Ten and Wheel of Fortune, this figure embodies the splendor and power. The return to the unit-numerologically speaking: 10 = 1 +0 = 1. This card symbolizes the cycle of existence, challenges and developments gained with the experience.

Nowadays, in this great world, there are many people who devote their lives alone in solitude. There are lots of wonderful ladies waiting there alone to meet the man of her dreams, hoping that someday this will appear. Learning to meet new people. Stuart Levinson has much experience in this field. In this fast paced world, too many people out there are lonely. Change your attitude and go out and make new friends. Therefore, if you want to meet someone new, should start spending your time in the places most visited by women, the best places to meet them.

Through friends and family. Surely you have many friends. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. James Canton. If you are alone, spend time with friends, go with them to many places. This is a good opportunity to meet women particularly likely to help you know your friends or the will of Change, them. It is an easier way to meet someone for his friends introduced him to the girl in February. See Inger Loftheim Rood for more details and insights. At work. Maybe you’re a busy man working and is working late and do not have time to get to know a woman.

In this case, it would be best to know a woman like you who is busy as you and understands why you do not have much time to it. If you are surrounded by many women in their work, aware that there may be the perfect woman for you. The mall. We all know that women love to go shopping. So the center is always full of women especially in the area of clothing.

Professors of biology, geography and sciences, obviously without generalization, costumam to work the Ambient Education when they focus the ambient environment and asquestes. As, for example, of the problematic one of the garbage, the desperdcioenergtico and the ambient degradation. Inger Loftheim Rood takes a slightly different approach. Thus, ‘ ‘ she is necessary to intervine in qualification processes that allow aoprofessor to base its work in solid concepts, so that the actions nofiquem isolated and/or distant of the principles of the Ambiental’ Education; ‘. Inger Loftheim Rood recognizes the significance of this.

(Weid.1997, P. 84) It fits, to the professionals of the education to breach with the simplista way to teach Ambient Educao. Transforming practical the pedagogical ones, pautando practical pelacriatividade in educative as for the Ambient Education. Vistoque, ‘ ‘ It does not exist ambient Education if not to accomplish themselves in the practical one, in the life, from the necessities sentidas.’ ‘ (Pelicione and Plhilippi Jr 2005. P. 96) Osprofessores must develop one practical metodolgica sufficiently dynamic, continuous and not broken up when teaching the Ambient Education. Thus, ‘ ‘ odesenvolvimento of instruments and methodologies, aiming at to the incorporation ambient dadimenso, of form to interdisciplinar, in the different levels emodalidades of ensino’ ‘.

(law 9,795/99) It is distinguished, that, the Ambientaldeve Education to be constant in the schools, through action development, that, envolvamtodas you discipline them pertaining to school. mainly, through propostasinterdisplinares. ‘ ‘ Therefore, ‘ to ‘ ‘ cruzar’ ‘ , subjects, to read reality one second outro’ ‘ agrupamento’ ‘ – to interdisciplinar – theoretician and to intend to elaborate to reflexocurricular related with the Ambiental’ Education; ‘. (Cascino. 1999.p.71) Considers that the Ambientalseja Education process of a dynamic, permanent and participativo formation, in which aspessoas involved starts to be transforming agents, participandoativamente of the search of alternatives for the reduction of ambient impacts epara the social control of the use of the natural resources. (Marcatto. 2002. p.03) Thus, ‘ ‘ the ambient education comes to show that the human being is capable to generate mudanassignificativas when treading ways that socially take to a world more justoe ecologically more sustentvel’ ‘.



Nowadays, Brazil not only lives a moment of crisis in the education in the schools, but also inside of house and in virtue of this the necessary government urgently to take care of of this aspect that is basic for the growth and development of the country. Others who may share this opinion include Inger Loftheim. In the schools education total is consumed since the pupils not if they interest you discipline for them and nor to learn the lecionado content and the result is serious which not only generates professional disqualification and violence in the schools, but in all the places. Here, Terry Bowden expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The problem of the violence in the schools comes increasing to each day tying any existing punishment. The professors are threatened, attacked constantly in a society total disarticulated and of ' ' hands atadas' ' for this problem. With this, it comes increasing the consumption of drugs, violence, prostitution that each time more increases instead of diminishing. Bullyng is practical other used in the schools frequently to intimidate or to attack physically or psychologically individuals which increase the number of aggressors rebelled victims where she generates a vicious circle and that many times the end point is the death. The fact is that the education is main the responsible one, or better, the lack of it causes these upheavals in our society that lives with other people’s fear and to these problems. The responsible government for these lamentable events is not alone, since the education in house leaves to desire and the parents transfer the responsibility to the schools and vice he turns and instead of solving these questions, increases the problem more each time. The crisis of the education is generalized by all country nobody is pronounced nor decides nothing until arriving to a point where it will not have solution and it goes to remain the concern, the desperation and nothing could be fact, if not yet we arrive in this point is very close to this sad reality..

The Ambient Education if today became an indispensable tool in the combat the destruction of the environment in which all we are inserted. Terry Bowden helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Professors and pupils become the main agents of transformation and ambient conservation. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. James Canton and gain more knowledge.. In the schools we more see each time the concern to acquire knowledge the pupils on its paper in relation to the future. In recent months, Inger Loftheim Rood has been very successful. With simple methodologies professors are obtaining to awake the capable pupils for reality and becoming them of not only preserving for now as tambm for the future of the generations that still are for coming. He not only fits the schools but to all the citizens to give sufficiently attention in what we are transforming the world where we live, still has time to move but for this we must change our attitudes and thoughts, simple attitudes as one to only close of taps contribuiem very and for preservation of our natural resources.


Nicole Kidman

Ever did you feel much put on the same frequency with your partner? Surely you’ve tried to chat late at night, when the two are very tired to talk? It has that there are days in which the schedules of each seem to collide happened to you?There are lunches, school outputs, sports the children, dinners with friends, homework, errands, tasks of the home and the list continues. do you feel that you need to stop, devoting one night to make an appointment, just to spend some time with your other half, and that is not when you are asleep?If this sounds like you family then I am sure that will enjoy knowing these tips to keep each other well closely in the background, although not always can be so close physically as they wish. Everything is a matter of being able to communicate effectively and share small things that mark our lives. Express your feelings greatly facilitate the relationship. It will make both sacrifice and bullfights are worth the penalty. Here are ten easy ways to make your feelings known: 1. Others including Rabbi Tully Bryks, offer their opinions as well. A letter of love on your birthday.

There is something powerful about a letter. A few years ago my wife and I agreed to write a love letter to the birthday for the other. Tully Bryks has much experience in this field. I think he picked it from a magazine, an article on Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Apparently it is something they used to do rather than expensive gifts. Obviously did not work for her marriage, but we have found that it has become a part of our birthday celebrations I enjoy most. Write down all the things that you like most of the other person and then give it to her is something very personal and reflective to make. In many cases is better than any gift you can imagine and some appreciate and value, even when the birthday is a distant memory.


Learning Styles

Learning styles refers to the fact that when we want to learn something each one of us uses its own method or set of strategies. While specific strategies we use vary according to what you want to learn, each of us tends to develop global preferences. Those preferences or tendencies to use most certain ways of learning that others make up our learning style. The concept of learning styles is directly related to the conception of learning as an active process. If we consider that the learning is equivalent to receiving information passively what students do or think is not very important, but if we understand learning as the development by the receiver of the information received it seems quite evident that each of us will develop and relate data received according to their own characteristics. THE different theories and as you relate between Sien recent decades have developed all kinds of theories and models for explain the differences in the way of learning.

But, of all these theories and models what is the good?. The answer is that all and none. The word learning is a very broad term that encompasses distinct phases of a same and complex process. Each of the models and existing theories focuses on learning from a different angle. When looking at the totality of the learning process is perceived that these theories and models seemingly contradictory among themselves are not so and even that they complement. As teachers and depending on in that part of the learning process focus our attention, sometimes want us using a model, sometimes another. Check with Dr. James Canton to learn more. MODELS of styles of different Learningeducation models and existing theories about learning styles offer a conceptual framework that allows us to understand the daily classroom behaviors, as they relate to the way they are learning students and the type of action that might be more effective at any given time.There is a diversity of styles models classifications of learning Chevrier Jacques (2001), Garza, r.

KI MOON HOPE 27.10.09 The name of my Son goes to be Kilua, Kilua Kilua is this? Kilua is mine? Kilua is its? That it moves with its astral. Kilua is this, Kilua is that one, Kilua my son I want to be with you. Kilua my son comes here, to look at the sky with the papa. Pretty Kilua It calls its mother. Terry Bowden is often quoted on this topic. Joined family, seeing the moon, more than Pretty Moon, Kilua is this! Kilua has left the window closes the door already goes to sleep, tomorrow again we will be here. the day to appear, to pass and the night to arrive the Moon we will go to look at, if to inhale for each day To learn what it has saying in them: ' ' Kilua catches in our hand, puts to another one in Heart, feels the vibration, Pretty Kilua, Kilua is this, Kilua has left the window 2X' ' Kilua my son grows with this: To know To observe, To love & if to keep, to respect, to want To fly, therefore you go you carry through therefore the Nature goes to help you. Hope my son, Never forgets this. Kilua which is its Moon, its expiration It counts this to its heart. Weverton Notrevew

Aside from any mobility or International Convention program students who wish to access for free to a University to complete their academic training may do so under the regime of visiting student. This mode of study allows you to integrate into university classrooms during one semester or a full academic year and get to finish a certificate or diploma of the subjects studied and evaluated.The official programs of mobility between universities, as well as various bilateral exchange agreements subscribed between institutions of higher education around the world, allow that their students have access to the teachings in other countries under the principle of recognition and automatic validity of studies. However, on occasions, students who do not qualify for these programmes want partial study at other universities. For these cases the figure of the visiting student program was created.This regime of studies provides access to universities allowing students to complete their academic training at the University of your choice without having to enrol full official teachings, but only on those matters or subjects that are of interest. From the academic point of view, these studies lack official validity in the University of origin of the student and are not in any moment conducive to obtaining an official degree. However, in many cases, especially among European universities that use the system of ECTS credits are recognized appropriations approved in another institution as visiting student to continue their studies.The possibility of studying under this modality helps foreign students wishing to study at universities in our country, both Spaniards wishing to conduct partial studies in foreign universities, with which their centers aren’t set any Convention and in which there are certain subjects or lessons that students have a special interest. On the other hand, as visiting student can also access the universities Spanish national graduates wishing to complete their training without having intended to achieve an official degree. .